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Date: Oct 23, 2006 5:20 AM
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Bob Kowalk <b49j@OAL.COM>

I thought I would try to catch up from last Email - Some have been in touch but here goes - We have been through extensive Cat Scans - Bone Scan and MRI's - know now that there is cancer in the brain, lungs and adrenal gland. All are secondary - don't know where primary is. Had appointment with family doctor today and he gave him two prescriptions - one to shrink the lesions on the brain and one to calm him down. (We do a lot of crying) Also had an appointment with the radiation oncologist and he talked in length about the plan he wanted to go with but didn't want to start radiation until he knew primary and how to proceed. Family doctor, cancer doctor and radiologist promise to stay in complete contact with us and with each other. Radiation will make Bob lose his hair - other medication will make him very hungry and might make him irritable. He is not allowed to drive so his other punishment is having to ride with me. Tomorrow another MRI and then hopefully more info for the radiologist. Said he may start the radiation this weekend. Cancer doctor is meeting with us for the first time Monday.

Bob enjoys talking to all of you and if you want to send a word of encouragement you have his EMail -

Our address is 2509 S. Campbell Street, Sandusky, Ohio 44870 and the phone number is 419-626-8245.

Thanks for all of your support and I will update in a few.