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Where Reunion 2010?

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    Do not come to SF.........why put American dollars into a sanctuary city?.......Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, etc........I've lived here 62 years....SF does not qualify for our hard working sweat, G.I........send the money elsewhere............

    West coast is definitely San Diego.............MCRD/Miramar/Camp Pendleton...........
    So, if you decide on the West Coast...........San Diego is the site!!!




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      Reunion 2010 in Seattle

      I want to make a pitch for Seattle to be the site of the next reunion.

      Here's some reasons why I think Seattle should receive top consideration:

      1. Convention facilities and guest accomodations: There are several hotels that can easily hold the number we usually turn out.

      2. Accessibility: Seattle is served by most major airlines into SeaTac or Boeing Field. Amtrac serves Seattle on a regular and daily schedule. The interstate freeways provide driveable possibilities from most of California and the West. Renton Airport provides very good service for fly-ins.

      3. Weather: No extremes in temperature, no matter what season. No hurricanes or typhoons.

      4. Public transportation: Public bus and trolley service are excellent throughout the city, especially in the downtown area.

      5. Museum of Flight: Boeing Field museum holds a fantastic array of historic aircraft and space vehicles.

      6. Year-round fishing: Puget Sound offers fishing year-round for salmon. Fishing boats can be chartered for large groups. Halibut, bottom fish, rock fish, and other species are available most of the year. How about a Popasmoke Salmon Derby?

      7. Pike Place Market: Those who can't fish or cut bait can purchase salmon here and have it shipped anywhere. No one will ever know you can't catch fish.

      8. USS Turner Joy: Docked in Bremerton and open to the public is this historic destroyer. I was in DaNang when the action took place in the Gulf of Tonkin between our ships, the Turner Joy and the Maddox, being attacked by North Vietnamese PT boats. Read your history to know how intimately tied in this ship is with your service in Vietnam.

      9. Puget Sound: One of the most beautiful natural settings surrounding a beautiful city. Not only fishing but sailing, cruising, dining or picnicking along its shore can be an exhilirating experience.

      10. Photography: The Cascades, the Olympics, the waters surrounding the city, the iconic Seattle Space Needle, the cultural and ethnic districts, Pioneer Place, just a few places and things to explore and photograph.

      11. Ride the Duck: Tour the streets of the city in a Duck (actually a WWII vintage DUKW) which culminates in the vehicle going into the water of Puget Sound.

      Lastly, Seattle is more accessible to potential Popasmoke members from the great state of Alaska.

      del Rosario
      Vietnam 1964-65


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        It appears to me, the brass do rotate the reunion. Have been since I've been attending reunions.

        The East coast is probably two reunions away seeing as we just did DC. My recommendation for the next Wast coast reunion would be Foxwoods Casino's. It has 6,000 rooms!

        For those who do not like to bet their money, there is plenty to do in the Connecticut area. We have Mystic Seaport, Groton Sub base, many museums, night spots...trips to Boston or NYC would be easy and are within less than 2 hrs travel time...Springfield Armory is right up the road and a great museum...New England Air Museum is right up the road, lots of golf courses, boating and fishing trips....airport is close, easy access in and out of the area

        Just a place to consider. Pretty friendly with the tribal chiefs when I was mayor and I think they would be more than happy to help us put something happy to talk with them...great publicity for them also as they are always looking for something new...and they have great free acts there to boot and the Mohegan Sun Casino is right up the road...both are very impressive places. I could also get the State to do some things for us also...CT is a real service/veterans state. And if we timed it right, we could hold the reunion while the New England Air Show is being held (end of September)...a great show.

        Just something to think about for a future reunion.

        S/F Gordon


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          2010 Reunion

          I'm all for the fall/winter months.. Agree with above about enuff of Florida and the Gulf coast especially New Orleans. It ain't a good place no more except for the food and it's still the best anywhere. Another agree with above is the Left coast this time and the east, center and left rotation.
          I'm gonna nominate Las Vegas for one good reason. All of you check out Allegiant Airlines. They fly MD80 and 82's from probably fourty some citys all over the US to Las Vegas. It is obviously a casino subsidized thing and nearly ALL flights are direct with the best prices you gonna get anywhere.

          Allen Ford


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            Pop a smoke re union re: 2010

            OKC...should be looked at...not because we're close to there (100 miles), but because the USMC is widely supported thru out the state. AMTRAK, Greyhound, Jefferson Lines, etal, come thru there. Hell's bell's, if you need camping space, we've 900 acres of well sites and ponds on our little ranch alone...snakes included...LOL ! All sorts of churches and casinos as well...take your pick.
            If you wanna see some of the dumb stuff you were willing to do as a Marine...there's young cowboys doing the very same shtuff...and just as serious about it...