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Vietnam-Marine Squadrons-HMM 263-3161

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HMM-263, 1966

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I was there with Bravo and delta 1/4 This bird came down on either the 17th or 18th of September 1966. I have three other pictures, but none from this angle. The 34 came in alright, though drawing a lot of fire, when it lifted off the ground, the NVA shot with everything they had. we were surrounded, and this dilemna was to last two more days, When the bird was about 10 feet of the ground, and attempting to go into translational flight; loud popping noises were heard, then the 34 fell and squatted back on the ground. The pilot co pilot bailed out of their high perches post haste. We were relieved by 2/7 on the 19th, and the bird was picked up by a sky crane that day. After going back to the punchbowl location (between Rockpile and Razorback), using the thickest jungle we could find, and changing routes more than once, because of helo perceived ambushes in our path, we finally made it back to the punchbowl late in the afternoon. The 324B folks re-surrounded 2/7 and played with them a few days. On their way back to the punchbowl they had a battle on top of the razorback where a squad or so of their people got separated from the main body, They had to go reclaim the bodies some night later. The map shws the location of the downed 34 as 962605 (on the way to the summit of Nuy Cai Tre,,,Hill 484 (the highest peak of the three that made up what would be called Mutters Ridge)after 3/4 took the whole shebang two weeks or so later. Gysgt Al Struelens (ret). 23 Amantes Rancho santa margarita ca 92688 -Submitted by: Al Struelens [struelens@cox.net] 2009-03-17
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    This photo brings back many memories. Jim Vaughn and I were the crew for Major McCauley...and we made the first ammo re-supply and Medivac pick-up to this LZ. I believe we picked up the original down birds crew ( Luks and Leanard) and two seriously wounded grunts. We took a lot of fire on the way out...and one of the medivacs took an additional hit. We flew them to PhuBai...then spent the next three days repairing the bird (fuel cells, tail rotor other skin repairs). Major McCauley had ice for blood...I would fly anywhere with him...and did until transfering to HMM-163. I hope all involved are doing well today. Jim Vaughn can be reached @ my email address also. S/F R. Klinker Sgt. 2108448 -Submitted by: Ron Klinker [ronk@mannorganization.com] 2007-04-12