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Boeing Vertol CH-46 Production List

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  • Boeing Vertol CH-46 Production List

    First, I am new to the list and want to thank the person (Joe?) for creating / managing this forum and I want to thank each member for serving his country, specifically as a Marines helicopter crewman and for taking the time to tell the history of Marine helicopters.

    Second, I am not a helicopter crewman. I am a Reserve Marine ground supply officer currently finishing up a two year mobilization at Camp Lejeune, NC. But I love aviation, especially Marine aviation, especially helicopters. I found this forum a few weeks ago as a result of a Google search for info on a personal research project.

    This all started with a simple question before a staff meeting a few months ago about the age of current USMC aviation hardware. I work with several Phrog drivers on the II MEF staff, and I posited that the Vertol 107 prototype first flew in 1958, which it did! First flight for the V-107 was 22 April, 1958, making it 50 years old this year! That got me thinking and I started to crunch the numbers.

    As the MV-22 replaces CH-46 here on the East Coast, I began to look for a book on the CH-46, only to come up blank. There is a japanese book focused on modelling written back in 1976, but I couldn't find one. All of my searching has revealed no book dedicated to the CH-46. I know several magazine articles have been written about the Boeing Vertol 107 and its derivatives (BV-107/II, H-46, CH-113, Hkp4, KV-107/II ) and have located several copies. I found your website and began to read the stories and memories and wish I had been born twenty-five years earlier! I have really enjoyed reading them and my gratitude goes out to all of you for creating a legacy for those of us serving today.

    I created a simple Excel spreadsheet to track every V-107 built, all 825 total. I filled in as much info as I could, but lack specific data on the early prototypes, the earlier CH-46As, and some of the foreign machines. Additionally, my searches have yielded a Helicopter website devoted to all helicopters. It includes a database, for which data was entered on only a handful of civil BV-107/IIs. So I have begun to enter the models and designations for all the rest. I have all the foreign machines in (except Saudi Arabia) and have begun entering the construction numbers (c/ns) on the CH-46A. I have will finish the As, before moving on the the Ds & Fs. I invite you to check it out at [URL=""].

    I need your help with specific info on each BuNo, when if first flew (ff), del date (del), assigned (asgd) to a sqn, any xfers to USN, conversions, and its disposition (wfu, stor, SOC, w/o) & when. Any info is greatly appreciated. I toyed with the idea of writing a book on the CH-46 to fill the void, but the enormity of the task and my lack of experience have ruled it out for the time being. I can email my spreadsheet or post it somewhere here on the website, if permitted. I have made many educated guesses, but am always looking for improvement, so I welcome your comments.

    Semper fi!

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    Boeing Vertol CH-46 Production List


    It appears that you have a list of the BUNO of the CH-46's in Marine Corps and Navy service.

    The below web site has a list of all Marine Corps/Navy aircraft and their disposition, etc. The info will fill in some of the blanks in your database.
    This database gets updated about 3 weeks.


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      Reply - Help with Vertol 107 / CH-46 Database


      Thanks for the rudder steer to Jeff baugher's website. I've been using it for years and have even made contributions to it. He provided the basic c/n to BuNo link, but not for every airframe. I am attempting to "accurize" the complete listing and then put it into db format for ease of searching. The db at requires entries to be made with a manufacturer's c/n, as it doesn't change even if the aircraft changes services, serial numbers, country or civil registration. Once I have my list correct, I will shar eit with Jeff to "accurize" his website.

      For the last two months, I have searched sources from around the globe. The trouble is that not all sources agree, even the reputable ones. Not all sources have complete info on every airframe. So by arranging all the pieces together and making some educated guesses, plugging some airframes into holes, I have come up with my listing. Is there anywhere I can post the Excel spreadsheet for the forum's review/comment?



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        CH-46A/D/F Production Lists

        The Forum will not allow me to post an Excel spreadsheet. So I have inserted my Excel (2003) spreadsheet into three MS Word doc (2003) files in order to reduce their size for posting. Files are: CH-46A_080522.doc, CH-46D_080522.doc, CH-46F_080522.doc. The file contains the production list for the Boeing Vertol CH-46 only. I have not included the BV-107 civil airframes, nor the foreign military CH-113 / Hkp4 / KV-107 derivatives.

        I am very grateful if members could help fill in the blanks for sqn service, write-offs, sqn code, xfers to USN, MASDC, AMARC, etc, for each BuNo. Members can make changes directly to the Word doc and return, or email me text in BuNo sequence. Please highlight your changes so I can pick them out.

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          Phrog Production List


          I was reviewing your spreadsheets and find something curious. When we (HMM-262) deployed to Vietnam in Dec 1966 we had all "A" models. Yet a lot of those BU Numbers are not on the "A" Model list but rather the "D" model list. For example, my assigned aircraft was a CH-46A, bureau number 152565, yet she is on your "D" Model production list. I do know that she was converted to a "D" Model some years later.

