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The Green Machine

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  • The Green Machine

    Hi, my name is Doug Cunningham. I was a Marble 1968-1969, combat Squadron HML-167/VMO-2.

    Does anyone remember the “Green Machine” a group of young Marine’s stationed at Marble, that started a Rock & Roll Band? I believe they opened for Bob Hope at the 68' Chrismas show. Then later in the States were on the Ed Sullivan show???

    Just wondering Doug

    On A Positive Note the VA has offered to retire me.

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    Green Machine

    I remember the band made up of Marines getting instruments through Special Services. I'm a drummer and was in a band shortly before RVN, so I took special interest. In fact, the keyboard player and back-up singer was/is a good friend of mine named Derek Roming, I believe. I went to several practice sessions and even sat in with them a time or two. The memory fades but the bass player was a fellow from El Paso, Texas named Bobby Ayon. The lead guitar player and sort of "head honcho" was a Hispanic E-5. Can't remember the lead singer's name, but he was excellent. Last time I saw Derek was in the mid-80's in Atlanta, Georgia. We spoke about the band many times. I still don't clearly remember them being called anything in particular, but these guys must be the ones from 1968 MMAF. I was there in late '68 with HMM-165.
    Hope this helps.
    Semper Fi
    Semper Fidelis

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      Green Machine

      YES I do remember them!
      Didn't know any of the members, they
      weren't bad at all!
      Semper Fi
      I'd rather fly than walk!
      Darrell Asplund


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        Green Machine

        I remember them at MCAF New River in 1968, I believe they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show early that year. The story goes that they went to nam togather and after awhile were split up into seperate units.

        Semper Fi
        J. R. Monroe
        HML-167 70-71


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          Re: The Green Machine

          I was stationed at MCAS New River when they appeared on the Ed Sulivan Show.
          I had recently returned from my 13 months with MASS-3 in Chu Lai.
          After their performance Ed Sulivan announced that the band was going to Viet Nam. He did not say it was a band tour.

          Details of the show are:
          26-Jan-1969 CBS Sun
          Tommy James & the Shondells
          George Hamilton
          Shirley Bassey
          Joe Namath (on tape)
          John Byner
          Irwin C. Watson
          --Tommy James and the Shondells - "Crimson & Clover" & "Mony, Mony"
          --Shirley Bassey - "Goin' Out of My Head"
          --George Hamilton - "Act Naturally" & "This Guys In Love With You"
          --The Green Machine - "Stand Up and Be Counted" (U. S. Marines in pop band)
          --Joe Namath (on videotape, sit down interview)
          --John Byner (stand-up comedian, does celebrity impressions)
          --Irwin C. Watson (stand-up comedian)
          --John Byner & Irwin Watson (give suggestions to Ed on how to call guests over for a bow)
          --Ballet America (Hoedown style dance routine)
          --Marvin Roy (magician)
          --Audience bows: Elston & Arlene Howard; Luciene Fontaine; Sterling Moss (racecar driver)


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            Re: The Green Machine

            Yes ! I too remember them and it was in 68 when I was still in new river.