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Soc Trang Airfield 1962

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    With all due respect, I must correct Ron Legendres comment of Nov 18, 2006, that this picture appears to have been taken after the Army took over the field. This picture was taken during the period of time that HMM-362 occupied the field in 1962. I was the senior enlisted man in the squardons S-2 office and I brought home with me the original print of this picture in 1962 - which I still have. The original print has much cleaner detail. The five aircraft on the bottom left of the runway are all H34s. I believe this picture is a copy from one of the many copies that I distributed among the Archies Angels at the 2002 Popasmoke reunion which honored our squardron on the 40th anniversary of our arrival in South Vietnam on April 15, 1962. If any member would like a much cleaner copy of this picture, please let me know. -Submitted by: Joseph W. Eke [jeke@daleeke.com] 2007-05-14
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH YOUR PHOTO COMMENTS. IF YOU WANT TO REQUEST A COPY OF THIS PHOTO, FILL OUT FORM BELOW. This photo appears to be taken after the Marines went to Da Nang and Soc Trang had been turned over to the US Army. The camp was little more then a tent camp while the Marines were there. The trees in the photo show that they have been cut back from the runway and surrounding area. The runway looks totality different as well. -Submitted by: Ron Legendre [rlegendre@earthlink.net] 2006-11-18