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Attack/war on the usa my opinion

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    The war on america continues: As of 8/30/2010

    Well it would appear the attack on america is still on-going. Not that it ever stopped; it's just that there are so many the media can't keep up with the incidents unless one really stands out; like yesterday, 8/30/2010.

    Seems a couple of guys (clearly muslim by name and foreign birth) tried a little switcher- roo. I.e., we be going that way and the luggage the other.

    Now they were arrested like some before them after making it from the usa to amsterdam. I'm still wondering why no one has mentioned their names in relation to the so called 'no fly list', or any list. Muslim names on an international flight should get someone's attention and it's not profiling either.

    Then again; international flights require i think that the luggage on the flight matches the passenger; but somehow in this incident they found away around it.

    They made a didi-mau for amsterdam and the luggage ended up in 'memphis, tn.'? Odd.

    So what do they find (or at least as is revealed in the media) they find a bag with three cell phones taped to a pepto-bismo bottle and i think sandwiched in between a std. Issue terrorist 'box cutter' blade and two knives?

    Meanwhile back at the hoover bldg. In wdc, et al places lots of people are tasked with trying to figure this one out. Was it an attempt; if so to what end or was it a 'trial run'?

    Either way it is once again their war of attrition against us. Imagine the costs that have been rung up since this happened; and it ain't over.

    None of this stuff was in carry on luggage but 'checked' luggage that some how didn't follow their flight?

    Cell phones taped together? A box cutter and two knives and a bottle of pepto-bismo. (not sure if the bottle was empty or full). Note on otc medications such as that; these bottles generally come with a hard plastic shrink like seals to show if the bottle has ever been opened.

    *many years ago somewhere for some reason some nut tampered with a bottle of tylenol; after that incident now you see tamper proof seals on lots of things.*

    detail were not revealed in the news. Actually conflicting reports said the bottle was full; while another said it was empty. Either way why tape three cell phones to a plastic bottle full or empty?

    I imagine like any other incident of this type there are some things not revealed.

    You can look up the ingredients of pept-bismo on the search engine of your choice; you perty much get the same information on the ingredients.

    It also comes in tablet/capsule form as well otc. Many people want to take the stuff; but don't like the liquid form hence the tablet form. It's available in virtually any mkt with otc drugs. The terrorists selected the bottled version for some reason over the tablet version.

    It is primarily used by most for anti-diarrheal or sometimes for gastric acid reflux. It comes under other names such as maalox, etc.

    The primary or most important ingredient in pepto-bismo like other anti-diarrheal medications is 'loperamide' (hope that is spelled correctly). It slows down the our little colonic huastra while giving (buying) one time to absorb water in a loose stool that otherwise would cause one to drop everything and run for the loo.

    Absorbed water is then passed via the renal system. It begs the question why have it taped to three cell phones?

    Generally, when flying into the united states it is more or less safe to drink the water so to speak; while if leaving the country for some foreign destination one generally doesn't want to drink the water (unless it's bottled).

    The only usa city i can think of where you don't want to drink the water is wdc. There is so much clorox in it you can do laundry without bleach. It's in the water, ice, coffee, anything they add water too tastes like clorox.

    If you o.d. On this stuff (pepto-bismo), you get a bad case of constipation. A common problem in the senate/house during a filibuster. It's also considered a creamer additive to coffee (a natural laxative) at i.r.s. Because, well... They're full of it.

    I don't get the three cell phones taped to the bottle that is in luggage and of course not as a carry on. What? The guy is going to want to call pepto-bismo's 800 number for tips?

    Like the other incidents of this type when no more information is released the media will drop it and move on to other issues. Still, these incidents happen almost daily and cost us a fortune.

    Now the so called 'underwear' bomber (i prefer to call him 'hot-pants'), was supposed to have had a bottle of something in his underwear that could potentially blow a hole in the fuselage of the plane he was on.

    Something went wrong. He failed. Or perhaps his control set him up. Just to see what would happen. Had it been real; then hot pants would have triggered the device over the atlantic ocean and not on the tarmac in detroit. Which of course failed.

    That incident is still costing us a chunk of change.

    Haven't seen the news yet this morning. It's still early here in hawaii. I'll turn it on in a bit and see if any new stuff has been released.

    Meanwhile i have to check my fishbowl full of spare change to see if i can afford many more of incidents of attrition.

    /s/ r. 'doc' ferrell
    semper fidelis
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT]
    /S/ R. 'DOC' FERRELL
    (FMF-8404) VIETNAM: 1966-67


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      The muslim guys & lost luggage saga continues

      Well so far after the last post on this incident; we now see that the two muslims who were arrested in amsterdam not only 'uh... Lost their luggage defying tsa regs on international flights, but...

      The two guys claimed to not know each other, yet both were headed 'home' to yemen. I sure hope this rings a few bells out there in pop-a-smoke land. I'm sure more will be forthcoming as it gets better n' better.

      Also i picked up something yesterday but missed it; so i can't really say much on it but there seems to be something similar or related to something in murfeesboro, tenn. (not sure if that is spelt rite). I went thru their many years ago; mostly dodging tenn. Hwy. Patrol guys.

      These muslim guys are all over us like 'white on rice' (wild rice excepted; it ain't rice. It's actually an aquatic cereal).

      Where was i?

      Yes. I remember. I was feeling like i was diagonally parked in a parallel universe. While trying to figure out how to make my right hand do that commander spock's vulcan hand gesture without using my left hand to spread my fingers on my right hand?

      I remember an old 50's tv sci-fi show; basically about 'space commander whack and his dead dog 'larry'. It sort of reminds me of how inefficient the so called 'tsa' is with respect to making sure airports are safe.

      They seem to be easily diverted by terrorists because the bad guys already know they have short (if any) attention spans.

      Meanwhile back in nasa land; their latest low bidder has spent a billion dollars on a new rocket to replace the out going shuttles. If fizzled.

      Remember those old b&w sc-fi shows that showed the rocket zooming thru space? It was clearly a little metal tube hanging from a string with cigarette smoke coming out it's rear end.

