I’m a journalist completing a book on the Hopes, Losses and Faith of those who serve/have served in the military, their families, and the leaders who are responsible in ensuring their service is for the greater Good of the world.

> I’d greatly appreciate emailed responses to THREE QUESTIONS (see below). Any of the responses published in the book will be fully credited with the individual’s name and associated information – unless a person wishes to remain anonymous. PLEASE make responses as long or as short as you like. Stories or explanations are always welcome. <

These are the THREE QUESTIONS I’d ask of anyone who’s serving, who’s served, or any family member of someone who’s serving or served in the military:

(1) What gives you hope and sustains you each day?

(2) What do you Believe in?

(It could be an Idea; a person or persons; a Spirituality; or anything else.)

(3) What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your Life at this point in time?

Please email responses to:

* PLEASE feel free to forward this on to anyone you think might be appropriate. All emails will be personally responded to and any questions are welcomed. *

As the son of a Vietnam-veteran USAF combat pilot (Thunderchief), grandson of a WWI US Army infantryman, great-great grandson of a Union Captain in the American Civil War, and close friend to those who’ve served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Beirut for the U.S., British, French, Australian and Israeli military, I simply want to shed a light on the spirit that drives and sustains in periods of supreme adversity; when humanity is at its best and worst.

Thank you so very much for your time and your kind help with this project.

- G Lacey