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04MAY1969, which squadron was it?

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  • 04MAY1969, which squadron was it?

    Please contact Bob directly if you can help.

    From: Shery Gwinn <>
    To: Ron Keene <>
    Date: 04/22/2010 11:02 PM
    Subject: Ron - this is Bob Gwinn

    Hi Ron (editor),

    I'm looking for some help and thought you might be able to help me. Also.... this may end up being a good possible story for you, if you are interested that is.

    Daryl Myers (Point man in VN) and I would like to find out which HMM squadron extracted us (emergency) after we had been missing from Thuong Doc; date May 4, 1969 recon team name was Primecut.

    It was either HHM 164 or HMM 265.... but not sure because it may have been the Purple Foxes but again we are not sure. We wanted to know who they were because they saved an entire teams life of whom I was the team leader. We were hoping that at the very least you might be able to send us a contact or an association or something so that we might contact them them. I'm working on writing the story of our rescue and when finished would like to thank them for their great save.

    The short story is an AO by the name of 1s Lt. Leo Boutine, in an OV 10 Bronco saw the "flash" of a signal mirror that I was flashing in the middle of an active trail. Both radios had been destroyed by gun fire and we were in the deep shit. The team was being pursued and this was a last ditch effort to get extracted. There was no other available reactionary force so a hodge pog rear area group of people (wing wipers) heard the call and decided to go get our team. The group "obtained" any flyable helicopters and came after us. The CH-46 that picked us up was unknown to us but the pilot and co-pilot told us that they other eleven aircraft was full of their guys because I tripped over a M-3 grease gun (not an authorized weapon). We were so exhausted that they dropped us off and left..... we just didn't think at the time to get any names or squadron info. Back in those days
    you were just happy to get out of an emergency and be alive.

    It's now 41 years later and you start to think of these things and realize that a "thank you" is the very least that we should do for them....

    We really appreciate any help you can give us on this.... I'll send you an e-mail of the story when I finish it. It's entirely up to you what you choose to do with it other than read it because it's a really great wing wiper story. I know you'll enjoy it.

    Semper Fi
    Bob Gwinn

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    The squadron was HMM-165. Sent email to Bob with the pertinent info.