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46 driver mike shea - aurora col call

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  • 46 driver mike shea - aurora col call


    could you email me
    re-contacting past friends.

    regards, SF, Dave Meyers
    '46 driver "DB Meyers"
    703.310.7991 Burke, Va
    HMM-165 '71-'72 LPH-Tripoli Tonkin Gulf

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    46 driver mike shea - aurora col call

    Mike, hope you call Dave. Semper Fi, and READY-APP.


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      I am not certain if we are speaking of the same Marine, but 1stLT. Mike Shea was in my squadron during Frequent Wind, HMM-165, but flying a '46 from HMM-164. He was lost at sea off the USS Hancock on the 29th of April, 1975.


      Jim Kizer


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        Mike Shea

        Jim thats very hard to hear. Its sad he Flew all the missions in-country, and was lost at Sea in the pull out. That happened to one of our Birds in July '69 off the Coast there. The Crew was saved on this one. The left seat had a broken foot. That was about all the injuries. It was most likely a navy 46. Hated to hear that. Semper Fi, and READY-APP.


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          Re: 46 driver mike shea - aurora col call

          Ref. 1st. Lt. Mike Shea,

          Mike was lost at sea the very dark night of 29 April 1975 (no moon nor horizon!). Mike was flying co-pilot with Capt. Jim Nystal. Mike and I met each other at flight school ... Whiting Field and I knew Jim from MCAS Santa Ana. The night of 29 April, I talked to Mike and Jim and the other two crewmembers before they took off from the 'Hancock' on a SAR mission. Shortly after take-off, they impacted the water off the bow of the ship and settled in about 80' of water (scuttlebutt at the time!). I was in the Ready Room of HMH-463 when word came in of the crash. Navy divers were sent down the next day but no recovery efforts were made. One reason was withdrawal of U.S. ships from the waters south of the Vung Tau peninsula (Vietnam)! Approximately two (?) days later, the ship's Captain ... Captain Fellows commenced a 'Burial-at-Sea' ceremony in Honor of the 'SAR' crewmembers.

          A very sad occasion for all! Mike was a outgoing great guy who always had a smile for everyone!

          I hope this sheds light on the events that happened the night of 29 April 1975 ... U.S.S. Hancock.

          SEMPER FI,

          Stephen 'Steve' Maxwell
          HMH-463 75'-79'


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            Re: 46 driver mike shea - aurora col call

            Incident report on KIA pages.