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HMM-163 Evil Eyes supporting evidence

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  • HMM-163 Evil Eyes supporting evidence


    I just got back from deployment with 163 and will be transitioning the squadron to VMM. I found it alarming that my XO came to me and the historian to try and dig up evidence hopefully dating back to 1960s of us wearing the Evil Eyes patch. Apparently, we need to validate our patch to the MC because another unit has claimed a very similar looking patch with green eyes before us!

    I think anyone who knows our the history of our squadron knows we are the Evil Eyes (officially Ridge Runners). We wear it on our patch, and we wear it on our birds since Viet Nam. Does anyone have know of or have any creditable sources that support this history (i.e. news articles, pictures, etc.)? I have read through that famous Life Magazine article, but it only references 163 as Papa Yankee with no pictures of the Eyes. Hoping someone out there can give me some hard evidence to essentially out-date this other unit.

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    Re: HMM-163 Evil Eyes supporting evidence

    The Evil Eyes were put on HMM 163's H-34s in January of 1966 at Phu Bai. Therefore, the patch idea came later. I would guess YEARS later.

    I have created a presentation of Evil Eyes history which I have given to the squadron numerous times. You should be able to find a copy in your files. If not, let me know and we can work it out.

    Norm Urban


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      Re: HMM-163 Evil Eyes supporting evidence

      Thanks Norm. I've read your article on this website already. Unfortunately since this has to be justified through HQ MC, evidence needs to be from creditable, citeable sources (i.e. not wikipedia, personal presentations, etc.). We need dateable pictures, articles from creditable sources, etc.

      Thanks for any help!


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        Re: HMM-163 Evil Eyes supporting evidence

        I don't think the "Ugly Eyes" patch dates back much before 1998. The "Ridge Runner" patch with the flying horse (various versions) is supposed to be the "official" patch.

        You might try contacting the Naval Aviation History Office. They are the official archive for squadron insignia.

        email address:

        mail address:
        NHHC Archives-Aviation
        805 Kidder Breese SE,
        Washington Navy Yard,
        Washington, D.C. 20374-5060.

        Which squadron is claiming the "eyes"?