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  • Tailwind

    Need to know name of photographer who took the picture the crew hanging from the extraction ladder (me bottom blob). Picture was in 1971 cruise book.

    Bill Beardall

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    Bill, you might want to check with Larry Groah.

    Semper Fi!! Jimmy
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    JP YH-08 "Dimmer"


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      You might try contacting Mark Byrd who was the cruise book officer for HML-367. I had contacted him about one month ago concerning our picture in the cruise book, since HML-367 had a similar one in theirs. He said that the picture was taken mid September 70, but he had already had the picture when he left country and believes that this photo was not taken during Tailwind. I had thought all these years that this was our 13 Sept rescue. He is in the process of trying to locate the original negative and the photographers name and will get back to me. I'll send you his email address via your email. S/F....Larry
      Larry Groah[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT]


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        Semper Fidelis

        George T. Curtis


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          Dimmer Extract Tailwind

          The picture was sent By Joe Driscoll and the text accompanying is as follows.

          The Dimmers on the rope is a great picture that was sent to me by Al Groah, a Dimmer crew chief who was on a chase plane. Two 53's were shot down on this mission. This is the crew of the first one. They were shot down on Sept. 13th when we first attempted a medivac of the insert team. The AAR from one of the pilots on the ladder reads as follows. "Throughout the entire episode the crew acted and reacted perfectly, calm and cool. The Marine Cobras kept a tight circle around us laying suppressive fire as we were extracted from the crash zone. It was indeed a comfort to see them all circling us, exposing themselves to draw fire away from us.....My admiration for my pilot and crew, Lt. McKenzie and his crew, and the Marine Cobra pilots hold no bounds."

          Brad Ryti HML 367