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Does anyone know?

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  • Does anyone know?

    I've been looking at some of my latest paperwork and have a Question. Does anyone know what if any relationship there is in rating between the VA and Social Security? The latest papers I have gotten seem to indicate that they are suppose to match - what one finds the other should also recognize. Anyone have any imput?
    Got some info from VA. They look at VA records and exams. They will look at any Social Security reports that YOU PROVIDE, outside medical records THAT YOU PROVIDE, and IF YOU CAN GET THEM they will look at military medical records. They do not solisit outside medical records, government or otherwise.
    That is per the VARO here in Oklahoma.
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    James Mansfield
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    VA Soc Sec Question

    I thought they were the same:
    However I just came back from Social Security; what a deal. I was awarded a 40% from the VA. Friends said go to Social Security and they got a big laugh. I am still employed, to so degree. I have Deep Vein Thrombosis, (DVT) in left leg very hard to walk. They told me that because Iwas still working. I could not be put on social security. I have to be terminated from my job and my employer has to sign a statement saying that I am unemployable and get it verified by family doctor. Then the Social security will take application and start a 6 month procedure; where you will be evaluated thru their doctors for medical problems, very similar to VA physical exam. If and when you are approved your money will pe payed from date of application. This is the way they are doing things in the Dallaas/Fort Worth Tx area.


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      VA and Soc Sec

      I went thru it 6 years ago, once I had my 100% with VA, total and permanent, and was deemed unemployable, life as a mechanic and VA 50% on back problem, Social Security used my VA records to put me on 100% Permanent disabilty, never had a social security exam.
      Ron Luks
      HMM263, 1966/67


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        Social Security Disability

        In response to your issue, the Social Security Rep told me very empathically that they make their own determinations and do not rely on any one else. I had told her that since they and VA are federal agencies, they should not duplicate work, and just issue a determination. In the application process you sign a bunch of releases so they can get medical info from any doctor you name. They did accept a copy of my VA disability determination but only for record.

        I guess every region will have differnt opinions but they all work from the same set of rules.

        Mario Aguirre
        MSGT USMC RET.
        The Chief
        The Chief


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          Social Security and VA disability

          With Social Security there is no rating system. You are disabled or you are not. The disability determination is based on your ability to engage in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). You can be in pretty bad shape and not qualify for Social Security. For example, you can be physically disabled but an employable computer programmer. As long as you are able to work (perform SGA) you will not qualify for Social Security benefits.
          The State agency where you live makes the Social Security Disability Determination and they will consider all evidence including that from the VA.
          The rules for Social Security disability are much more stringent because they consider all factors including education, experience, training etc.

          HMR 461


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            VA disability and SSA disability

            Having gone thru this process, the ssa people (the reasonable ones) are quite attuned to the SSA evaluations of your inability to gain suitable and equivilant work. It took them many months, but, using my military evaluations for job performance potential and my inability to do similar and subsequent work levels (physically), after the 15 month period of non-work...they took care of the problem as far as $ was concerned. Remember, the key to soc sec benifits is not being able to work for 15 consecutive months...and you have to actually wait that long, but they will back date it to when you filed the claim or when they recognize your claim.

            Get a ssa type lawyer...if you don't get the benefits realized upon initial application, the appeal process, across the USA, is from 17 to 31 months. SSA has admitted that many repeal applicants have died before their case can be reviewed (USA TODAY).