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Wanted Alive and Well, Majors D.C. Brodie amd F.E. Wirkus. HMM 164 No reward!

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  • Wanted Alive and Well, Majors D.C. Brodie amd F.E. Wirkus. HMM 164 No reward!

    I am searching for then Majors D.C. Brodie and then Major F.E. Wirkus of HMM 164 who flew with HMM-164 in January of 1968. If you do not know, all of the after action reports from a period of November of 1967 through July of 1968 are missing from the official records now unclassified by the Marine Corps. Where they went is really baffling.

    In November the birds were all in Okinawa for the most part due to the retro-fit. We began operations in earnest in December of '67. This period covers the entire Tet offensive of '68 as well as the support given to Khe Sahn and Hue during that historic event. Maybe Murphy’s law prevailed but in any case it is a shame that such records are [lost???] ~~ What's up wit at?

    I am specifically wanting to talk to Maj's Brodie and Wirkus regarding missions occurring on January 21, 1968 Sunday Morning when as I recall one of them plus Jim Littler as co-pilot flew my new old bird YT-1 to Khe Sahn for some "NON" Stract R&R. [No shaving, no formality just kickin it.] Little did we know that the Milorganite was making intimate physical contact with the electro-mechanical, rotating ventilating device that very morning as we approached.

    The ammo dump was exploding all over hells half acre. 122’s and mortars were randomly hitting all around the base. We finaled in and went directly to Charlie Med and picked up a NVA VIP plus a load of walking wounded and shuttled them all to Phu Bai most Skosh . Diddy Mao, Haiku!

    We returned and spent the day flying to the hills of 881, both 861’s and 950 dropping off water, C’s ammo and Marines. Landing at those places was always an adventure for the next few weeks. But I am only interested in January 21st. the first day as all the rest run amok, muddled in my memory.

    On our last trip out, we lifted off and were banking South from the Eastern end of the KCB when there was an air burst in-between my lead plane and Doug Wm Lanford’s plane who was trailing behind.

    Due to the missing AA reports, I’d like to see if any of the then Majors still had any notations in their flight logs to document those initial missions. Especially the first one when we rolled into Charlie Med and a security squad put a VIP NVA on a stretcher into my custody and only then did they allow the wounded to exit the med bunker and board my bird.

    When we landed at Phu Bai we went directly to Alpha Med and a PLATOON of security was waiting for us, they surrounded the plane facing outward and removed the little fellow first before anyone else was taken off. I thought it strange at the time but mostly forgot about it until in 1993 I learned the name of what could have been that NVA soldier.

    In any case, I would like to find the two former Majors mentioned above to ask them to share their experience and possibly their log entry’s with me.

    Prolific posting today. I gotta get a real job.

    Merry Christmas to all and to all...,

    Semper Fidelis.

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    Semper Fidelis