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Pudate onHMM 263 Jim Rinehardt and his wife Debbie

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  • Pudate onHMM 263 Jim Rinehardt and his wife Debbie

    Well I am home and doing okay.What happened was that I passed out and when I came to, I was confused and could not express what I wanted to say. I was very confused but feel fine now. The cardiologist showed me pictures of the spot he saw when he did the catheterization. Apparently I had a small stroke at some time. The cardiologist feels that this caused this incident. My primary physician feels that my headaches are caused by the mixture of the meds I am taking. Either way, I am feeling better and know that until I can get rid of the headaches. I have an appointment on the 11th with a doctor who does the same procedure as the doctor in Arizona. I have all my records from AZ and am really hoping and praying that that is the fix. Then I can go off ALL the meds.

    Meanwhile, Jim is still doing extremely well and we are extremely hopeful that he stays within the "positive" blood counts. He has an appointment today at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He has to see a dermatologist for a rash he has. This can be a symptom of host vs graft. We want a little bit of host vs graft, so this could be perfect. The greatest news is the fact that the blood-work shows that 99 percent of the blood cells are the donors and 1 percent Jim's!!! Woo Hoo! We are waiting until the next bone marrow biopsy to find out if he is in remission. This is going to be the most important bone marrow biopsy of his life! He is 40 days into his 100 days so we can not get too excited, but it is hard not to. It would be VERY nice to keep the good news going for him!
    T.C. Moyer

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    Re: Update on TD Mitchell

    Tim is doing really well. He should be home by 4 Feb. Sue, Tim's wife said, there will be changes made in his eating habits....Believe me she will make that happen.
    Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers....
    T.C. Moyer


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      Re: Pudate onHMM 263 Jim Rinehardt and his wife Debbie

      Top Cat: God Speed on yours and Jim's recoveries. Sounds like things are improving
      HML 167