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Records ??

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  • Records ??

    I have no clue who does or doesn’t do records but they are worthless - my VENT
    Shot down 24Apl69, 46 rolled over and over and over down the hill. Co-pilot ripped out, seat and all, me, my gunners and recon team we just picked up bounced off the overhead, deck and bulkheads. We survived, except one.

    My back has never been the same and I never rec’d more than pain pills and ointment. RAD 30Jan70. Ended up going to V.A. Medical Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. that spring looking for medical treatment - got pain pills and ointment. I never recall anyone explaining the difference between Med and C&P, I just wanted help with my back. My trips to the V.A. ended one day when a young Dr. Theis (I made a note from Rx bottle” said the x-rays show nothing, there are NO RECORDS from the Marines so there’s nothing they can do. I was in pain and pushed back, he responded - “Well I guess we can operate and see what it looks like in there”. — I never went back.

    Fast forward to 1980 after I survived on Dr. and Dentist pill shopping for the several episodes a year that would knock me down for up to a week at a time, but in your 20’s after Combat you can push through anything, right? Anyway, I ended up in hospital after years of burning in my butt, then down to the knee then down throughout my foot. They removed two disc, the leg went numb for 3 months as the nerve didn’t know what to do.
    I went to the VA and filled out the forms they gave me, don’t recall anyone ever saying there were VSO’s or County Agents so I did it myself.
    Result - deny - NO RECORDS from Marines.

    Life moved on - until my head exploded in the 46 cutout on Hill 881 at the NMMC in 2009 and I learned of The Old Tigers of HMM-262 and Popasmoke.
    At the PAS Reunion of 2012 in Orlando I met some VA people and filled out enrollment forms.
    Back in Pittsburgh I got a representative and started a claim for my back - again.
    Well, guess what? They had records now of me going to sickbay in New River for back pain and spasms - BUT the VA Medical Center has NO RECORDS for the early 70’s !!!!
    You can’t make this $%!# up.
    I am more than disgusted - I am enraged.

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    I had an incident at Parris Island where i was sent to Hospital platoon with foot/ankle issue. When I filed a claim later, "no records found" of the accident/incident!! Sad.
    Semper Fidelis

    Phu Bai tower:
    YW-11 for Phu Bai DASC-
    Remember, These are "A" models!
    YW-11 BuNo-151939
    '65 Model CH-46A