      I think iran has something a bit more sophisticated. Call me crazy (most do); but i doan think thier nuke rockets are going to be hanging from a string propelled by cigar smoke.

      My guess is iranians have already infiltrated nasa only to report back to tehran, 'we're gonna win!'.

      Anyone watch the oval office speech yesterday? Any thoughts on that one? I have a few dozen.

      The big 'o' (the prez) remarked on a long convoy of troops leaving iraq and entering kuwait without a single shot fired at the convoy. Duh????

      Hey! They're leaving en masse why shoot at them and start something? Meanwhile for reasons not clearly outlined the in-country usa helo drivers are now busier than usual.

      Now; i'm all for the troops pulling out lock stock and barrel and putting them to better use here in the usa. No point in trying to out do the russians in a war they lost with those guys just by attrition.

      Btw; this notam board thang is a hoot.

      Meanwhile it is as of this sentence; 0901 hours hst. I'm in the computer room with cnn on; listening to a problem with some guy in silver springs, md.

      Now. Isn't that place sort of devoted to cia hq? Or did they move without leaving a forwarding address with our reduced force postal service?

      Why is this guy in a building surrounded by 's.w.a.t.' (another pesky acronym). First impression is lots of guys with fly-swatters in armored cars; (this is for really serious flies). No 'r.a.i.d.' (sorry another acronym).

      This guy is reported to be heavily armed and is wearing some sort of 'tanks' on his back. I'm fairly certain but not 100% certain; he is there to complain about loosing his 's.c.u.b.a' certification! (yep... Another acronym).

      My guess is the guy has some amped up version of a flame thrower or just something that will simply go 'boom!'. ('boom' is not an acronym). Wish it was. 'b.o.o.m.' might be some acronym related to 'hooters'. Who knows?

      Still, all these federal, state and military acronyms are confusing. It's like trying to read and 'eye chart' and come away with some comprehensive understanding of what one has just read.

      Anyone who may have access to this suggestion would you please post an image (jepg) of an eye chart in 'farsi'? It might explain alot. It would appear the tsa warnings posted in airports in 'farsi' don't seem to be legible to those that read the language. Mis-spells n' stuff. How can you tell the difference?

      It probably is the root of that problem. I suggest the tsa take down the tsa 'farsi' warning signs regarding luggage and just stick an 'imam' up above the crowd and he can yell at them.

      Meanwhile back in silver springs there are reports of shots fired. Not sure if it's the nut or the s.w.a.t. Acronyms doing the shooting but someone better not hit those tanks on that guy's back.

      Meanwhile the authorities (what a great label) are telling people in the building to lock themselves in their offices and not come out.

      If things go 'f.u.b.a.r.' (ya'll know that acronym) the people won't have to worry about exit strategies.

      I think the media have posted a photo of this guy. Not sure. However it does sound somewhat like that utah incident where the guy went in guns blazing in a federal building that had a federal court room (i think) and a social security office. Word was he was peeved over his ssa benefits. Meantime the cops there didn't block traffic but traffic was coming and going in both (all directions)....

      While the cops were all over the place doing a re-run of the 'o.k. Corral in tombstone'. Don't ya love 'fire discipline'?

      Meanwhile back a few posts in 'nuclear' land anyone figure out what hd-50/50 means?

      It means if a radioactive product is exposed one way or another; pick your poison; it alludes to the number of people who will die at a given rate depending on exposure over a given number of days.

      Sounds like perty safe odds if your just playing black or red on a roulette table (well not exactly since you have to watch for the three green spots on that wheel of fortune); but it's not bad odds. Even if your the only player surrounded by a bunch of casino paid 'shills'.

      It doesn't work that way with radiation.
      now the nut in silver springs is reported to have hostages or at least one; who is described as the security guard for the building???

      So much for 'wack 'n' hut' security (name of the corp. That provides security at airports, public and private buildings; and even multi-plex movie theaters!). Should be self explanatory. Right?

      I met one once in kona who was in charge of night watch on our mutli-office medical complex. He was unarmed; and looked like someone who flunked a jennie cragi diet program. It was hard to talk to him until he could get the 'cheetos' crumbs off his lips/mouth.

      I suspect he was actually an undercover agent for frito-lay who pretended to be night watch for the medical complex while actually spying on the nearby multi-plex theater concession food bar. I'm so paranoid.
      it appears (at this point in the news coverage) this guy is a disgruntled 'discovery' employee with a 'save the planet sign'.

      He should be down on the gulf shooting and taking hostage guys who work for 'bp' (british petroleum).

      Now we have every cop in maryland and guys from wdc who want some of this. My guess is one of them or most will want or need to fire a shot so they can (in debriefing) claim they need to retire due to 'p.t.s.d.' (another acronym).

      I have it from vietnam. They don't tell me it's p.t.s.d. They just say i'm nuts, rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Then they say i am getting better while at the same time restricting me from any communication with any va personnel? I'm so confused.

      In the mid 90's varo (call it an acronym) i call it a cluster-****; sent their xo from honolulu and his flunky from maui to kona for one of their self congratulatory va celebrations.

      I was there. There was a large flat huge plate cake or whatever you call those things, uh... Sheet cakes i think.

      He made his speech and i came up behind him and put my left hand on the back of his head and my right hand on the back of his neck and buried his face in the 'sheet'/ s**t cake.

      They asked me to leave. Cake assault. Larry, moe and curly joe got away with it constantly with pies?

      Meanwhile back in reality land i'm still trying to total up the 'attrition' cost of the latest pair of muslims bound for yemen. I'm sure the guys in amsterdam will break them and get the information in ways we can't since their country is being overrun by muslims and the muslims use the place like a 7-11 quick shop which more than likely scares the bejesus outta the hindu's that run those places.

      Got to git to it. Chores n' stuff (it's called being married); wife, one, individual, each.

      Have to make some phone calls about now and prep the s.u.'s (spouse unit) dinner; another acronym. Not s.u. But dinner.
      Bill o' fare will more than likely be 'terrorist chicken'.

