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  • Tinnitus

    I reciently heard from a friend that 10% for tinnitus in both ears may have been changed to where I could get 10% for each ear. Any truth in that?

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    A court case at the US Court for Veterans Appeals (The Court) has ruled that each ear is worth 10% for tinnitus. You can not have 5% for each ear.
    I would suggest that those with tinnitus already rated service connected appeal their case to force the VA to go back to the date of appeal. I hope the court ruling forces the VA to go back to the date of the decision vs. from the date the VA gets around to making the changes. The changes should occur around Dec. or Jan.
    I would say that every single person who regularly worked on the flight line around helicopters or any other type of aircraft have some degree of hearing loss and this includes pilots who flew the different type of craft.
    Hearing loss is an incidious type of disability that didn't cause any pain, but if you have a ringing or buzzing in the ears it is a sign or hearing loss and you have tinnitus. It may even be a clicking sound. Tinnitus is a sign you have quite significant hearing loss.
    The helicopter alone was enough to cause hearing loss and then we fired m-60's or .50 caliber machine guns, had rockets going off near our ears etc. Then, we had rocket attacks, mortar attacks and every thing else that went boom. File a claim if you haven't already done so, the VA is quite liberal on hearing loss at this time.
    Ted Duckworth
    Veterans Service Officer
    Juneau Co. WI


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      That's what I wanted to hear. I will be at the county VA rep's office first thing Monday. Thank you for the info and the reply.


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        Contacted the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs about this and was informed that the VA was appealing this ruleing. We have been put on hold.


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          Just recieved another call from the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs and further research shows that there is a window of approval that is not in the appeal by the VA and if you fall in this window you need to apply for the additional 10%. Sorry but he did not tell me anything about the window other then June 2003 was mentioned.


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            June 2003 window for Tinnitus

            You are right, for some reason that my County VA Rep didn't seem to understand, the VA put a June 2003 cut off window for the additional 10% for bilateral tinnitus. I was awarded the original 10% in July 2002. So, my rep typed it up and sent it off and requested that I keep him apprised of any mail I recieve pertaining to this topic. He apparently has others that are waiting to hear how mine is handled since it seems I qualify under the VA ruling guidelines. However I told him I would suggest anyone should apply if they have tinnitus now and worry about the additional rating after they are rated in the first place.


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              I believe the magic date is 13 June 2003. Mine was approved as of 31 March 2003, so I have had my request sent in also. Will post more as the news comes in.

              Simper Fi


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                What window

                I was just approved for tinitus as of 11/04 does this mean that i can now reapply to get another 10% or I am just out of luck ?


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                  What I Was Told By The Rep From Okla Dept Of Veterans Affairs Is: Va Is Appealing The Ruling By The Court Of 10% Per Ear, But If You Were Rated Before 13 June 2003 Then It Does Not Fall Under The Appeal. If You Can Figure That Out Your Aok. You May Still Get It, But Later.


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                    I have it. Have had it for quite a while even while on active duty. Made it hard to pass hearing tests at annual physicals. Tone type tests mimicked those already in my head until they got louder so I could identify the test sound. I have good hearing now but have the constant, consistant sounds, more than one tone, always. Huey Gun pilot, do I have a claim in addition to my other one, a 10%er?


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                      Orlando Ingvold,
                      Sounds to me like BATTMAN is right on with his info about Tinnitus. He has said exactlly what my County VA Rep. has said. Are you recieving 10% for tinnitus now? If your not---- go and apply. If you are, go and reapply for the other 10%. There seems to be a JUNE 2003 window but you should apply anyway.
                      As far as the hearing test, you are right, they have to turn some freqs. up very high to overcome the ringing. Maybe during any meeting on this topic there should be a recording of these freqs. playing in the background for all to hear. Of course they would have to be at the correct volume. Somewhere between a siren a half block away to a kid riding a tricycle that needs to have a wheel oiled----------- Right next to your head!
                      Good Luck!


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                        Maybe good news!

                        I just returned from my County VA rep and was discussing other things with him and I remembered to ask about the Tinnitus thing. He said he had attended a conference reciently and the scuttlebutt was that 20% (10+10) would be granted, maybe by the new year. I know this ain't much, but it is the latest I have.


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                          Thanks for the heads up on the tinnitus thing. I haven't heard any thing more on this end. I sure hope your right. Last letter I got from the Veterans Admin said all was on hold. Beats me.

                          Jim "Battman"


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                            My husband has tinnitus. Never thought it could be service connected. He served on an aircraft carrier back in the 60s.


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                              Dosen't hurt to check it out!

                              Being around helicopters and the high pitched noise they make seemed to make alot of us have tinnitus. I suppose that being around fixed wing aircraft can cause the same thing. Your husband should go directly to his VA rep and see about having it checked out. This is a very annoying thing to have and I am still waiting to hear about the 10+10 = 20 thing. I will post as soon as I hear anything.