Throughout President's Day 18 Feb we will be integrating the new code from the vendor of software to synchronize all NOTAM and membership log ins.

All users will keep their existing NOTAM usernames and posts, etc. Once completed members will only have to log in once for all services in the Popasmoke community at:

We're backing up a final copy and once complete we are launching the new log in system. Nothing will change except where you login once we have updated member information.

New users will be required to join POPASMOKE as "NOTAM Only" members if they do not already have a POPASMOKE membership (NOTAM Only membership is still FREE. If you have trouble logging in please contact either of our web team: Mike Collier or Will Donaldson email with your NOTAM username and it will be linked to your POPASMOKE membership account. This will help ensure we have your most current email address on file as many users have several email addresses on file.

Please send an email to with your NOTAM username and the email address must match your NOTAM profile - that will be used as the primary contact for Popasmoke Membership database.

S/F - Mike Collier