      Mostly hawaiian spices with a touch of spicy curry. You eat it then about an hour later feel a need to destroy something.

      /s/ r. 'doc' *acronym impaired* ferrell

      semper fidelis

      ps: I never failed a 'rorschach test', i cheated and got the answers in advance!
      [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT]
      /S/ R. 'DOC' FERRELL
      (FMF-8404) VIETNAM: 1966-67


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        I am at a loss for words ... Which should make

        Slick and 'big al barber' raise an eyebrow of surprise. I never could get past that pesky word, 'pithy'. I think i was vaccinated at an early age with a phonograph needle. Just a hunch.

        As ya'll have seen the boy's from yemen have been replaced by the hurricane 'earl' and the silver springs incident yesterday.

        I think the hurricane should be renamed: 'my name is earl' after that boring tv sit-com. Now i've derailed myself again faster than an amtrak train. (i.e., i got off track).

        As for the attack on america: That is the topic title of this thread. I found it really interesting regarding the just breaking news on yet another oil rig that went ka-boom in the gulf off the coast of texas. Media says no one has a clue as to what happened but people on the rig were rescued.

        Last i heard the rig was still burning. Houston probably had a pre-labor day fire sale on garden hoses and there aren't enough to put out the fire on the burning oil rig.

        Prelim news reports say the rig was not producing any 'product'. Anyone thinking 'sabotage'?

        These rigs are very pricey to build and put out there and they don't just throw a dart at a map and go, "let's drill here!"

        nope. Before one is put on site it usually goes thru alot of extensive exploration to see if there is anything down there worth drilling for. Right? I don't know much about the science other that what i read on the gas pump when i fill up my jeep with some really expensive 92 octane.

        Where i live the gasoline is the most expensive in the country. Right now were i to drive into my local gas station on fumes and fill up it would cost me about $150.00!!

        I think of that as an attack on america. Or ... At least ocean view, hawaii.

        Meanwhile the attack on america has me focused today on some guy who put out a report yesterday following that speech from the oval office by the big 'o' where this guy says it is the fault of the vietnam veterans for **'breathing'** or drinking water in vietnam?

        Call me crazy but i had no idea i was supposed to hold my breath for 13 months and pray for then (non-existent) bottles of aquafina bottled water to put in my canteen rather than the rice paddy or well water with a halazone tablet.
        i assume most of ya'll heard the speakers yesterday and listened to the rhetoric while the big 'o' stood to one side with his earwig thing on along with the big-wigs (no connection to any wigs) listened to the translation when the 'plo' guy spoke.

        Sec/state hilary had her translation head set on for all of the speakers? I found it strange since some spoke english.

        Nah.... She understands english. Right? Maybe it was just a head set hooked to her ipod while she listened to some elevator music. Just spit-balling here.

        then the visitors were 'herded' into a room for a private dinner. Pork-chops probably weren't on the menu.
        after that not much else was reported. However if ya'll listened to each speaker you have to know that all it takes is one more attack or support of an attack and we're back to square one. I don't think we ever left square one.
        when i was a kid; i never beat 'square one' esp. Playing 'monopoly'. Always drew that card, 'do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.

        I suspect the game was rigged in a conspiracy involving the 'veterans administration' and some large corporate conglomerates. If i landed on 'park-place' i could never afford to buy it. I suspect it was reserved for wealthy muslims from saudi arabia so they could build or fund a large muslim mosque on park-place, nyc.

        one thing is certain. Before the day is done. Something else
        muslim related will take place.

        Something will happen. Maybe pigs will fly over the middle east; course they can't shoot them down; pork would be just ever where.
        media reports the burning rig might have been drilling for 'natural gas'. We can get all that we need from bureaucrats in the 'district of confusion' (wdc) or from lots of broccoli in our diets.
        time to git to it. Got a pan of 'wild rice' to tame. Actually it's not a rice like the stuff from asia. It's actually an 'aquatic cereal'.

        more as i get it; i usually do...

        /s/ r. 'doc' ferrell
        [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT]
        /S/ R. 'DOC' FERRELL
        (FMF-8404) VIETNAM: 1966-67


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          Waking upAmerica

          As you can see Doc, a most of us are with you on this one!
          I haven't been able to fathom a means of getting through to clueless John Q. Public!
          They seem to be completely oblivious denizens of some fantasy land!
          Our elected representatives don't listen so what do we do?
          How do we wake up JQP?
          Semper Fi Doc and keep on swingin'!


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            Yesterday 9/2/10 & today 9/3/10 war on america

            Just keeps on getting more interesting; and in my last post i said that before the day was done there would be more news.... And there was.

            As always it seems to be a 'war of attrition' (all those incidents); cost us money when people have to respond to another 'incident'.
            so yesterday we find someone abandoned a mercedes in nyc and the police had to treat it as a 'threat' (ka-ching... More money spent).
            then we find out that the president of afghanistan (who rigged the election); as stolen a fortune from the country and wants us to bail out the main bank.

            Note this guy 'kazar' (who cares how it's spelled) also seems to own 7% of the bank he wants bailed out that he ripped millions of dollars from? Huh?

            Meantime his brother has the afghan mkt on drugs and heroin cornered. Not sure if he uses the same bank though.

            Then we have to remember (americans have short term memories); that recently in afghanistan a fortune in potential mining was found in those mountains which could easily pay not only this country back for our expenses for saving them; but bail out the bank of afghanistan they want us to fund??? I'm confused.

            Breaking in my senility isn't easy. First you forget faces; then you forget names then you forget to zip up your fly or forget to un-zip it at a critical moment.

            this guy kazar or whatever is easy to spot; he wears a furry version of a dairy-queen fry cook's piss cutter hat. When he takes off the cap it lays flat with a zipper which can be used as a bank bag.
            meanwhile the russians are preparing for an attack from someone by making 'inflatable' tanks, planes, missile launchers and trucks, etc. Idea is to confuse the attacking force to expend assets on fake targets.... Now

            media says this is a brilliant idea. Again we see a big case of collective memory loss. Unless i'm mistaken and anyone correct me, before we attacked iraq saddam insane knew we were coming and he prepared for it in advance.

