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Ann Margret Chu Lai 1966

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  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I was one of the Marines standing in front touching the stage in your photo of her show, Some photos were taken of her in tight pants, as she performed on stage and i had a copy of those photos, but several days later, we were all forced to return them to her. She claimed some one had made it look inappropiate around her crotch area. I left Chu Lai, and the Corp, Jan. 27,1967. I would love to see other photos of Chu Lai, if you have anymore. Thank you. God Bless & Save America. -Submitted by: Luis Nelson [lounelsr@yahoo.com] 2011-05-19
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I was a Popasmoke member in the 1990s. I carried Ms. Margarets and Johnny Rivers' bands instruments and suitcases on to the stage and was asked by the producers and Ms. Margaret to dance with her in the upcorming performance, which I declined to do out of embarrassment or shyness. Nevertheless, I had a ringside seat at the edge of the stage to the singers' right near the corner. She and Mr. Rivers were extremely gracious to us, for which I have always held them in high regard. There is more to this story but this should be more than enough for a comment. -Submitted by: Jesse (Skip) Collins [jessecollins@etiotropic.com] 2010-03-10
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    This is my second attempt to post this comment. Here is the longer version of the full story. I had duty in MAG36 Group S-3 (operations) and couldn't go early to see Ms. Margarets performance. My friends LCPL Wolf and another LCPL left hours early so as to get a seat. They departed laughing at me because I was not going to get to see Ann Margaret and they were. This was a great prize to for anyone able to attend her show. Getting off duty much later, I hurried over to the hill anyway where she was to sing hoping to at least see or hear her, but the crowd overflowed back up over the ridge, precluding any visibility at all of the stage. Plus, MPs were guarding the perimeter stopping anyone else from trying to get in. While standing there, a mita (small) jeep pulling a trailer showed up. While the gestapo was looking the other way, I just raised up and fell back into the trailer. It was let in and as it passed the cops, one asked if I was the detail for carrying Mrs. Margarets luggage. I nodded yes and they passed the jeep, trailer, baggage and me through the mob. When we got to the stage, everyone else was cleared away and I was escorted with her baggage in my hands up the stairs, onto the stage and to her small dressing room where I smiled at her and put her stuff down. I returned to get more suitcases which turned out to be Mr. Rivers' and his bands instruments. Took about 4 trips but I carried everything up and onto the stage and to their location, which was on the right side from the audiences perspective. As I crossed the middle of the platform, my friends who were then sitting about 25 yards out started yelling at me in disbelief that I was up there on the stage. Everybody started laughing as I said something back to them. I think I told them that she had personally asked for me to carry her luggage. Everybody was laughing in the audience and it was much fun. I then got a front row seat which was at the corner of the stage to her right where she is sitting. Then the producer and Mr. Rivers said that she and he wanted me to be the one selected for her to sing to, and then with whom she would dance. I declined as was too shy for such an honor. There is more to this. But that should suffice to tell my story of meeting Ann Margaret and Johnny Rivers at Chu Lai in the Summer of 1966 at a time when as it was for us, the war was winding down. I left for home I think within the month. I'm not sure this posting thing is working as this now is my 3rd attempt. Sorry if I'm the one causing the problem. Jesse Skip Collins Semper Fi -Submitted by: Jesse Skip Collins [jessecollins@etiotropic.com] 2010-03-10
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    I was there and have 8mm movie film of her mostly from the neck to the knees. -Submitted by: Richard Ferris [rlferris@comcast.net] 2007-04-30
  • Admin - Saturday 29 December 2018 17:09
    If that was from the Christmas 1966, Bob Hope show, we built, wired and piped the stage and dressing rooms. We also graded the area that eventually was the amphitheater were everyone sat. We were the Seabees of MCB-40, unfortunately we never got to see the show. As soon as we were done it was back to the field. One thing I do remember is a white hospital ship anchored out in the South China Sea. -Submitted by: Mark Ruane [mark.ruane@opm.gov] 2007-07-18