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Balls McCarty had a Party...

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  • Balls McCarty had a Party...

    Sharing this note from Roger to HMM-361.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Roger Herman <>
    Date: Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 12:47
    Subject: Balls McCarty had a Party...Were you invited? No? ...Then you must be an Asshole!

    Okay, now that I have your attention from the subject line (an infamous Whizzerism), I have a proposal to make. It will be straight to the point. We got old. A lot of our friends are no longer with us. By the time another two and a half years rolls around, there is no bucking the odds, some of us will also be gone. Some of you have been to most if not all the reunions since our first one in '86. Others have not been to one for a long time (and are probably not up to date on your membership in PopASmoke). For those who are paid up, they recently received the package for the Reno Reunion to be held in July of this year. If you're not a current member, you need to "re-join" the formation and get your ass up to Reno for what will probably be one of our last chances to participate in a "super gaggle."

    It's time for all of us who served in '361, especially those who flew '34s (particularly during the '66-'68 timeframe) and who may have also been MARCADS together to see each other again. VMO-2 has always had a great turnout at the reunions, and of course they flew cover for us out of Marble and elsewhere. I don't have everyone's address, so I would ask you to pass this message along and info me so that I can add the new names to my address book as well. Ron Hatton will be in charge of the '361 mini squadron reunion in Reno (his E-mail address is above) from what I hear, and he should also be notified of where everyone is. I am no longer involved in the running of the Association, so you will need to sign up with Ron and the organization. It's been an unbelievable, hard to believe, 25 years since I first thought up this gaggle, and we definitely need to see each other again in Reno. Let's do it. Pass the word!

    Semper Fi,


    p.s. If you are having any kind of financial problems that would keep you from attending, that's no excuse! I have a feeling that we can take care of that. I and others have made it happen in a number of past reunions. As Whiz would always say in-country... "Hey, it's only paper." OOORAH!
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    Great invite Balls! Are there any details on the city tours and cruises? The women want to know!
    Semper Fi


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      Frag order had details on tours offered by AFRI.
      here it is again-
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        First I've seen it Bro, thanks. Momma will be happy now!
        Semper Fi


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          Morning Formation

          I didn't see a listing and time to be on the company street for PT Who's in charge of that?