            When we hit iraq we found he'd placed in strategic places fake targets. Tanks, planes, trucks, missile launchers all made out of plywood and painted to look real.

            A few kerosene lamps in those fakes to produce a heat signature and thar ya go. He was insane but not entirely stupid. Of course later on he used up all his 'stupid' saving none for later.
            meanwhile at miami international some guy (alleged to be a scientist) had some metal tubes in his luggage.

            He was not arrested. The cops took the canisters to a lab for analysis. I'm waiting for the results from the lab.

            I suspect it was another 'trial run'; since this same guy did time in the gray-bar motel ten years ago for trying to smuggle containers of 'bubonic plague' through an airport.

            Containers of a plague that wiped out half of europe long ago during the middle ages isn't something you toss in your luggage in preparation for a flight.

            You know; 'the check list': Clean underwear, clothes, toothpaste, toothbrush, bubonic plague, shaving gear, shampoo, creme rince, antibiotics for the plague bacterium, underarm deodorant, sterile syringe, nose hair clippers (unless you prefer to use a box cutter), extra ties, swim trunks for the hotel pool, etc. Then double check it before snapping closed and locking your samsonite matched luggage collection. Did i forget anything?

            Most people wonder that on the way to the airport.
            back in silver springs the crazy guy with the back tanks appeared to have been armed with a 'starter pistol'. Was it a test or trial run; or was it suicide by tiny pistol used to start a race? "ready! Set! Dead!"
            no matter what; it cost the taxpayers a boatload of money when every cop within 50 miles showed up.
            apparently the guy was protesting humanity for ruining the planet. It would appear that he sat an example by earning this month's 'darwin award' when he unselfishly removed himself from the global gene pool.

            I suspect his part of the gene pool was the shallow end.
            meantime the prez or big 'o' as i like to call him has turned over further exchanges with the middle east countries he hosted at the white house to sec/state hilary?

            Not sure how that is gonna work out. Most of those muslim guys don't like to take orders, advise or any lip service from women.
            so it's 0700 hours hst. I'm sure the news will get more interesting. I'll check back later on the plague guy. Meanwhile when 'the going gets tough, the tough go shopping'. I need to go to ace hardware and do my part to stimulate the economy.

            /s/ r. 'doc' ferrell
            semper fi!
            [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT]
            /S/ R. 'DOC' FERRELL
            (FMF-8404) VIETNAM: 1966-67
            SEMPER FIDELIS


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              9/3/2010 speech from the big 'o' followed by

              'the moody blues' (pun intended); and for moweens who are alleged to read. A little 1835 fairy tale by hans christian anderson, titled: 'the princess and the pea'.

              My cantonese kitchen god, aka 'whoa phuck' just returned from a thai kidnapping human traffic ring by some rich guy in california and is wondering if he's gonna be deported. Not the rich guy, my kitchen god/cook.

              And so...

              The big 'o' addressed the nation yesterday stating that all was well with the economy (despite the war of attrition and attacks on america) and the middle class was in more or less a tax protected environment. *cough! Bs!*

              the big 'o' said jobs were growing by leaps and bounds. That is true if you consider the jobs available in special niche places where no one in the main stream is able to get one if one applies. Basically genius' only need apply.

              There is a genius deficit in wdc.

              He said jobs were on the rise. Compared to what? Jobs are lost faster than pop-a-smoke's web page 'hit' counter can keep up with.

              The big 'o' says the jobless rate is now at under 8%. However the chief analyst at moody's (hence moody blues) says the jobless rate is near 10% if not more and it will increase substantially next year and for the next several years. He looked rather blue around the gills. He said the unemployment will stay in double digits for a very long time.

              Note that the jobless rate should be less than 5%; more like 4% in the best of times. This ain't the best of times.

              Which brings us to hans christian anderson's 'princess and the pea' fairy tale written in 1835; and no people it ain't about the big labor day serta mattress sales.

              Some prince back then (in 1835-ish) wanted to find a suitable princess. (you can check off and delete paris hilton) from the candidates. (even though she might be that old with all those 'botox' injections).

              So one wet rainy night this woman shows up on the prince's door and she is allowed to spend the night. (no! It's not an earlier version of 'tail-hook').

              So the housekeeper for the prince sees that he is intrigued by this woman. (her name was not hilary). (the rain soaked girl not the housekeeper). The housekeeper's name was 'chelsea'.

              So as a test by the housekeeper to protect the prince who is intrigued by the wet girl (no she is not from hooters). (the wet girl; not the housekeeper).

              The housekeeper puts her in the guest room (not sure what else to call it?); then stacks 20 mattresses on top of 20 soft feather beds and as a test for her sensitivity (something wdc does not recognize); the housekeeper places an uncooked pea under the mattresses. (could have been a lentil?).

              Next morning the prince askes the woman how she slept?

              The woman said her night was sleepless (no! Not in seattle).
              She said it was uncomfortable because something in the mattresses kept her awake.

              Either she was so sensitive to the pea in the bedding or she had a rough time climbing into a bed of 40 mattresses say about 30 feet high. And ya'll thought the top bunk was a five star cast iron bit*ch when you had to get off the top rack and take a whiz in the middle of the night.

              If the woman did just that; i'm sure she took a header and this was before personal liability or worker's comp.

              Nevertheless the prince was impressed by her sensitivity and married her, (with a prenuptial agreement) drawn up by an ancestor of the lawyer who defended o.j. Simpson.

              So where is this going? I ask myself that alot. First of all it tells you to never trust attorneys.

              Then it should tell you if your sensitive enough to feel a pea under your posture-pedic california king sized bed mattress you should be able to get that same feeling when you hear another story about something weird in the news that is related to terrorism.

              It could be a direct attempt or just a trial run to see if anyone is awake at the switch.

