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  • Need some help

    Larry....i am hoping you can hlep me. i got a call yesterday about an USAF pilot whose Phantom was shot down in July 1966 north of the DMZ. he was supposedly picked up by a Marine helicopter....I checked the command chronologies of every unit i thought it MIGHT be to no avail. Nothing...although 363 was missing a CC for July 1966. Can you possibly make some inquiries and see if anyone knows/remembers anything about this incident?

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    Try VMO-2. 27 July - Lieutenants BaRLEY and BRACKEN in a single TIuey provided armed escort for an Army 00-lB if 431 on a photo mission along the DMZ. At 0800H~ Dong Ha tower requested assistance for a survivor pickup. Deadlock 4-0 and _.4-2 lI'i th Lieutenant PAGE flying the lead A/e and major HAZELBAKER and Capt NOLA,.'J in the chase responded. Deadlock AO Captain J. G. FLYNN was in the le"ld A/C as observer. Contact with i'laterboy vTaS made and ilhe Deadlock A/e proceded to 322 degrees radial at twenty-seven miles, Dong Ha TACAN. Deadlock 4-0 landed and recovered the survivor. Fixed .ring support was furnished by Locket 501 and 513 and Crown "A" was the coordinator. All A/C received heavy ground fire and all A/e remurned fire. (S)
    ,​I spent 6 hours searching CCs and 10 hours getting logged in to reply. Just paid my dues to POPASMOKE 2 months ago. This little episode has made my pussy hurt, and I don't have one. I am a old man not some computer GURU. By the way Larry Zok the 53 laying on its side om a hill was from 463, believe it was at LZ East and was transporting grunts from 196 LIB. LZ was on a hill and AC rolled off as parking brakes were not set, or so I was told HeHeHe
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