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Huey starting procedure question..

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  • Huey starting procedure question..

    Hey Guys,
    How did you start your huey at the base?
    Im told they had a Mep-362A turbine 28v 10kw generator that ran on JP-4,that they hooked up to the bird to start it. 10kw seems a bit high.
    Im told the batttery was for stating in the field only. (emergency)
    Im told, if you try and start a Hury UH-1 with the battery only, it may melt the battery and catch fire..
    Did it look like this?
    Is this true? you would know!..
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    Starting a UH-1 was really easy: Battery On, Fuel On, Pull Starter Switch on Collective, I forget what the RPM was, but when yor reached right RPM and watch EGT you released the starter switch.

    In all the years I flew UH-1's every start I made was with battery power. At operating RPM the starter switched over to a 28V DC generator.


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      When necessary we would use an NC-5 (picture attached). Sgt Lecce on the NC-5. We had it parked outside the Avionics shop. Used it at various times as required but not every start up. Also during maintenance it was nice to have as to not drain the battery. Also look at photo #10674 in the Vietnam photo archives.

      Steve Long
      HML-167 68-68 Avionics
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        Thanks Guys,
        I will try the battery, I think the guy was just trying to sell me a generator.
        Every Huey on Utube started on its own power.
        Thanks again fo rthe quick responce.


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          It is a Ni-Cad Battery and if the battery is overcharged it can get quite warm and may catch fire. Just need to watch the gage make sure you don't over charge and make sure it is kept in good condition.
          They have a quick disconnect that can be removed very quickly if you ever have run away battery.
          I have a 1967 NATOPS manual that I may be willing to donate to a good cause.
          Over 1700hrs flight time and I have no idea how many hours working on them.

          Jardo Opocensky
          Sgt USMC VMO-1 1966 and 1968-1969
          VMO-2 1966-1968


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            Thanks Jardo,
            I will keep your tips in mind. I would love to keep your NATOPS manual and display it in the Helo with your name on it at the Rallys, fund raisers. I will send you some pictures after I restore it..I could return it at any time for if you like...Thanks again!..
            Email me and I will send you my address..
            Thanks! Kevin.. 301.922.2009 cell anytime..