I received this email yesterday:

My name is Michael L. Slee and Iím a Producer researching a story based on the Navy Corpsman and secondly the Dust Off Crews. This is primarily a Marine Corp. program. Iím looking for Corpsman that are in contact with soldiers they saved during battle. Iím looking at the relationship between the Marines and the Medics that kept them alive in Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm I, Bosnia and any other conflicts or Wars. Along with the helicopter crews that risked it all to get them to safety and life saving medical attention. Iím on a very short turn around anyone who can get back to me in the next several days Iíd really appreciate it. Either e-mail me with your number and I will be more than happy to call you on my dime or you can reach me at (310) 739-8502.

Most of all thank you for your service and commitment to our great country.

Michael L. Slee
Zaragoza Pictures, Inc.

His email address is : zaragozapictures@mac.com