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Eric Coady

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  • Eric Coady

    From Roger Herman

    All -

    I was just in contact with Norm Whitbeck within the past couple of hours. Unfortunately, he had bad news. Ric Coady passed away last night in Pensacola at a hospice facility. Ric had been suffering from a melanoma related cancer for some time. I have just now gotten off the phone with his wife, Sandra, and expressed our condolences as best I could for all of us who knew him. Sandra can be contacted at the following E-Mail addresses... or Memorial services will be held on Monday, February 6th @ 10 a.m. at the NAS Pensacola Aviation Chapel (on Mainside) and will be followed by burial at Barrancas Cemetery. For those who live in the local area, I am sure that Sandra would welcome any assistance that you might be able to offer. If someone there would like to take the lead and get an appropriate wreath for the services, I know that the rest of us would appreciate it, and will gladly chip in for the expenses.

    The last time I personally talked with Ric a little over a month ago, it was apparent that he had gotten much weaker recently. For those who knew Ric or ever had the pleasure to fly with him, you know that we have lost a great friend, an outstanding Marine and superb aviator. He was probably the best '34 driver the Corps has ever seen. He was awarded three Distinguished Flying Crosses and was a true hero in every sense of the word. There is nothing he wouldn't do to help anyone in distress. He was one of a kind.

    On a personal note, after "Wimpy" Wimmler and I crashed into a treeline on an emergency night medevac south of DaNang, we were extremely glad that Ric was our wingman that night. Upon evacuating the wreckage and gathering up our crew, we found ourselves up to our chins in elephant grass with tracers flying in all directions. There was no way to tell the good guys from the VC. As we set up a defensive position, Ric flew in without hesitation through all the incoming fire and picked us and the medevacs up. Over max gross, he was able to get the '34 airborne and pull off one of his beautiful right rudder kick takeoffs. He got just enough extra turns out of the main rotors to get us all out safely. I have no doubt that he saved our lives that night. I am confident that a number of you on this mailing list can recall similar events involving Ric and may very well owe your lives to him as well. I know that we will all miss him greatly. As a 22 year old second lieutenant, I always looked up to him (as did all of the other Lt's in the squadron) as the type of officer and aviator we all aspired to be. Ric was a fairly senior Captain at the time and was on his second tour in the spring of '67 with HMM-361. Men like Ric Coady do not come our way very often. We are all better for having known him. Semper Fi, Ric. We'll meet again.

    Note: I normally wouldn't display so many addresses in the "To" and "Cc" boxes for all to see, but I wanted you to be able to see who is receiving this message. I have included everyone that I have on my list of addressees who knew him, or knew of him, plus some others who I know would be interested in hearing about him. This way, you can see whose address I might not have, and you can forward the following info to them so that we can get the word out to as many of Ric's former squadron mates and friends as possible. Thanks.

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    Re: Eric Coady

    Rick Coady was my Primary Flight Instructor when I was in VT-1 (Saufley Field)
    August 1964.
    A sad day for me to hear this news.

    Tom Knowles


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      Re: Eric Coady

      More from Roger

      In less than 24 hours, way less, you fellow Marines have responded with decisive action to assist in Ric Coady's memorial service, funeral arrangements and other related events. I have been overwhelmed by the responses. In particular, Buck Massie has taken the lead, and I am attaching info from his most recent messages. Thanks to all for your "SparrowHawk" response. Since Buck has stepped up to the plate in Pensacola and will be out of pocket at least a couple hundred dollars for his efforts, it seems to me that those on the mailing list who knew Ric should send Buck a donation to cover his expenses. I would request that you contact him at and inquire as to how much he will need to cover costs. I am sure that any monies in excess will be donated by Buck to a worthy USMC cause.

      True to the Marine dedication to duty: THE DIFFICULT WE DO NOW... THE IMPOSSIBLE TAKES A LITTLE LONGER

      p.s. Although Buck Massie was in-country flying UH-1E's around the same time as Ric Coady was flying '34's, he only knew of him by reputation. That's the true quality of a Marine doing the right thing if there ever was one!


      Firing party/bugler/honors arranged - helps that the CO of MATSG21 is my neighbor and a good friend. Trahan's number submitted in error below, should be 850-4386235. Anything else I can do, let me know. Semper Fi, Marines

      Keep your powder dry and buy ammo in bulk

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      From: Malcolm Massie <>
      To: Roger Herman <>
      Sent: Fri, February 3, 2012 11:53:52 AM
      Subject: ERIC COADY

      Wreath will be delivered to the funeral home - Trahan, 850-4356235 - Monday a.m. It consists of red and gold flowers, card to read From Your Marine Corps Brothers. Patriot Riders will accompany the procession from the funeral home to Barrancas National Cemetary. Also, a Sheriffs Honor Guard will accompany the procession to the main gate of NAS. I'm still working on a bugler and firing party, funeral home hasn't said anything about that yet. Wreath is $175. Will advise as to further developments. Buck

      Keep your powder dry and buy ammo in bulk


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        Re: Eric Coady

        Larry, this last six months I have help burry three classmates from TBS Hotel 8-68.

        Below are my notes and HQMC was very helpful. The Honor Guard would usual come form the closes I&I unit and they do a great job sending our brother home.

        Good luck and any questions, cell, 314-308-5002

        Terry Arndt, BLT 2/26


        The USMC usually provides:
        Honor Guard from local Marine Unit. For our classmates we were able to have an Honor Guard commanded by a Captain, bugler for Taps and flag presented to the family.

        Headquarters MC Office 703-432-9525 if were you call to get things started.
        Current contact, Sgt. Sumlin.
        A copy of the veterans DD214 is best. This will show combat experience.
        Alternative, Honorable Discharge.
        Full Name
        Social Security number and service number also would be helpful
        Date of Birth
        Date of passing
        Date, time and address of local series
        Contact, including spouse, address and phone number
        Funeral home contact information.
        VA Headstone & Marker Group - 1-800-697-6947
        And on line WEB Site: - This would be used to get additional records & info on you Father's service.
        CLICK ON VETERANS SERVICE RECORDS. I am sure that you will need SSN and perhaps his Service Number from his Honorable Discharge