              I suggest some of the tsa guards who sit at desks have to sit on a government purchased office chair with a pea built into the seat cushion.

              This same idea might come in handy for the chair behind the desk in the white house oval office. Not to mention the two parallel sofas in front of the desk.

              Better yet your underwear 'hecho de ecuador' shoud come with a built in un-cooked pea just to keep ya'll alert.

              Everyday i turn on the news and listen to the 'incidents' that cost us money; that war of attrition, i don't feel like i'm recumbent on just one pea but rather a one pound bag of jolly-green-giant peas (still frozen).

              'ho, ho, ho' .... Green giant'.... Not to be confused with 'jack and the bean-stalk. That's another analogy.

              It's 0439 hours hst and i have to crawl back in bed. Had to get up before midnight; uncomfortable. Probably peas. Could have been little nuggets of lava rock though.

              The big 'o' said that labor day wasn't about bbq's but to honor the american workers. I think all five of them were were standing somewhere nearby off camera.

              Oddly enough the only 'real' job openings are for terrorists.

              /s/ r. 'doc' ferrell
              semper fi

              ps: Never eat your peas with a knife.
              [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT]
              /S/ R. 'DOC' FERRELL
              (FMF-8404) VIETNAM: 1966-67
              SEMPER FIDELIS


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                0716 hour hst: - 10 hours zulu in time zone speak

                I'm back up. On my previous post i was up at 2315 hours hst (hawaii time) friday, 9/3/2010.

                After about six budweisers later to wake up i was alert and ready for cyber-space. Around 0439 hours hst, 9/4/2010 i got sleepy.

                Now i'm sitting here drinking folger's coffee from my official sgt. Grit 'fmf corpsman of marines, death cheaters' coffee cup.

                I turned on the news only to find halloween had come early to the city of atlanta, ga. Seems there is a parade where all these people are dressed up in 'star trek' clothes or a variety of 'star wars' costumes; with a few super heroes tossed in like 'bat-man'.

                I noticed one individual in the parade of costumed characters was wearing a white robe; with a red & white checkered cloth wrapped around his head and over his face.

                A crazy person (not that the others in the parade were sane); or was he just a 'terrorist' taking advantage of the pre-halloween parade to march down the street?

                The turban did give him a distinct look. I was shocked! More so than the annual new year's eve tv shots of the drag-queen contests in key west, fla.

                Muslim terrorists are scarey but so is a 6'6" drag-queen wearing size 12 high-heels, dressed like carmen miranda!

                It reminded me of the middle east guys who showed up at the white house, hosted by the prez. (the big 'o') and after each had spoken they all retired inside for lunch.

                I had a sudden craving for 'pigs in a blanket'. A snack made with about one third of a hot dog wrapped in a biscuit and baked.

                Unlike potato chips you 'can' just eat one which should hold ya' for another ten years.

                Then .... Not long after the middle east guys went inside the inner chambers of the white house; guess what?

                The spokesman (he likes to call himself the president) for iran shows up on tv stating once again... 'there will be no peace until every person in israel is wiped off the face of the earth'.

                Was he just peeved because he wasn't invited to the white house for lunch? Probably not.

                I take this guy seriously, which means israel and those other middle eastern guys can negotiate all they want but in the end; sooner or later israel will have to strike iran first before iran goes ballistic.

                So much for peace talking. Meanwhile back in wdc all the oval office does about iran is to 'condemn' their activities.

                That must scare iran stupit (yes 'stupit').

                Every other day the oval office and sometimes the joint house/senate will declare officially that they 'condemn' some foreign entity's actions.

                This usually takes place when the gop and the dems aren't busy condemning each other's actions or lack thereof.

                A cup of folger's and a packet of 'splenda' gets me all worked up. I should switch to de-caf with a couple of 10 mg. Tabs of valium. My computer keyboard might last longer too.

                Today is 9/4/2010 and in just a few days will be another anniversary of the attacks on 9/11. I am expecting the muslims to do something to remind us of that date in history.

                I wonder if i am the only person who thinks that is possible if not probable?

                I guess we'll all know in the next few days.

                /s/ r. 'doc' ferrell
                semper fi
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                  This a user-cp test

                  Only a test. Do not be alarmed. There will be no pop quizes.
                  I'm just trying to figure out this cp-user thang and url's and signature stuff; if it fubars i'll just go back and change it.


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                    Correction on afghan prez. Car-side

                    I got my info backwards. Afghan's president's car-side's brother was the guy who funneled the millions to a few luxery items in dubai, u.a.e.

                    However the prez who still owns 7% of the bank he wants us to bail out is still part of the scam. Obama (aka: The big 'o') bailed out several large corporations from his time in office to date. He'll probably bail out car-side's bank too.

                    Hoping for payback he might want the car-side brothers to put up their luxery items in dubai as collateral. However if he is dumb enough to do that and the car-side brothers default on the bailout i doubt there is any collection agency that can go after them. Just a hunch.

                    I mean what would a collection agency try to garnish? Tons of heroin? Might as well hire a mexican drug cartel collection/protection group.

                    Maybe the muslim ground crew was hammered (drunk) on 'koumiss' a 'fermented' drink made from mare's milk. This coming from a culture that forbids intoxicating drinks.

                    Uh huh....

                    Meanwhile speaking of dubai we have this little incident where a ups (united parcel service) boeing 747 left dubai, in the u.a.e. (united arab emirates) bound for their hub in germany last week.

                    It is reported that the two man crew on board tried to rtb to dubai about 50 miles out due to smoke in the cockpit.

                    Also the spokesperson for the very busy dubai airport said the pilots could not communicate with the ground control because the plane's radio frequency was fixed to one channel and couldn't be changed.

                    So dubai claims they had to use another channel via relay to try to communicate with the plane.

                    The u.a.e. Version of our faa has not allowed anyone to investigate the wreckage. The boeing 747 crashed in the desert near the dubai airport. Both pilots were killed.

                    The u.a.e. Says it doubts the crash was due to terrorists.

