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Using a "stinger" on the ramp of a CH-46

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  • Using a "stinger" on the ramp of a CH-46

    This request for info is from an active duty Marine. If anyone has any info or pictures, you can either post it or forward it to me and I'll make sure the Gunny gets it.

    Unofficially I am looking for any information or pictures pertaining to firing the M60 from the ramp of the CH-46. I have the information that was in the old tactics manual but I am looking for someone that has actually done this. I am looking at trying to bring back the concept to allow protection from the 6 o'clock of the aircraft. I know this was once done, but the experience base has been gone for a long time. Any information you could lead me to would be appreciated.

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    stingers on tail

    Don't know about the 46's but in 1970 the 53's that participated in mission 72 accross the border had M-60's mounted at the rear but to accomplish this the ramps were left off after the barrell bombing episodes. It was mounted on a wooden pallet secured by cross chains and bungie cords. gives a lot more cover fire while repelling out the back
    Dave Reavis @


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      M-60 at the 6

      HMM-265 had a CH46 with 4 50 Cals and an M-60 stinger for a short time in the summer of 69. One of the crewchiefs would have more info on it. Also, the Marine Corps has a 50 Cal mount on a 53 they're working on now.

      Wayne Stafford


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        1975 PI

        When we returned from operation "Frequent Winds" at Subic the USAF H53s went on the operation Maqguieze with Marines (or how its spelled). When the rescue of the ship was underway. They returned 3 to PI which were riddled with bullet holes. Understood they had stingers on the ramps and they backed into the site. This was not a good tactic!! Think I have photos someplace. SF PM


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          H-46 Tail Stinger

          Although my memories are seems to me that our Metal Shop concocted something with the Armory guys with a mount which had some traverse limits built into 1968.




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            M60 on the ramp

            I remember at HMM-161 we would have at least one bird configured with 4 50's and a 60 on the ramp for Kingfisher ops. We had some kind of metal box or skid held down with cargo straps but I don't remember how the 60 was mounted to the box. If you can get a hold of any of the crew chiefs that ran Kingfisher missions they might be able to help.


            Howdy HMM-161

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            Bruce "Howdy" Mayor HMM-161 '69-'70


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              We tried it a time or two in HMM-165 but couldn't use it (the M-60) without lowering the ramp partially and Tech rep. John Dulligan couldn't abide us driving around in an "A" model with the ramp even a little ways down. Dulligan was usually right so we gave up on the idea. Sure surprised a few of the "little people" near An Hoa one day though, they say! LOL! Believe Horowicki and I mounted it and he or I crewed it (maybe both of us) Culbertson (metal shop) was the "tailgunner" for that mission but it was a resupply (externals) and didn't get any action. No complaints for weight issues 'cause YW-11 was a load hacker for an Alpha!! Don't remember who flew the "fun" one.
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                M60 Stinger

                SSgt Hess of HMM 364 in 1968 and his metal shop designed both the tail stinger and the mountable 4 unit .50 Cal mount that went in the the Belly of the CH46D. Use on a few mission by Major Lacy (Sq maint Officer) Maj Lacy was put in for a Silver Star but Wing reverse it when they heard about the added arms.


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                  Dennis Kearney

                  Dennis Kearney: You are alive and well!!!! Check out website and get your email posted on the website. Check in with "Uncle Frank" and get onboard. Would love to hear from you.

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                  Tom "TJ" Miller