I received the below e-mail from Popasmoke member Don Soper regarding the passing of Jim Barousse who was a H-34 pilot with 263 during the '65-'66 time frame.

S/F Gary

Sad follow-up. Jimmy died tonite, apparently about an hour after I sent the below. His son Michael called me about 8 tonite. Further details forthcoming; probably a "send-off" (Michael's words) in P'cola, at a time/place TBA.

Requiescat In Pace, Jimmy Barousse, great guy, great Marine, great friend.

Semper Fidelis,

At 05:47 PM 10/18/2011, Larry Taylor wrote:
For those who may not have heard, our old pal Jimmy Barousse is in critical condition in a hospital in Winchester, VA (about an hour west of Dulles) with acute pancreatitis and kidney failure.

No previous symptoms, but he and Judy were driving from Pensacola to see her family in PA, when it hit him, and within a few hours he was in ICU at the Winchester Medical Center..

I'll be up there tomorrow, and will spread the word as to what's going on.

Can u guys pass the word to the "263net"? Vas, I think you've put together an address group for 263, right? Bud, u got an Eastern address group?