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Looking for Pat Townley HMM 164 1967 / 1968 Did he have red hairand where is he now?

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  • Looking for Pat Townley HMM 164 1967 / 1968 Did he have red hairand where is he now?

    From the Photo Archives HMM 164.

    "Photo #1453
    Water taxi into harms way.

    YT-8 Topped out and still trying like a valiant lady. YT-8Topped out and still trying. Still trying to gain power with cargo, passengers and most of crew out the rear hatch. One hapless sailor yelled "F--K the Marines, save the Mail!" A Flight deck LSO (Navy) knocked the poor lower deck squid from the flight deck into the drink. He too was rescued.

    Comment by: Patrick Townley on May 29, 2007 12:36 AM

    I have it on pretty good authority that the smart-mouthed Navy boy was hit by Crew Chief, Gunnery Sgt. Pat Townley (my Father) as I have heard the story before."

    Pat wasn't a Gunny then, maybe a Corporal or a L/CPl.

    If Pat Townley is the Marine I remember, he also had occassion to knock the holy bejezes out of a Navy cookie who took a leak in the french fry vat aboard the Valley Forge. No one knew until the dumb squid boasted of it and was taken to the brig. He'd be marched by two Marine Chasers from one place to another under guard. The Sailor wore a red band around his dixie cup hat. However, they'd stop by the ships store and the adjacent rec room usually full of Marines. If Pat is the Pat I recall with red hair, while the Brig Chasers looked at Citizen Watches, batteries and were buying a Snickers bar, Pat cleaned the dipstick squid clock really good. No one noticed or said a thing. The Navy had to take the fool off the ship and send him post haste to the Philippines for his own safety as not only did the ships crew, all of HMM 164 and a battalion of Marines eat those french fries but so did Ships Captain.

    His son apparently posted a reply a few years ago but since his e-mail has gone by way of the Buffalo.

    I see a TOWNLEY WINDLE TN HMM-164 in the member data base. Any one having contact with him please advise.
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