Marines & Devil Docs

The following list is based on attendees as of 7/24.

VMO-2/HML-167 86 Conservatory
HMM-263 48 Adams
HMM-262 45 Bancroft
HMH-463 18 Independence
VMO-3/HML-367 53 Kalorama
HMM-163 67 Map Room
VMO-6 32 Jackson
HMM-164 37 Chevy Chase
HMM-165 28 Dupont
HMM-363 39 Edison
HMM-364 56 State Room
1st MAW Hamilton
HMM-365 20 Farragut
HMM-362 74 Caucus Room
HMM-361 35 Grant

Note: 1st MAW hootch is only committed for one night. For those outfits that don't have a hootch and would like a place to hang, check with Top Houston. He will stock the hootch with booze and see what happens.