          As an FYI, in 1985 she was on a Med-Cruise when the pilot (UNK Marine or Navy) meshed the forward rotor blades with the carrier's island. I have been told that the A/C was totally destroyed, was stripped of all usable components and her carcas pushed over the side.

          Semper Fi

          Joseph "Jake" Jacobs
          HMM-262 Combat Helicopter Association


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            Jake A lot of the A models where converted to D's. When I was visting Otis once ,we went to an airshow. The SAR bird from Beauford was there it was 150951 and at that time it was a D model. Look in your cruise book that is the AC used for the squadron pictue. SF


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              Listen to Top Walt!

              Walt remembers! His memory is second to none!!
              Semper Fidelis

              Phu Bai tower:
              YW-11 for Phu Bai DASC-
              Remember, These are "A" models!
              YW-11 BuNo-151939
              '65 Model CH-46A


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                That list...


                I calculate 600 USMC production aircraft.

                Contrast that with the planned buy of "as many as 360" MV-22 Osprey aircraft according to a USMC press release of 10/19/2005.

                Raymond J. Norton
                1513 Bordeaux Place
                Norfolk, VA 23509-1313

                (757) 623-1644


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                  CH-46A/D/F Production Anomolies

                  For Walt & Jake,

                  Sid sent me a copy of his CH-46A/D/F Production/Unit list that he put together a few years ago. I don't have time at the moment to go through it, but will give it a thorough scrub this weekend.

                  A quick perusal revealed that several BuNos between 152554 and 153325 started as CH-46As and were "redesignated" to CH-46Ds, most within a month or two from delivery, others within a couple of years. Not sure why. It may have been a contractual move to make delivery deadlines and simply fitting new engines or avionics when they became available because of part supply couldn't keep up with demand.

                  Also noted that a few airframes within that series were delivered as CH-46Ds right off the production line. Curious.

                  Are there any Boeing Tech reps in the Forum who can answer the mystery?



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                    More Info on CH-46 Production List

                    My thanks to all of you, but especially SIDSIKO for providing excellent information on CH-46 airframe assignments and strikes. I knew I could count on PAS members. The amount of info is a little staggering and I am doing all I can to read it and digest it a little before trying to figure out how to assimilate and present it in an easy to understand format. Sid alone provided two spreadsheets and photocopies of his book. Wow!

                    If you go to <> you will see that the Boeing-Vertol 107M CH-46 Sea Knight is one of the featured links. Please click on it and send ideas or comments to myself or directly to Jorge ( database oranizer) via the comments button.

                    Semper Fi!


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                      Another CH-46 to add to your list

                      I was a member of HMM-263 from June 1981 until Sep 1983. I went on 2 deployments with them the first cruise was on the ill fated cruise from June to November of 81. This was on the USS Guadalcanal LPH-7. We left New River and came back minus 2 aircraft and 5 Marines from our squadron. The first was the CH-46E that I was on and it flipped over on the flight deck in July off the coast of Brindisi Italy. The LSE was blown over the side and was never found. The BU# was 157709. The aircraft was not to badly damaged but was not off loaded and flown in to Sigonella Sicily. By not doing this the Aircraft suffered severe corrosion and was taken out of service when she arrived at Cherry Point in Nov. We also lost another Aircraft and it was a CH-53D model. This was the bad one because it took 5 Marines with it. It has been a few years but I just can't remember the BU# on this Aircraft.
                      I am a Beirut Vet that served with HMM-263 on board the USS Inchon LPH-12.


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                        Lost CH-46 A

                        The following correction is provided to your Excel worksheet on CH-46As:

                        2151 BV-107M USMC CH-46A Sea Knight 152529 Trans HMM-165 shot down June 11, 1969, aircraft destroyed. I was the pilot, and the event is listed in Popasmoke's Vietnam KIA section under Campbell, Ronald Steven, LCpl, as he was the crew chief. He died six day after the crash. ALso listed under Rily, Thomas J. as the gunner killed in the crash.

                        Skip CuUrtis
                        COlonel USMC Retired


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                          kick the tires and light the fires!

                          I just looked up two BuNo - My last with HMM-262 at Quang Tri - 154021. I kind of knew it would never fly again. And the last one I would ever crew with HMM-365 at New River until I got out 30Jan70 - 155313 - I see as still in service. Is there anyway to find out where and with what outfit, maybe I can get a ride, or see if I can still scramble up the stubby wing and aft pylon. Luck would have it that I have pictures of both of them on the photo album posted on the old tiger site -
                          READY - SQUAT THRUST - BEGIN


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                            Here it is in 2005
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                              Try John Morganstern

                              You might try to contact John Morganstern at HMX-1 MCAS Quantico. he has been a Boeing tech Rep since the 60's there and if anyone has any info on 46's it will be him. I don,t have his address but a call to HMX would probably get you to him. SEMPER FI... Bill McMillian