All -

I received the E-Mail info below from Carl Jones this a.m., and also just got off the phone with him. Needless to say, he has been extremely busy assisting and coordinating efforts in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa areas for the Marines there who lost everything in the recent tornadoes. There are about 1,000 Marines in the area who are primarily attached to reserve units, I&I staffs and recruiting offices. Those hit the hardest really need help, and you all have stepped up to the plate immediately. Yesterday, many of you forwarded on my E-Mails to your additional mailing lists. Carl indicated that he was receiving calls from all over the country with offers of help yesterday due to your actions. Many have also called me wanting to know how they could donate to the cause. Today we have the answer.

I would ask that you also forward this E-Mail as well, now that we have the info on how to make donations to assist our fellow Marines who are in need. The text below in gold and red is what was in this morning's E-Mail from Carl. You can go to the web address highlighted in red to find out more on the situation and how to make donations. Additionally, if you would like to find out more about Carl Jones and the singing group "Homeland," go to the following website: They are longtime friends of many of us, and as I mentioned in one of yesterday's E-Mails, performed for us in Pensacola at a couple of our reunions, and cut a special album just for the Marines who flew helos in Vietnam. They have performed numerous times in Washington D.C. and other parts of the country for hundreds of thousands of people. Carl mentioned that the group will also be donating revenues from future sales of their DVDs to those Marines in need in the Southeast. Once again, thanks for all that you have done so far to help out and keep on keeping on by going to the websites mentioned. OOORAH!

Rog - I am in Tuscaloosa with little to no cell zone for comm and appreciate your help in passing this word along. I have asked Marine Dave Gardner, Vice Commandant of the Marine Corps League and Frenchy to assist with accepting donations -- they have coordinated with the MCL detachment in Mobile, AL for accepting Credit Card donations -- the link is below:

I arranged with UHAUL today to donate free warehouse facilities in all affected areas, a truck and distribution location in Birmingham for those wishing to send supplies. I will be sending a shipping address.

As you know, this is massive and we need a lot of Marine support... I deeply appreciate you and the General's support our Marines. Please convey my sincere appreciation to the General. Semper Fi - Carl Jones.