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Phu Bai ammo dump

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I was there to help put out the fire. I brought water that was suppose to be for showers throuhout the Phu Bai Area. A lot of troops went without showers that week. It was really scarry driving into the dump. The weeks before we were bringing ammo in from HUE CITY ramp. Currently moving to OREGON in the woods -Submitted by: Michael Cantrall [vnvchubasco@aol.com] 2010-05-30
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I was one of the original 75 Army guys sent to Phu Bai in 68. When we got there, there was a wind sand storm and was the first day of the TET Offensive. One of the guys, Bleveins, said I wish I'd flew by this Phu Bhai. Blevins was a skinny black guy and had some great sayings. I was wondering if the Blevins that Lou Falco knew is the same guy I knew. Email me if you have info at sturgeonl@charter.net (thats an L after sturgeon not a one). I was known as the CREEP (I was in Ancient Cowboy, Echo, Foxtrot, perimeter and reactionary force during the TET as well as convoy duty up Rock Pile, Wai City, Ashaw Vallery). I was with the Marines for 3 months (was lost by the Army because of heavy combat - was no place to spend the money anyway :), Gene Sturgeon -Submitted by: Gene S Sturgeon - The Creep [sturgeonl@charter.net] 2009-11-06
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    It was 8 May 68. I was outside my office in the PCV HQ, and just happened to be looking toward the ammo dump. To the best of my recollection, I saw what looked like a small observation helicopter tip over the berm and the explosions followed. -Submitted by: James G. Garner [2txntn@charter.net] 2008-11-09
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I worked at the ammo dump, only 100 yards from the berm. I had taken care of a 96 truck convoy the previous night (101st Airborne, or 82nd ) and the forklift driver (blevins) and I were given a few extra hours to rest. We heard the explosion from our hut in PhuBai, and when I went to the dump, the area was covered in so much busted metal and wood, some areas almost a foot thick. If anyone knows any members from the dump, or SupCo, 3rd ServBn FLSG-A FLC. please let me know thanks and Semper Fi Lou Falco -Submitted by: Louis Falco [falconlaf41@aol.com] 2009-05-27
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    RE Pic # 4521 â.¦ I was in the 578 LEM â.¦ We had recently moved our company of about 100 into the field just South of â.¦ and between the ARVN artillery base and MAC-V. We heard that this was a Chinook. â.¦ Starting a take-off â.¦ the forward propeller clipped a conex. In the picture, however, â.¦It looks like there is a building on the hill in the distance â.¦ I donâ..t remember any buildings. On the hill I remember the VC use to occasionally set-up and fire a few mortar rounds â.¦. Short rounds went into the ARVN camp long rounds to the airfield. Jeff Upton â.¦. Class of 67-68 -Submitted by: Jeff Upton [jupton@statek.com] 2008-06-25
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    Regarding pic # 4521, I believe that the ammo dump ignited on May 8th 1968, and was caused by the crash of one of those bubble front helicopters, that has been damaged by ground fire somewhere east of the camp and was trying to get back to the airport. I heard the first explosion from Foxtrot sector of the perimeter, and heard later that day what had happened.. -Submitted by: Dick Flynn [raynor_191@hotmail.com] 2006-05-30