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Major Billie R. Green

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    B R Green

    Yes, my dad landed on the putting green at Camp David. And flew with John McMasters. I have all his trunks, papers, uniforms, medals etc. but the stories are few. He was just starting to write them down before he died. We know bits and pieces but not much. There is one where someone wanted out of a hospital and came running to the plane in his hospital gown and clothes in hand. I would love to find out more details on this story or any others.



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      non comissioned pilots

      my dad knew a bunch of them. he told me about two corsair pilots in korea who shotdown 4 or 6 migs at low leval they were sncos or wos.i met and got to fly with gunner Buss in HMM -163 BACK IN 73. and i was there in the army hosp in OKI when they brought him in from a 46 crash HMM 164 if memory serves. SF ! KC
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        Re: CWO aviators

        I flew several hours with Shakey with HML-167

        Originally posted by popasmoke View Post
        From: Guy Hunter

        Recently I was sent an email from a third party that contained an
        inquiry from you asking about former CWO aviators. I knew of three here
        at New River in the mid to late 70s, only one of whom I can remember by
        name--a CWO-4 "Shakey" Hartigan who was in VMO1 and also flew helos in
        Viet-Nam. There were also two others here in the mid to late 70s, both
        with Irish names who flew Cobras, but for the life of me I can't
        remember their names--however one of them has his flight jacket on
        display down at the museum on Parris Island. Shakey is dead now and I
        seem to have heard somewhere in the distant past that the other two are

        I saw mention of Henry Wildfang, a CWO-4 who flew a variety of aircraft
        but was mostly known for C130s--he ended up with more than 30,000 hours
        of flight time in his career !!!!!

        If you wish, I can do a little research and come up with the other WOs
        who were aviators here. Please let me know. Also, there was a RIO in
        the F4 Training RAG at Yuma in the late 70s, early 80s who was a Marine
        Gunner, like me, and also a CWO--but unfortunately, again, I cannot
        remember his name.

        Best regards and I intend to rejoin popasmoke again and hopefully make
        the next reunion you folks hold in PCola.

        Guy Hunter