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Dong Ha Fuel Dump

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  • Dong Ha Fuel Dump

    From the mailbox

    to webmaster

    My husband Mickey Wilson was a marine with 3/3/3 H&S Company, Vietnam, 1966-68. He was assigned to the Rockpile and spent most of his time in the location known as Leather Square. On Sept. 3, 1967 my husband volunteered to take a PC truck into that exploding dump. He was accompanied by a sgt. (From the group trapped in the dump). They found about 10-12 men and sent the truck out because the explosions were increasing. He and the sgt. found the remaining men but now had no way out. My husband spotted a jeep across the compound and ran across under active fire and explosions and brought the sgt. and other men safely out. He said he did not ask anyone their names during the rescue - they were just trying to stay alive. Afterwards he said he returned back to his area and sgt. Patterson (he said he was older and probably has passed away by now) who sent him in. He said afterwards his ears were ringing so badly he couldn't hear and the rescued men and their sgt. returned back to their area - but he doesn't now which group they were. He thinks the trapped group were Radiomen because they were in the radio bunker. He does not know what outfits were stationed there in the dump. He did not know until 5 days later that he would receive a promotion and be put up for an award as that was not the reason he went into the dump.

    A couple days later he wrote me a letter and told me he was being promoted to L.Cpl. and was being put up for the Navy Cross. One week later he wrote me a second letter and was now a L.Cpl. and repeated he was being put up for the Navy Cross. I still have both dated letters from more than 45 years ago. For the last six years I have tried to get access to the Marine archives in hopes of finding a mention of this as the award was never given. I have tried to find out how I can locate 2 persons who might remember him and this event. Because he Marine Corp Commandant and was told find 2 people and the records of where you served coupled with the letter will be enough to get the award. That's why I got so excited when I found this interactive about this event, thinking at last I've found a link.

    Mickey was a skinny 6'3" Marine with red hair and lots of freckles. I would think that there will be men, even after all these years who will remember him. What I was hoping you could do was post a question to your readers and repeat this information and, perhaps even after so long a time, help Mickey to receive the recognition he deserves. I will be happy to become a member of this site to support this work.

    In closing, I contacted one Veterans organization for help and they it' s too long ago. I asked them if valor and courage had an expiration date. They had no answer and told me it would probably not happen.

    Can you help me? My husband is now 68 and time is going by fast. If you are interested in helping me or want more details please call or email me.

    PS. He is still a good man and volunteers at our local Veterans hospital because he says no man should return from war without a welcome home, job well done.

    With sincere thanks for your time and consideration of this request.

    Sent from my iPad Jeanne Wilson.
    Cell 540-493-2855