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Marine Units -- Phu Bai -- 1967

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  • Marine Units -- Phu Bai -- 1967

    Looking for Marine Units stationed at Phu Bai during all of 1967....Links will be fine...Need all units from 67'...Your assistance would be greatly appreciated... Speer ---- New Orleans --Slidell,LA.

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    Phu Bai 1967


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      Phu Bai-1967

      My memory is certainly rusty, but I believe the Order of Battle has a number of errors. About March (maybe April) 1967, HMM-265 relocated from MMAF to Phu Bai in it's entirety, except for a couple of detachments at Dong Ha and Khe Sanh. There were a couple of Deuces (CH-37) assigned to Phu Bai, but I do not recall any other complete squadrons.

      Prior to HMM-265 relocating to Phu Bai, we, and other squadrons, had aircraft temporarily assigned to Phu Bai for a few days at a shot for SAR, Sparrowhawk, and various other missions.

      Tim Bastyr


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        Phu Bai 1967

        HMM-165 moved to Phu Bai from KY Ha in late 1967. We were in tents near the flight line until the Sea Bees finished with the wooden barracks structures. Hope this has been helpful.
        Semper Fidelis

        Phu Bai tower:
        YW-11 for Phu Bai DASC-
        Remember, These are "A" models!
        YW-11 BuNo-151939
        '65 Model CH-46A


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          Charlie Battery 1/12 3rd. Marine Reg. Forward Field Artillery

          Howdy Chopper pilots and doorgunners ! I served in Viet-Nam from 1966-67 in Quan Tri Pro, Phu Bi , Dong Ha, Hue, Rock Pile, Artillery Plateau also called( Camp J.J.Carroll), Monkey Mountain, Mutter's Ridge,Chu Lai, Calu,+++. Finally ended my combat career at Gio linh on the DMZ part of the ill fated Mc Namara line of defense . I served in Forward Field Arty. and met Charlie head on. I have all dates recorded in my actual combat records and events involved when I was choppered in or out for various health reasons.
          At this time I'll await a response to this letter to see if there's any interested parties. I will say thanks for getting me out of many jambs safely! I will always owe my life to you wonderful bravest of the brave Warrior Eagles as countless other Marines do to this day who fought on the ground.To the bravest of the brave Warrior Eagles I tip my rusty helmet( which I don't have anymore). I hope and pray that your God will be kind and reward you for your many countless sacrifices that saved so many lives of your fellow Marines locked in deadly combat.
          May you soar with the wind , the sun shine on your back and the clouds pave the way to God.
          Semper Fi !
          Tom Covington
          Sgt. @ Arms Military Order of The Purple Heart Post 1849 FT.Worth Texas
          Viet-Nam Veteran 1966-67


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            Hmm-163 was at Phu Bai in late 66 early 67. Go to visions and see pictures posted.
            charlie baker


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              Hmm-164 was at Phu Bai mid 67 as I recall when I joined it in 67....then went afloat on the Valley or the Tripoli.....Satch


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                HMM-164 off loaded the Tripoli in July 1967 and was stationed in Phu Bai until March or April 1968.


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                  Re: Marine Units -- Phu Bai -- 1967

                  Matcu-68 was responsible for ATC/GCA operations for quite some time.