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List of attendees as of 7-11-2008

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  • List of attendees as of 7-11-2008

    Last Name First Name In Country Squadron
    Aguirre Mariano HMM-365,H&MS-16 SU#1, HMM361, HMM165
    Ainsworth Donald E
    Ainsworth Donald E HMM-163 & VMO-2
    Allen Albert N. HMM-364 (1964), HMM-262 (1968-69)
    Allen Allen C. HMM-262
    Allen Ridhard S. HMM-363
    Alls Gary HMM-263
    Anderlonis Thomas J HMM-165
    Anderson Robert VMO-2
    Anderton Rick HMM-163
    Andrus Kermit HMH-361
    Apker Neil HMM-163
    Applegate Douglas HMM-263
    Arick John VMO-6; HML-367
    Arnold John HMM-262
    Atteberry George HMM-163 HMM - 364
    Aveiro Jeffrey HMM-365
    babcock william hmm-262
    Bailey Glen L. Hmm-161
    Baker Gene HMH-463
    baker charles HMM-163
    Baker Gary HMM-364
    Ballato Nat HML-167
    Bancells Lorenzo HMM-163 & HMM-152
    Banks Andy HMM-162(O1B), HMM-161, HML-367
    Barbour Alan VMO-2
    Barnett Jack HMM-262
    Barr James HMM-161, HMM-363, HMM-362 & HML-167
    Barrett Bradley S. HMM-364
    Barth Frank HMM-161
    Bartlett Richard HMM-362
    Basham Alan HMM-262, MAG-16
    Bastien Jim VMO-6
    Bates Austin HMM-163
    Bauer Paul M. HMH-463, 2/67-3/68, HMM-263, 10/66-2/67
    Baytes William HML-167
    Beaulieu Robert HML-367
    Bedrava George VMO-3
    Beeman John HMM-364, 363 & 361
    Behnke Mark D. HML-367
    Belatti David E. HMM-265
    Bell John M. HML-167
    Bellars Charles HMM-164
    Bentley Larry HMA-369
    Bergman Carl E. HMM-163
    Bermudez Frank D HMM-365 / HMM-161 / HMH-463 / HMH-462
    Berry Thomas HMM-165/265
    Bertke Robert HMM-363/HMM 362
    Bill Larry HMA-369
    Blackwell Dennis HMM-262
    Blanich Jim HMH-361
    Block Charles HMM-163/HMH - 463
    Blome Michael HMM-364
    Blowers Douglas HMM-362
    Bode Ron HMM-163
    bohrman robert c HMH-463
    Bolton Melvin HMM-263
    Borman John HMM-164/263/262/362
    Botch Michael HMM-164
    Boudreaux Al HMM-165
    Bowman Terry VMO-2
    Bowman John HMM-362 HMH 462
    Boyd James D. HML-367
    Boyer Lynn HML-167
    Bracha Henry VMO-6
    Bradley Michael HMH-462 & HMH 463
    Brake Bennie M. HMM-163
    Brandon Jack VMO-6
    Brandt Steve HMM-364
    Breeding Randall HMM-364 & HMM-262
    Brenneman Ben VMO-2
    Bresnahan Arthur S. HMM-262
    Brewer Charles HMM-263
    Brewer Jess V. HMM-363
    Brey Jim HMM-164
    brida michael j HMM-165
    Bright Gary R. VMO-6
    Britton Larry HMM-364
    Brown Helen F. HMM-164
    Brown Jerry HMM-163
    Brownfield Tom HMM-362
    Brunke Otto HMM-163
    Buchanan James HMM-164
    Buckland Jim HMM-364
    Buda Richard HMM-262
    Bumm Mark HMM-364; HMM-262
    Burke Marius Air America
    Burnett Lonnie G. HML-367
    Burstein Jeffrey H&MS-16
    Busby Orlando L. HMM-463;HMM-162
    Bushlow David VMO-6
    Buzze Richard 1st MAW-HMM 161-VMO-2
    Byrd Mark A. HML-367
    Cameron Keith HMM-362 & HMM-263
    Cameron Doug HMM-263 & HMM-265
    Camp Gene HMM-362
    Cannon Charles HMM-364
    Cannon Thomas HMM-462
    Canzoneri Anthony HML-167
    Card John HMA-369
    Carlson Ronald HMM-162
    Casey Jim HMM-263
    Centore Richard VMO-2
    Chamberlin Donald M HMM-364
