Pilots and Aircrewmen who performed a rescue mission on 12 Jul !965 20 miles south of Da Nang at coordinates AT 923609, the village of An My (3), to rescue a team from Company A, 3rd Recon Battalion. Team was led by Captain Frank Reasoner who was posthumously awarded the Medal Of Honor for his actions in that battle and his XO, Lieutenant Bill Henderson. Rescue was possible made by aircrews from HMM-261 or HMM-365 stationed at Marble Mountain. It could also have been made by aircrews from HMM-163 which was onboard ship as the SLF. Any aircrews involved , please contact me at wrcampiii@aol.com or whenderson@aguaresorts.com. Thanks. Ron Campbell (This is a revision to my previous posting of Jul 2011.)