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Two pilots @ DaNang Air Base.

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    Hello! I could not believe my eyes when my wife, Thea and I saw this photo online today. The pilot on the left is my old friend Barry Land. I found Barry in the HMM-263 ready room in October of 1969. I had gone down to look at the schedule to see what time I would leave to go over to DaNang for my R&R flight to Hawaii the next day. Barry had just arrived in country and he had finished checking in and was wondering where he would sleep. One of the guys in our hootch had just rotated back to the States, so I told Barry to follow me, I'd find him a rack. He ended up living in our hootch and Barry and I became friends. We even flew some missions toether, then just after I left Nam, Barry went into the field as a Forward Air Controller. I think he got mixed up with that agent orange stuff. Barry and I ended up together in the same squadron at New River after he left Nam. Our two families became close. Yes, Barry did die of cancer in I believe 1979. My family and I were living in Alaska at the time, and I flew to Barrys funeral in North Carolina. Several hundred people were in attendance. He was a man well loved by his many frieends. He left his wife and two beautiful children. I still miss Barry. -Submitted by: David W Nutter [davewtheah@msn.com] 2007-03-18