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did anyone know cpt. robert (bobby) czaus?

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  • did anyone know cpt. robert (bobby) czaus?

    i would like to find someone who served with cpt. robert czaus. he was a relative. i find what he and others did very brave and admirable. i was told he was shot down twice. was awarded several medals. he died in 87. i am not close with his family and would like to know more about his service. if anyone remembers anything about him, i would love to know. thank you alot. tgill.

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    I Knew Him

    He was known as "Gino", as I recall. Now that a cue has been sent to the memory banks, I'll see what I can remember about him. I'm picturing a relatively short, very stocky guy.


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      thank you!

      so happy to hear from someone. he was not very tall at all. and yes stocky. he was good looking from what i remember. how did he get the name gino? he was softspoken, and very easy going type of person. did you fly with him? i would love to know anything that you can remember about him. i was told he was shot down twice. do you have any ideas where and when that happened? i thank you so much for any little memory, t gill


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        Bobby Czaus

        Our famiy is also related to Bobby Czaus. I would love to be able to find out more about this hero so I can share his story with my family. Do you know anything about his unit so I can look it up and maybe find others that flew with him?

        Juliet Moritz


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          Bobby Czaus (Uncle Bob)

          Capt. Robert Czaus is my Uncle. He did pass away in 87' of a heart attack. He was shot down twice, However I think one time the crash was an accident hitting power lines while flying over the Delaware river. He recieved the Purple heart award after he was shot in the lower back.

          My Uncle was about 5'6" with dark brown hair, a very hansom man, I did not know him as quiet though, he was always the life of the party at all family gatherings, We were very close as he was a big football fan and my twin brother and I were the only ones to play.

          He resided in South Philly most of his life and retired to whiting N.J.. If you did not know about his younger life he graduated high school from North Catholic in Philly and graduated Villanova University with an Engineering Degree.


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            Capt. Robert Czaus (Uncle Bob)

            Capt Robert Czaus Was My Uncle.


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              "Gino" Czaus

              Bob "Gino" Czaus served with me in HMM-163 in 1967 and, I believe, into 1968. There are many members of HMM-163 that are active in "Popasmoke" from that time period. He was what we referred to as a second tour guy back in Vietnam for a second tour of duty. He was a senior captain at that time. Since my contemporaries and I were first tour junior officers, most of did not spend much time with him. Other members of the squadron you could consider contacting are as follows:

              Henry "Ike" Eisenson
              Robert Ilzhoefer
              Carl Bergman
              Rick Rivers
              Ellis "Skip" Hartford

              Hope this provides you with some assistance.

              Semper Fi,

              Bernie Gordon
              Squadron Co-coordinator
              USMC CHA