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Mike Clausen - Medal of Honor Recipient

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  • Mike Clausen - Medal of Honor Recipient

    A Marine Corps hero died yesterday...over the Memorial Day weekend. After a long battle with various health problems, Raymond Mike Clausen passed away during the evening hours of Sunday, May 30th. Mike's wife, Lois, was at his side. Our condolences go out to Lois at this very difficult time.

    Mike was in one of the finest hospitals in the country, Baylor University Medical Center located in Dallas, TX. He was being attended to by the best doctors and nurses available, but unfortunately, there was simply nothing more that could be done to save him. Funeral arrangements are pending, and will be posted as soon as details are available.

    As I am sure you are all aware, Mike was the only enlisted Air Wing Marine to receive the Medal of Honor in Vietnam. He flew with HMM-263 as a crewchief and on 31 January 1970 flew the mission for which he received the MOH. His bravery that day is well known by the members of the USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association, and many others...others such as Ross Perot.

    The reason that Mike was in Dallas, instead of a VA hospital in Louisiana was due to the fact that when Ross Perot got word of Mike's difficulties, he sent his own personal jet to bring Mike back to Dallas. He then ensured that Mike received the best medical care available. He did this all at his own expense without hesitation. But it goes much further than the tremendous financial costs covered by Ross Perot. It was yet another true act of patriotism and loyalty from one former military man to another who was in need.

    Thanks from all of us at the Association for everything that you did for one of our own, Mr. Perot. We "popped a smoke" and you answered the call.

    Semper Fi,

    Roger Herman
    Founder and former President
    USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association

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    You will be missed Mike...

    Semper Fidelis
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      Medal of Honor, 1970
      HMM-263, Vietnam
      The President of the United States in the name of The Congress takes pleasure in presenting the MEDAL OF HONOR to PRIVATE FIRST CLASS RAYMOND M. CLAUSEN, JR. UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS

      for service as set forth in the following


      For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263, Marine Aircraft Group 16, First Marine Aircraft Wing, during operations against enemy forces in the Republic of Vietnam on 31 January 1970. Participating in a helicopter rescue mission to extract elements of a platoon which had inadvertently entered a minefield while attacking enemy positions, Private First Class Clausen skillfully guided the helicopter pilot to a landing in an area cleared by one of several mine explosions. With eleven Marines wounded, one dead, and the remaining eight Marines holding their positions for fear of detonating other mines, Private First Class Clausen quickly leaped from the helicopter and, in the face of enemy fire, moved across the extremely hazardous, mine-laden area to assist in carrying casualties to the waiting helicopter and in placing them aboard. Despite the ever-present threat of further mine explosions, he continued his valiant efforts, leaving the comparatively safe area of the helicopter on six separate occasions to carry out his rescue efforts. On one occasion while he was carrying one of the wounded, another mine detonated, killing a corpsman and wounding three other men. Only when he was certain that all Marines were safely aboard did he signal the pilot to lift the helicopter. By his courageous, determined and inspiring efforts in the face of the utmost danger, Private First Class Clausen upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the United States Naval Service.

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        Medal Of Honor & Combat Air crew Wings

        You spell that with four letters "MIKE" Raymond Michael Clausen, Jr., who was awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in Vietnam in January 1970, was born October 14, 1947, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated from high school in 1965, then attended college for six months. He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve at New Orleans, March 30, 1966 and was discharged to enlist in the regular Marine Corps, May 27, 1966. Private Clausen received recruit training with the 3d Recruit Training Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, California, and individual combat training with the 3d Battalion, 2d Infantry Training Regiment at Camp Pendleton, California. He then completed Aviation Mechanical Fundamentals School and the Basic Helicopter Course, Naval Air Technical Training Center, Memphis, Tennessee. Upon completion of his training in April 1967, he was transferred to Marine Aircraft Group 26 (MAG-26), Marine Corps Air Facility, New River, Jacksonville, North Carolina, and served as jet engineer mechanic with HMM-365 and, later, as guard with MABS-26. In December 1967, Private Clausen was ordered overseas where he was to serve as jet helicopter mechanic throughout his active duty service. Joining the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, he was with H&MS-36, MAG-36 until September 1968, then with HMM-364, MAG-16 until the following August. Private Clausen returned to the United States, where he joined MAG-26 at New River for duty with HMM-261. In November 1969, he began his second tour of duty with HMM-263, MAG-16, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific. On August 19, 1970, upon his return to the United States, he was released from active duty. A complete list of his medals and decorations include: the Medal of Honor, the Air Crewman Insignia with three Gold Stars,and 98 Strike Flight awards of the Air Medal, , the Combat Action Ribbon, the Purple Heart, the Presidential Unit Citation, the Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal with one silver star and one bronze star, the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm, the Vietnam Campaign Medal with device, and the Rifle Sharpshooter Badge. Private Clausen’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Clausen, Sr., of Hammond, Louisiana.
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        Semper Fidelis

        George T. Curtis


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          "Mike" gave willingly to his BROTHERS

          “Mike” spent most of the day with me visiting patients in their rooms, stopping to speak with each and every one, taking photos and signing autographs. After the VA Hospital, Mike went to my local VFW in Norwood and spent 6 more hours visiting veterans, speaking at length with everyone, posing for photos and signing autographs. He was truly a BROTHER to the average veteran of all wars.


