I'm looking for information on what squadron was stationed in Thailand and flew rescue and search mission into N. Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh trail etc., and was known as the "Magical Mystery Tour". My brother, Brent Roberts, was a crew chief on CH 46's and they had a tent camp type base in Thailand. The missions were classified, and now we are having trouble proving they flew in the Vietnam air space re: Agent Orange. My brother is suffering from Agent Orange exposure,but the VA says they have no information regarding that unit or proof that they flew in Vietnamese airspace. I am a Marine grunt from 2/9 and 3/9 in '65-66 in I Corps. I know my brother's unit flew in the zone. It was an HMM unit and their unofficial patch showed a '46 with a sling load of an F4 underneath. Any help would be appreciated. My email is centurion007@gmail.com
Thanks, and Semper Fi!
Craig Roberts