                    Of course they would say that. The boeing 747 was being flown by two americans; in an american owned corporate jet.

                    Since there were only two american pilots on the plane with cargo bound for the ups hub in germany it follows that the dubai ups hub was staffed with muslims.

                    Ups says that the 747 was fully maintained, having gone thru a complete inspection in june/2010.

                    Ups flies a full load of cargo to it's destination and generally does not fly out of a ups 'hub' empty. Hence it was probably full of cargo bound for their hub in germany which would be off-loaded and various pieces of cargo sent to other countries.

                    Since our own faa has no jurisdiction in the u.a.e. Unless invited we may never know what really happened.

                    Now... Besides having a bunch of muslims refuel the plane and unload and on-load more out going cargo i wonder what happened.

                    Somehow (call me crazy, most do). Is there any afghanistan car-side brothers dubai assets related to this? This is an example of how my brain box works.

                    If the jet was fully inspected in june/2010 how could something like the radio communications go unnoticed if there was a problem?

                    Anyone of the dubai muslim ground personnel could have monkeyed with the radio comm. Systems.

                    I'm sure the american pilots didn't remain in the cockpit while all the off and on loading and refueling and other details were going on. Nor do i think they stood outside for a few hours and watched everyone perform their jobs.

                    Taking out two american pilots and an american owned boeing 747 would be quite a chunk of change in their war on attrition against the united states of america.

                    I wonder if fed-ex has a dubai hub in the u.a.e.?

                    Now i'm no pilot but rumor has it that pop-a-smoke is full of pilots.

                    I've flown alot in my time; sometimes in the right seat (make that the starboard seat next to the pilot). One thing i noticed was when on the runway taxing for take off the pilot is on a radio frequency with the tower.

                    Then he takes off out of honolulu bound for another island; and the distances vary. However once in flight at some point usually (in my experience) a halfway point to the destination; the tower in honolulu has him switch his radio frequency to another channel or that being the control tower where he is to land.

                    If anything went wrong with the pilot's radio communications and he could only comm. With honolulu should something go wrong with the plane; then we'd all have a bad day.

                    The distance from honolulu international to say the small airport on molokai is about 35 miles. About half way there the pilot switches his radio frequency to comm. With the tower control on molokai.

                    Molokai's airport is in a valley with constant very dangerous crosswinds. It is imperative that the pilot know what he is in for.

                    Usually on the approach to molokai's airport the plane (no matter the size) has to do a complete 180 degree turn to land. One time the crosswinds were so bad when he made the turn; we ended up inverted and he flipped the plane back over just as we touched down.

                    He looked at me and asked, "was that as good for you as it was for me?"

                    so the ups cargo flight leaves dubai in the u.a.e. Which is not that big of a country bound for germany. I would suggest that he had to switch his frequency fairly soon since they were more than likely flying over saudi airspace.
                    I could be wrong.

                    But this stinks to high heaven. Meanwhile....

                    Former united nations deputy envoy (an american) peter galbraith (recently fired) was fired because he found out that now president car-side had stuffed the phony election in afghan-land with about a million fake votes.

                    Anyone connecting the dots here? (i hate that cliche) but it works. Everything seems to start with car-side then to dubai; then back to car-side in afgan-land.

                    Not to forget that car-side wants to be the only person to be allowed (by his mandate); to act as 'arbiter' with the taliban. If this notion of his doesn't smell worse than a plywood four holer i don't know what does.

                    Car-side makes a deal with the taliban to keep foreign troops busy so his brother can harvest and move the herion to say.... Dubai, sell it, keep the money in another country since his own bank is bankrupt needing a bailout until...

                    The afghan bank is bailed out; he can recover his 7% investment in it and then knowing he won't be the president for long; won't put his cash back in the bank but rather will more than likely put it a bank in a swiss bank in berne...

                    Where he can tap into the funds/resources from the international red cross headquarters there.

                    This way he can manipulate red cross supplies and intercept them in places like say.... Pakistan and sell them on the black market.

                    I think his furry little piss cutter cap is full of post-it notes (reminders).

                    I mean the fermented mare's milk 'koumiss', was invented long ago for middle eastern countries with no refrigeration. It doesn't require refrigeration; meaning it does not have to be stored in a refrigerator.

                    Since most bedouins don't have refrigerators in their tents; it follows they don't have refrigerator magnets to hold 'post-it' note reminders. Right?

                    About the only thing metallic they have is their ak-47's and it would look silly to have the barrel covered with 'post-it' notes; especially when the majority of them can't read anyway!

                    I know the above with respect to the 'war of attrition' against the usa would appear to be a stretch of the imagination; but... Then again...

                    We know that muslims (the majority) can't read, and swear it is against islam to drink intoxicating beverages if you can think of 'koumiss' as a beverage, and...

                    According to the quran it is against the law according to allah for a muslim to kill another muslim; although if they don't have anyone else to kill they will slaughter each other.

                    Lastly (ya'll can breath a sigh of relief); if the majority of muslims can't read then how do they vote?

                    If they all could read; and vote, how could one count the votes when everyone is named mohammed, or abdullah?

                    If your name is 'fatima' then your female and you can't vote anyhow.

                    Now we have a better understanding of how car-side won the election.
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                      Forgot this due to age and 'c.r.a.f.t.'

                      This is a recent photo of 'pearl harbor', hawaii. The photo is taken from the deck of the 'bb-missouri' toward the 'bb-arizona' memorial. Behind the memorial you can see the recently built bridge over to 'ford island'.

                      What you can't see in this photo is the massive docks for a lot of naval vessels and cva's (aircraft carriers) and other vessels; such as the submarines.

                      This is why you can't deviate on landing at honolulu international airport or you will be shot down since all approaches cross right over the entrance to pearl harbor.

                      The muslims would love to get a shot at that.
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                        The Labor Day Blues 9/6/2010

                        [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][/SIZE][/FONT]Labor day means different things to different people.

                        For example on this labor day 9/6/2010 it means lots of ob/gyn units in hospitals across the country are busy as women give birth because nine months ago around new year's eve alot of these ladies had several glasses/bottles of 'who-hit-john'.

