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Army Birddog

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I was assigned to Tigerhound at Dong Ha as an Intel Specialists supporting the USAF FACs. Don't ever recall any Army Birddogs but UASF had at least 6-8 01E FAC aircraft. The planes that were stored underground at Khe Sanh were USAF 01E FAC aircraft. I know I was there and help put them to bed and pull them out in the morning. I was at Dong Ha from June '66 til Dec '66 in support of Tigerhound and Tally Ho FACs. The USMC did have 1 L-19 during Operation Hastings but that wasn't enough so the USAF FACs helped out with TAC-AIR. The Tigerhound command hooch was right inside the gate sandwiched between a Navy weather station and Waterboy. I remembering getting a crash course on the operation of a 50cal machine gun that was placed at the northeast corner along the north berm. Inside the bunker a concrete pad was poured to place the 50cal with hold downs. Only had to position there once at night. My hooch looked out north onto the road that came down from the runway and looked over at the Naval hospital and USMC G-2 tent which we spent a lot of time exchanging Intel with. Loved those Marines. John Thorogood USAF Intel Specialists Dong Ha '66 -Submitted by: John Thorogood [tgood_68134@yahoo.com] 2006-12-21
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    If they found the bad guys and didn't have artillery support, they would have called TacAir for a Air Force Tactical Airstrike. Other options were also available to them; for instance gunships or grunt insertions. The main job of aerial recon is to find and get a fix on the enemys position and strength. -Submitted by: Harold Reeg [Cavalier446@yahoo.com] 2006-07-16