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    Coming up on 60 days until the reunion.
    Hotel registration and Reunion registration are two different processes
    As of 19 June hotel showed a high night registartion of 281 rooms. This would include singles and double occupancy.

    Reunion registration through AFRI shows 156 members and 113 guests registered. Implies there are a large number of folks who have only reserved rooms, but not registered for reunion with AFRI,

    List of registered members below. Time to renew friendships- register now
    Last Name First Name Primary Squadron
    Powell John 1/9 Cav
    Houston W. W. 1ST MAW
    Smith Herb H&MS-16, MAG-16
    Long Stephen H&MS-26
    Stanton Duncan HMH-461
    Bradley Michael HMH-462
    Cannon Thomas HMH-462
    Decker Sam HMH-462
    Greethurst Ken HMH-462
    Hummel Robert HMH-462
    Bohrman Bob HMH-463
    Gilbert Bob HMH-463
    Lane, Jr Jack HMH-463
    Pogany Pogy HMH-463
    Raupp Douglas HMH-463
    Tetreault Bert HMH-463
    Wemheuer Robert HMH-463
    Whitehurst William HMH-463
    Katz Slick HML 167
    Aydt Rick HML-167
    Boyer Lynn HML-167
    Chellis Scott HML-167
    Fenwick Bill HML-167
    Hinton Allyn HML-167
    Hunt Jim HML-167
    Bell Jim HML-367
    Davis Doug HML-367
    Gibson Tim HML-367
    Harris Harry HML-367
    Kuklok Kevin HML-367
    Morrison Mike HML-367
    Kline Joe HML-367, VMO-3
    Hatch Jim HMM-161
    Lepo Pete HMM-161
    Olson Martin HMM-162
    Anderson Bobbie HMM-163
    Boyan John HMM-163
    Brink Paul HMM-163
    Bruyere James HMM-163
    Frech Roland HMM-163
    Gardner Len HMM-163
    Giddings John HMM-163
    Goodwill Dick HMM-163
    Gordon Bernie HMM-163
    Hax John HMM-163
    Holden Knowles Jamie HMM-163
    Keller Noel HMM-163
    Kolb Dan HMM-163
    LeFevre Les HMM-163
    Limp Jack HMM-163
    Miller Skip HMM-163
    Moore John HMM-163
    Morgan James HMM-163
    Rask Art HMM-163
    Ross George HMM-163
    Schrupp Dick HMM-163
    Sharkey Chris HMM-163
    Shirk Bruce HMM-163
    Sifuentes Raul HMM-163
    Sonnier Jerry HMM-163
    Thien Robert HMM-163
    Tiger Ken HMM-163
    Torres Robert HMM-163
    Vinson Dennis HMM-163
    Botch Mike HMM-164
    Cook Jim HMM-164
    DeVore Gary HMM-164
    Kennedy Thomas HMM-164
    Boice Michael HMM-165
    Deimel Melvin HMM-165
    Hartman John HMM-165
    Otto George HMM-165
    Wolter Mike HMM-165
    Hays Jamie HMM-261
    Hanner Pete HMM-262
    Reid Tom HMM-262
    Alls Gary HMM-263
    Barber JD HMM-263
    Darby John HMM-263
    Johnson George HMM-263
    Love Chuck HMM-263
    Moyer T.C. HMM-263
    Munoz, Jr Juan HMM-263
    Ratcliffe Bob HMM-263
    Rohm David HMM-263
    Young Mike HMM-263
    Hagle Grant HMM-265
    Wolfe John HMM-265
    Cornell Michael HMM361
    Cope Russell HMM-361
    Copeland Terry HMM-361
    Crow Bruce HMM-361
    Patterson Fred HMM-361
    Poleski Martin HMM-361
    Rakop, Jr. Harold HMM-361
    Trainor John HMM-361
    Underwood Joseph HMM-361
    Cormier CJ HMM-362
    Eames Paul HMM-362
    Ferguson Donald HMM-362
    Houghton Richard HMM-362
    Houglum Daniel HMM-362
    Pepper Charles HMM-362
    Phillips Lyman HMM-362
    Shoopman Dave HMM-362
    Street Jim HMM-362
    Haberstroh Rusty HMM-363
    Hatcher Garret HMM-363
    Baker Gary HMM-364
    Buckland Jim HMM-364
    Dautriel Ned HMM-364
    Deneff Danny HMM-364
    Hanson Caisse Stephanie HMM-364
    Shupp Steve HMM-364
    Smith Pete HMM-364
    Steinberg Bob HMM-364
    Tennent Mike HMM-364
    Ward George HMM-364
    Wise Walter HMM-364
    Aveiro Jeffrey HMM-365
    Bermudez Frank HMM-365
    Saunders Dale HMM-365
    Hendrickson Stan HMR-163
    Lynch Harry VMO-1
    Barbour Alan VMO-2
    Bohlman Curtis VMO-2
    Lind Duke VMO-2
    Maziar Jerry VMO-2
    Schweitzer Kenneth VMO-2
    Tomlinson Joseph VMO-2
    Bedrava George VMO-3
    Elkins Ted VMO-3
    Korte James VMO-3
    Lombardo Roy VMO-3
    Oakey Jim VMO-3
    Schwanda Bruce VMO-3
    St Moritz Randolph VMO-3
    Yancey Jack VMO-3
    Zaczek Ron VMO-3
    Brittain Rod VMO-3, HML-367
    Scott David VMO-3, HML-367
    Shubin Edward VMO-3, HML-367
    Boden John VMO-6
    Boston Dick VMO-6
    Bright Gary VMO-6
    Croft Rod VMO-6
    Friend Arthur VMO-6
    Haines Richard VMO-6
    Jones Chip VMO-6
    Maloney Bill VMO-6
    Schoenherr David VMO-6
    Tunmire David VMO-6
    Ward Thomas VMO-6
    Waters KD VMO-6
    Wright Larry VMO-6
    Beddoe Wally WEBMASTER
    Beavers Tom
    Halley Mike
    Lefler Alan
    Wharton George
    Zwink Robert

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    AFRI Reunion Registration


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      Hotel Reservation


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        current hotel reservations as of 7/5.18

        both Hotels are side by side.
        we have max'd out the chalet and "on paper" using the Plaza.

        as we get closer we will reassign hotels by squadron.

        Note numbers reflects rooms, not number of occupants

        9/2 6
        9/3 11
        9/4 42
        9/5 214
        9/6 294
        9/7 301
        9/8 289
        9/9 32
        9/10 7
        9/11 4

        9/3 0
        9/4 0
        9/5 6
        9/6 6
        9/7 6
        9/8 6
        9/9 0