                        Then woke up the next morning (make that two weeks after the hang-over was over), only to find they had a 'bun' in the oven.

                        A little test declared that the little 'wabbit' was dead, followed by another question. 'who's your daddy'?

                        Some might call it a 'litmus test' since it is rather indicative if not decisive.

                        A 'litmus test' or sorts can be applied this labor day as the body politic kicks off in full tilt battle for the up-coming november interim elections.

                        Figuratively speaking it could be viewed as 'opposition for the political support or nomination for candidates'.

                        The 'war of attrition' (within) on this labor day has kicked off like the super-bowl.

                        The big 'o' just finished a long speech in milwaukee's 'labor-fest'. What labor-fest? Is it a celebration of double digit unemployment for the middle (not working much these days) class?

                        The big 'o' declared that he wanted to see everything with 'made in the usa' on it. I'm not going to hold by breath waiting for that one.

                        He can't stop corporations from out-sourcing to other countries to save money; while not passing that savings on to the american unemployed consumer.

                        Here we go again. This is the essence of the trade deficit and it's not restricted to the gop.

                        Just about everything billionaire martha stewart makes and sells comes from a 'third world country'. Anyone ever wonder what a 'second world country' is?

                        Dem. Senator kerry from mass. Is married up to a billionaire wife; mrs. Kerry-heinz. Actually it's probably 'heinz-kerry' since she makes more than he does. Not to forget they have the best bean-counters to minimize their federal tax returns.

                        Think about it (at least in economic terms); the trade deficit has reduced the united states of america to what some might define as a 'third world country'.

                        Both sides of the isle are counting on low voter turnout; however i think it will be the greatest voter turnout in this century and the last. Just a hunch.

                        The big 'o' wants to create jobs putting people to work on vast plans for infrastructure... Eventually.

                        Since were trillions of dollars in debt where will he get the funding for this grand plan?

                        The way i see it; he will use three sources:
                        1.) borrow it from china.
                        2.) increase taxes on the middle class.
                        3.) borrow more money from the fed.

                        Meanwhile, since it is 'labor day' every elected official is off to a bbq along with any other federal agency employee.

                        One would think in these times that the federal government would make an exception and keep on working on all the critical issues facing this country.

                        The big 'o' is not really working today; he's stumping for votes at our taxpayer expense. Remember it costs big bucks for him to hop on air-force 1 and fly off to milwaukee when he could have saved us a ton of money by just doing his speech from the oval office.

                        In other third world countries they don't worry about voter turnout. In the muslim countries, n. Korea, cuba, etc. They just vote for everyone. Saves a lot of money.

                        Right now thousands of electronic voting machines are being tested and re-tested over and over to make sure they are ready for election day in november.

                        Of course in most states the electronic marvels will mysteriously fail on election day. Meanwhile....

                        Most of the politicians think the elderly in care-homes won't vote since they believe these people can't remember what they had for dinner. Then again...

                        Your looking at lots of these people who can eat dinner then show up for the care-home's nightly bingo-fest and play ten bingo cards at once never missing a number called.

                        Since all federal agencies are closed on federal holidays that means the veterans administration is closed as well.

                        They should be working today on the back-log of claims; but if you call them you get a recording: 'we're closed on all federal holidays. If this is an emergency call 911.'

                        then the standard va recording continues: 'if your having suicidal thoughts please call the suicide hot-line.'

                        i woke up this morning thinking about that standard va recording and wondered. The va's suicide hot-line is a federal agency and therefore must be closed on all federal holidays? I guess if you call it you just leave a message.

                        On the other hand the va gets so many phone calls when they are open; you have to leave a message and i found out just recently due to the number of messages left; the va does not bother listening to them?

                        I reckon that va suicide hot-line message machine will light up come november's election day.

                        Btw, the media just said it's time that americans begin reading the quran. I think i said that before. Sounds like deja vu again. I know that sounds redundant.

                        I think i'll pop open a few brewski's and go outside and plant some green onion butts.

                        I'm home alone. My wife is working this labor day at kona hospital in the ob/gyn unit delivering kids who were planted last new year's eve. Weird, huh?
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                          The Post Labor Day Blues

                          The good news is that from most political pundits it would appear this november the gop will not only have enough people elected to the house to bounce pelosi out of power but most say the gop will have even more seats than needed. Yahoo!

                          The bad news is: That now we have all these top dog spokes-persons for most religions stating that it's okay for the muslims to build their giant tower in nyc.

                          I think their scared or have been bought off by rug-haid money. (since it's not nice to use the term rag-he*d).

                          The thing is this. If these murdering s.o.b.'s build that piece of sh*t, it will be according to their plans to be not only the tallest building in nyc but the tallest building in the usa. Whoa phuck!

                          Now any of youse are lots smarter than me so riddle me this.

                          What is the difference between an embassy and a foreign visiting consulate office? We don't have embassies in hawaii however we do have a boat load of foreign visiting consulates.

                          Using the old bulwinkle cartoons and that 'way-back' machine i remember when we did not have an embassy in mexico but we had 'usa visiting consulates' in most major cities; like acapulco for example.

                          Now we have an embassy in mexico but it does not do anything for the usa.

                          Now an embassy on our soil, the plane with it's envoys who land in wdc and the limo that transports them to the embassy is 'off limits', untouchable, or 'sacrosanct'.

                          This is how they bring in documents, guns, drugs, lots of money and stuff or.... 'new guys'. Yepper.

                          Now if you check ya'll and read your dictionary you see that an embassy can be in a capitol but doesn't have to. Most are due to it's proximity to the government soil it is sitting on.

                          Ergo, most embassies in the usa are in wdc. Just like most embassies in russia are in moscow, etc. However

                          a consulate office is recognized to be perty much the same as an embassy. With all the untouchable sacrosanct perks that come with an embassy.

