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ThunderChickens version of Night Before Christmas

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  • ThunderChickens version of Night Before Christmas

    From: "Rock LtCol Paul J (ACE VMM-263 CO)" <>

    An elf recently wrote this version on Christmas Eve after the first-annual 263 Holiday Flotilla. Hope you enjoy it.


    'Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the base,
    Many folks were in motion, no change to their pace.

    And I in my flight suit
    And warm thermal shirt,
    Had just briefed CASEVAC - 30 minute alert.

    Because Christmas in Iraq
    Is just one more day,
    The mission is constant, with no time away.

    Or is there? One wonders...
    Though the mission holds sway,
    There's room to recall, that it's not just a Monday.

    So we grabbed a few minutes
    Without causing a fuss,
    And had a ThunderChicken parade - with no one but us.

    And out of their workspaces,
    Each hard-working Marine
    Came dressed and equipped for a Christmas-y scene.

    Antlers and sleigh bells
    And glow-belts a-flashin'
    Poly-pro underwear as outerwear - now that's fashion!

    A Corporal's new chicken suit
    With laughter we're stricken,
    Marching before a bucket of Thunder Fried Chicken.

    And the Operations Department
    Had elected their King,
    Whose primary duty involved Silly String.

    The crowd roared their enjoyment
    Of this grand hullabaloo,
    And prizes were awarded - to all Bravo Zulu!

    But it was over too quickly
    Again duty did call,
    Back to the mission, we emptied the hall.

    Spin up for weapons checks
    On a cold Anbar night,
    With the moon in full spectacle; it's surprisingly bright.

    Perhaps that's the reason
    We were able to spy,
    A fat elf in a sleigh as he hauled on by.

    On Flechette! on Dazzler! on Sabot and Tracer!
    On Pointer! on Rocket! on Spotlight and Laser!

    He called plain-as-day
    Across Tower's channel,
    And requested to test fire his brand-new flare panel.

    We nearly inverted
    So complete was our shock,
    But we retracted our gear, and got ready to rock.

    Nacelles coming down
    We would catch this ol' gent,
    And follow the bogey wherever he went.

    But he was no slouch
    And he caught us in trail,
    Pulled up abeam and declared - "I ain't haulin' the mail!"

    "I'm off to deliver
    Hope and good spirit...
    And when I'm on target, no one need fear it"

    "I'm proud of you folks
    And the job that you do
    The many defended, by only a few"

    "So take heart," said the elf
    And our flag he unfurled,
    "Your service to your country will make a better world."

    And with that he changed freq
    And lit off like a shot,
    Making us wonder if we'd even seen him or not.

    Then his voice came once more
    As he sped out of sight,
    "Merry Christmas ThunderChickens, You're Winning The Fight!"

  • #2
    Thunder Chicken Christmas!

    Outstanding, Col. Rock! OohRah!
    Semper Fidelis

    Phu Bai tower:
    YW-11 for Phu Bai DASC-
    Remember, These are "A" models!
    YW-11 BuNo-151939
    '65 Model CH-46A