          Two Combat Aircew Crew Chiefs from Vietnam, Raymond " Mike " Clausen Jr., Medal of Honor recipient Vietnam & Master Gunnery Sergeant George T. Curtis USMC Retired get togeather to visit in bed patients at the West Roxbury, Ma. VA Hospital, October 25, 2001.
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          Semper Fidelis

          George T. Curtis


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            "BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS " 1969

            Medal Of Honor Recipient RAYMOND "MIKE" CLAUSEN Jr. with "Blood, Sweat & Tears in 1969.
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            Semper Fidelis

            George T. Curtis


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              One of the Great USMC!!!

              Mike, you are already sorely missed!! Never had the pleasure of meeting you in person,my loss!! The day you departed on your last mission was appropriate with the holiday in your & all heros honored. Godspeed good Marine!!! Semper Fi PM


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                I met a guy in P'Cola

                Jardo needed ice at the tent, I was his crew at New River, and could not refuse him there or then or now. He was the old man, back from the Nam at 21 and I was the FNG at 19. On the way to the Liquor store for ice I near ran into a guy with a cane going from tent to tent, in order to say hey. It was a thing in passing to him but I told Carol on the way home that I had shaken hands with a MOH winner. Mike Clausen shook my hand and changed my life, how easy that can happen is a phenomenon.
                Ok, how small is our world? I live in Texarkana, Tx. about 3 blocks from Ross Perot's boyhood home. I was in New River in '67-'68 and at Marble in '69 then DaNang in '70-'71. I am asking myself, did I know Mike Clausen, I say yes. I know you and in the same situation, you all were prepaired to do as he did. Does that make you all heros, ask me, I'll tell you. Mike, smiled past his infirmity, and said hello to me, does that make me a hero? Shoot no but that makes him my hero.
                With the greatest respect and honor,
                Roy M. Pitt
                The time, the inclination, and the where-with-all


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                  Perhaps you can post an address where we can send condolances and perhaps a mass card?


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                    I assure you, when we get it, we will post it.
                    Semper Fidelis

                    George T. Curtis


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                      A American Hero

                      Mike is needed for a higher calling, Crewing for the greatest CnC of all. You are and will forever be missed. I meet Mike once in New River and had a kastung impression of a special person.
                      To Mr Perot Thanks for all you did. May your kindness be rewarded.
                      Lois our prayer and through are with you.
                      Semper Fi Hero
                      Jim Albro
                      top A


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                        In November of 1969, I was on a medivac with Mike. We were in a rice paddy north of Quang Tri that was mined. We were trying to pick a 3rd Recon team. I stepped off of the rear ramp to pull a 3rd Recon member on board. Mike noticed that I was about to step on a mine and body slammed me back into the 46 before that could happen. So, I am here to post this missive because of Mike.

                        I left country Xmas day of 69. Mike did the mine field thing again, a month later. I have the good fortune of numerous pictures of him in San Diego from the 2000 reunion, which I will post with the webmaster. I have been in telephone contact, today, with fellow crewmate Chuck Harrell. Chuck has been accompaning Mike the last six months between Tennessee and Texas and is contact with Lois. They are also in contact with Ross Perot.

                        I asked Chuck about Arlington, he said NO. He said he talked to Lois, who said no. I asked about an appropriate headstone, he will be in touch. I asked about a trust account, he'll be in touch.

                        Meanwhile, Mike's business card from four years ago shows the following:

                        P.O. Box 991
                        Ponchatoula, LA 70454-3518

                        (985) 386-607

                        We will be in touch.

                        Samuel A. "TOP" Brewer
                        Corporal / USMC
                        H&MS 16 / 1969
                        Top Brewer


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                          Semper Fi Mike!

                          I first met Mike while I was with HMM-263, Feb.-June 1969!
                          You are missed Mike, we'll all see you later, when our time comes!
                          Semper Fi
                          I'd rather fly than walk!
                          Darrell Asplund


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                            Mike Clausen

                            Mike Clausen is a friend of mine from a neighboring town, he lived in Hammond and I live in Denham Springs, Louisiana about 35 miles apart. He will be missed. Altho I do NOT know of the funeral arrangements as of yet, hope to hear soon. Semper Fi


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                              SEMPER FI MIKE,