                          Okay so the muslims build the super mosque (they like to call it a big office and trade center building); but call me crazy; i'm sure the top floors will have private secured only elevators for muslim guys to set up a bunch of office space for what will become a consulate for a muslim country or perhaps a group of them.

                          This gives them a real advantage in nyc. Without having to run around in disguise. Now extrapolate and think (actually you don't have to extrapolate or think); but those muslim guys want to do this same basic thing in other usa states.

                          So they put one in san fran; then chicago (anyone surprised about chicago?), denver, houston, etc.

                          Yep. They'll be forced to hire americans to build them and fulfill the big 'o's jobs dream. Then again....

                          While these moron clergymen are endorsing this stupidity the average 'john q. Public' thinks it is insane.

                          Which is to say the majority of americans think it's crazy.

                          You can bet your a*s they won't build one smack dab in the financial district in honolulu overlooking the airport and pearl harbor. Never gonna happen my little g.i.'s. Never!

                          The super mosque is alleged to have offices for rent and lots of restaurants (no bars of course) and i'm gonna reach for it and go the restaurants if any in the super-mock will not serve bbq pulled pork sandwiches.

                          Now, muslims don't like nekkid women nor homo's.

                          I recently saw an interview on tv with a guy who is openly homo (gay), so light in the loafers he could float on air like a hot air balloon.

                          He's rich. Very rich. And he hates muslims. And he owns property very near where the muslims want to build the nyc super-mock.

                          This guy swears that if they do he will build a large facility that will have lots of restaurants specializing in pork style cooking and bbq, bars on every floor serving booze; along with homo bars; lesbian bars and nekkid women mud wrestling. Just to piss off the rug-haids.

                          I don't care for this guy's lifestyle but i do love his patriotic ferver.

                          Word has it nyc mayor bloomberg (that spelt rite?) blooming something.

                          Wants the muslim super-mock built and i'm sure that he'll try to stop this guy from building his homo/lesbian/nekkid girl mud-wrestling/bars and pork grilles/with daily floor shows of naughty clad men and women scantily clad in some s&m bondage right out of 'helga's house of pain'. *i crack me up*.

                          If this comes about; i wonder if the muslims will complain about it using the (jewish) or yiddish word 'hutzpah' for shameless audacity?

                          Stay tuned cuz' this is gonna get right interesting.

                          Being a stupit (yes stupit) hillbilly i ain't all that smart but...

                          I've seen (this is not a joke but real), a pair of homosexual blue crabs. This was demonstrated time after time before my own eyes by a pair of ph.d. Animal behavioral science professors. The pair of crabs were happy when together; but when the professors dropped in a female crab they would try to kill her.

                          I can tell ya'll more on them crabs later. Really! They can think and solve problems. This from crustaceans when our own elected officials can't do what they do???

                          Also been to and witnessed three goat f**king contests. (three county fairs); eat a 'corn-dog' and you can see anything. Do muslims like 'corn-dogs'?

                          Seen a drunken spider monkey rape a chicken...

                          But i have never seen what i think is about to happen with this super-mock and this rich homo guy whose gonna build next to them.

                          Like i said. The majority of the public doesnt' want to see any super-mocks anywhere. Just ask your non-muslim neighbor.

                          The war of attrition by the muslims is here... In your face!

                          Got to prep dinner for the wife. She has a west texas southern accent. We're working on it.

                          When she's at work at the hospital and asks a nurse for a 'towel' it comes out sounding like she asked for a 'tile'. Then some nurse translates for them and goes, 'it's a southern thing'.

                          When she's home and sees a broken 'tile' on the floor that needs to be replaced she calls it a 'towel'?

                          To her them japanese cars are not toyotas they are 'tie-otas'.
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                            Well, what i said in an earlier post might just come true

                            In a previous post i mentioned convoys of american troops heading out of iraq for kuwait.

                            I suggested that no one would shoot at them because it could trigger a response, thus keeping more troops in iraq.

                            The other day in an iraqi town called 'tuz' an iraqi soldier picked up his weapon and killed two americans SOLDIERS! Why?

                            Meanwhile a day before, i think? I watched a statement from the current commandant of the marine corps followed by a statement from some top general in charge of american troops in the middle east.

                            The top doggie (an army guy i think) said that we would be pulling out of the middle east leaving about 10,000 troops there to 'train and observe'.

                            He also said that they would be there for a very, VERY, VERY long time as in 'several' years. Not just a few; but several.

                            When he said that the first thing that came to mind was vietnam's 'shu-fly' years.

                            Basically joint military ops to train arvns which didn't work out very well and so in 1965 lbj brought in all the people he could send.

                            Leaving about 10,000 troops in the middle east in an advisor/traing roll sorta sounds like 'op. Shu-fly'.

                            Then last week we still see incidents (like so many before) where another rag-head drove another car bomb into a building killing and wounding lots of people.

                            Meanwhile some woman here in the usa is wearing a 'full meat bikini' (a bikini made with meat or smeared with meat?). Not sure why but ...

                            I hope she doesn't decide to go swimming off florida to make a fashion statement and attract lots of bull sharks.

                            If it turns out she is not working for peta i might contact her to see if she can wear that outfit out here on my place to attract the feral 'wild kitties' that are harassing my chickens....

                            Then again if she is smeared with vienna sausages i guess she won't get a job in the nyc super-mosque.

                            GOT LINKS OF (NOT SAUSAGE), CHAIN TO CUT. TIME TO GIT TO IT.
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                              This is a test... Again

                              Logged in yesterday and couldn't post anything, anywhere.
                              If this works i have lots to say in the next poST.

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                                Another test for 9/11/2010

                                After losing my hour long post yesterday i thought i would give it another test to see what happens next. Idea being to see if this short message and a jpeg goes up.

                                If it does and doesn't get lost in 'this page is under construction' then i'll hop on my hippocampus and gallop over the plains of ambiguity and try to compose another long piece (or recreate the long piece) that was lost in cyber-space yesterday.

                                Also in this little test i'll upload a graphic which clearly shows muslims burning our flag and burning a likeness of the president in effigy.
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