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USAFSS 6924th Security Squadron at DaNang Air Base - April 8, 1970

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  • USAFSS 6924th Security Squadron at DaNang Air Base - April 8, 1970

    Please respond to Jim Hartman

    Jim Hartman <>


    I was referred to your website by a friend of mine, John F. Dunn, Captain, USMC Retired. He thought you might be able to steer me in the right direction with regard to the following:

    In 1970 I served with the USAFSS 6924th Security Squadron at DaNang Air Base. On each side of our compound were MAG outfits, the 13th and the 11th. I do not remember if these were fixed wing outfits or not. On April 8, 1970 our compound took four direct 122 rocket hits, killing a young Airman named Paul Anthony and wounding many others. One of the Marines, I believe from MAG 13, made a valiant effort to provide assistance that night by climbing our compound fence (which was a top secret secured area) over consentantina and barbed wire at great risk to himself.
    I am now one the of the National Vice President's of our 6924th Heritage Association and our organization would like to reach out and thank this individual (we don't have a name) for his brave efforts that night. Our Gold Star Mother, Mrs. Willie May Anthony, still lives while in her 80's and I am sure she would like to thank this Marine who tried to save her son.

    Any help you could give on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Jim Hartman

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    Personnel - FMF Pacific

    In April, 1970, MAG 13 (fixed wing F-4's, A-4's and A-6's) under Col Thomas Murphree, consisted of VMFA-115, VMFA-122, VMFA-314, VMA-311 along with H&MS-13 and MABS-13, MWSG-17.

    In April, 1970, MAG-11 (fixed wing A-4's, A-6s and OV-10's) under Col. Grover S Stewart Jr consisted of VMCJ-1, VMFA-542, VMA(AW)-242, VMA(AW)-225, VMO-2 along with H&MS-11 and MABS-11.

    Each MAG had over 1800 men.
    Alan H. Barbour, Historian
    USMC Combat Helicopter Assoc
    "Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever"


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      Only MAG-11 was at Da Nang in April of 1970. MAG-13 was at Chu Lai.

      On April 8, 1970 a 122 rocket hit a MAG 11 compoundhooch killing Sgt. Randall Pell of VMO-2.

      Roy "ARM" Pitt can provide more info.

      Hostage IGOR
      Hostage IGOR


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        MWSG-17 was also at DaNang at that time. They may have been the other unit involve.


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          April 8, 1970

          Boy do I remember the night of April 8th, 1970. I was at the MAG-11 Bomb Dump with just a few days left before going home.
          MAG-11 and MWSG-17 were still there, on the West side of the base. MAG-13 was in Chu Lai.