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Looking for Lost Red Lions from HMM-363

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Looking for Lost Red Lions from HMM-363

    To all those that have helped and are still helping to find long lost brothers I send many thanks. On the other hand, there are quite a few that are still missing..... if you keep up to date on the list below you will see that it is slowly growing and I am still looking for contact for the following people:

    Please go here for the updated list:

    DECEASED are in Blue and KIA are in Red

    can be found here:
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    Brook Stevenson
    9/'67 - 10/'68

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    Looking for Lost Red Lions from HMM-363

    [SIZE="3"]04-21-2007, 15:59 mike sullivan

    ACSS.... If I recall correctly, Tom Cranna died of a cerebral brain hemmorage, while still on active duty, well over 30 years ago. Sorry to send that type of a response. Tom was a great guy and a good friend.... Mike Sulivan

    04-23-2007, 12:50 lkjohn

    Is GySgt F S Burnett the one and only "Smiley", maintenance chief in '65 and '66? If so, he has passed on. Paul Moore could give you a time frame on that.

    Larry W. Curtis might have been with the squadron in '65 and '66 (flight equipment, I think) although a lesser rank at that time. I exchanged an e-mail with the Larry Curtis from that time frame just before the 2000 reunion, while he was an association member. He lived in Santa Ana at the time and never showed up for the reunion.

    We had a Captain (maybe Major) Grimes, maintenance officer, during my late '65 to early '66 time with '363. Carl Boley would know a bit more about him.

    You have done an amazing job of putting names together and finding squadron mates.

    Lowell Johnson

    04-23-2007, 14:39 Norm Urban

    re:Wayne H Gentry
    I believe Gentry was killed in a Bell helicopter crash as a civilian in Alaska. He was me roomate for a while in Laguna Beach in 1965.

    05-31-2007, 16:13 pm3777

    Sorry to say, Smiley is Deceased years ago from heart attack. SF PM

    05-31-2007, 22:19 thomas.zuppke

    Haven't talked with him for a few months, but Tom Amis is hunkered down in J-ville, NC
    Name is in the phone book, if I remember right, he lives out near the White Oak School district.


    06-01-2007, 16:59 Larry Grimm

    M. J. Donovan was a MARCAD but I don't know what ever happened to him. Hop this helps some.

    06-01-2007, 17:28 accs

    Thanks Larry.... I am aware that there is/was a MARCAD but I have recently found out that there was an enlisted Michael J Donovan that was not necessarily a squadron member, but did fly with the squadron late '68 and with the core of guys that still were 'attached to H&MS when the colors came home. I had brief contact with him via email but he seems to not want to participate.... I am still trying to find all that flew with the Lucky Red Lions in that time frame of 1960's before it became HMH..... for our squadron database and history.

    06-03-2007, 11:25 Crazy Joe


    We had a "Swede" Severson in 363 when we were at Phu Bai (I think Phu Bai). As I remember he passed the test for pilot and was sent to Marine Barracks Boston when his tour was over. He waited there for orders to Pensacola to become a MARCAD. I remember that one day one of his friends in Maintenance got a letter from his parents saying that he was killed in a car accident on the Baltimore Washington Parkway on his way to P'cola. That would be Spring/Summer of 1968 by my reckoning.

    "Crazy Joe"

    06-22-2007, 11:24 Dit Man

    Doc Juliano made appermenent RTB not long after the 2000reunion at 'Dago
    Dave J Allen was living in Indiana; I last spoke to him 2001 just after he fell out of a tree he was trimming with a chainsaw.
    Dit Man
    Dit Man

    Brook Stevenson
    9/'67 - 10/'68


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      Brook: Russ Guliano HM3 died a couple of years ago. He attended reunions and was from NJ. Budster


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        Sgt Koster

        I cannot verify this. However some several years back, I was told (can't remember who told me) that Sgt Koster had died in California.

        Anyway, You guys are doing a great job in pulling the Red Lions together.

        Frank Bonin
        frank B.