I contacted the Marine Corps Associations about old Leatherneck Magazines being put on CD's. Here it their answer:

Mr. Hoffman--

While I don't have any plans for CDs at this time, I won't rule it out in the future. Right now, the effort/commitment of resources on this end wouldn't pay off in CD sales. I watch expenses closely as we still support about $200K in awards to Marines each year....about 90% of that is enlisted awards....from boot camp to professional schools at the Staff NCO Academies.

In case you were not aware, we do have all our magazines back to 1921 digitized in a searchable format on the Web. On the lower right side of our homepage at: http://www.mca-marines.org/Leatherneck/

See "Search Leatherneck Archives." For example, you could search on a word or phrase like "Operation Buffalo" or "Vietnam" and put in a date option and see anything that was written. When you look at this database, you will note that you can search Leatherneck, Gazette or both titles to find articles.

For example, I was in Vietnam during Lam Son 719 and if I wanted to read everything that we have published on it, I'd go to the database, type in "Lam Son 719," enter dates of Dec 1970 to March 2008 and check the box for both titles and hit the search function. I'd get everything we have printed and I could elect the file that includes photos and see the exact pages as published in Leatherneck or Gazette.

Also, as a Leatherneck subscriber, you don't pay. Others do. When you select the article you want to read, you'll get a screen that indicates a payment required, you click on "I already have a prepaid plan or a subscription..." and that will take you to a screen to enter an email address and password. You do have to register to get a password, if you have not done that before. Once you have registered, you get 30 free articles each month.

Give this a try. If you run into problems getting your password, you can call our circulation department, toll free at 866-622-1775 and someone there can set your password.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your support,

Walt Ford
Colonel USMC (Ret)
Editor, Leatherneck Magazine
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DSN: 278-3171, ext 311
FAX: 703-640-0823