    Chelius Carl HMM-162 & HMM-164
    Chellis Scott HML-167
    Chess Robert VMO-3, HML-367
    Cipolla Henry J. HMM-363, HMM-165, HMH-463
    Cipparone John HMH-463
    Clark Michael HMM-163 & H&MS-16
    Clark Jerry HMM-362
    Clark Joe HMM-363
    Clark Jerry HMM-365
    Cleary William HMM-263
    Colbert Bruce HMM-164
    Cook Jim E. HMM-164
    Cordova Tony HMM-363
    Corliss Gregory HMM-262
    Corrie Steve HMM-263
    Cors Dale HMM-262, HMM-164
    Courtney Paul HMM-363
    Cowling John HMM-364
    Cowperthwait William HMM-362, HMM-163 & HMH-463
    Crews Cliff HML-167
    Cronin James M. HMM-262
    Crow Bruce HMM-361
    Cummings William HML-167 VMO-2
    Dabrowski George HMM-262
    Dain Daniel W HMM-362
    Dalgey Bob HMH-462 & HML-367
    Darby John HMM-263
    Davidson Richard HMM-362
    Davis Thomas HMM-263
    Davis Kenneth HMM-362
    Davis Melvin M. HMM-263
    Davis Douglas HML-367
    Day Carrell G VMO-2
    Dear Edwin HML-167
    DeBlanc Dan VMO-2
    Decker Sam HMH-462
    Deimel Melvin HMM-165
    Deneff Danny HMM-364
    Denny Robert
    Denny Robert HMM-163
    DeVore Gary HMM-164 HMM 165
    Dewitt Clifford HMM-362, CH-37, HNMS-16
    Dillon Joseph F
    Dillon Joseph F HMM-163
    DiStaulo Anthony HMM-163
    Doi Clyde HMM-263 & HMM-262
    Domer Orvallee HMM-361
    Donnelly John HMM-362
    Donovan Joseph HMM-364
    Doty John MAG-36 Ordnance
    Doull William HMM-263
    Duckworth Teddy HMM-163 HMM 361
    DuFriend James M VMO-2
    Dunn Tom VMO-2
    Durham Rod HMH-463
    Dwinell William HMM-161
    Edwards William HMM-361
    Ehly Tim HMA-369
    Eke Joseph W. HMM-362
    Elder Walter H. HMM-262
    Ellingsworth Dale HMM-263
    Eltzroth Graydon VMO-3/HML-367
    Enockson John VM0-2/UMO - 6
    Erickson Erick HMM-262
    Estabrook C. SCOTT HMM-361
    Estep Jeff HMH-463
    Evans Thomas HMM-363
    Evans Kenneth
    Evans Robert HMM-162
    Fenwick Bill HML-167
    Ferguson Donald HMM-362
    Ferguson Nancy HMA-369
    Ferneau Michael HMM-164
    Ferris Gregory M HMM-361
    Fischer Wayne HMM-363
    Fish Ken HMM-365
    Fitzgerald Charles HMM-163
    Fleming Archie HMM-362
    Flink Richard HMM-363
    Floyd Kenneth HMM-165
    Flynn Robert HMM-363
    FORD JOHN K. HMM-362
    Foster Robert T. HML-167
    Frech Roland HMM-163 & HMM-161
    Frisenda Al HMM-162, HMM-364, HMM-164
    Fulton John HMM-165
    Funk James D. HMM-362
    Gailfoil Robert HMM-363
    Galavitz Charles HMM-161
    Gale Sidney HMM-364
    Gale Robert H HMM-163
    Gall Ronald HMM-362
    Garcia John HMM-161
    Garrison Gary William HML-167
    geed william HMM-363
    Gehlen Robert HMM-262
    George Leonard VMO-2
    Ghastin James VMO-6 HMM - 164
    Gibbs Mitchel HMM-263 & HMM-362
    Gibson Timothy HML-367
    Giddings John HMM-163
    Gillaspie Robert HMM-262
    Gleason Roger J. HMM-363
    Gomez Carleen HMM-364, HMM-262
    Gonneville Jean HMM-362, HMH-463, MALS-16
    Gonzales Stephen HML-167
    Goodfallow Bert HMM-365, VMO-6 & HMA-369
    Goodwill Richard HMM-163
    Goodwill Vaughn HMM-163
    Gordon Bernie HMM-163
    Gorski Charles S. HMH-463
    Graham Jim HMM-161
    GRAZIANO Neal A. HMM-361
    Greene Peter VMO-6
    Greer Robert HMM-363
    Greethurst K.W. HMH-462
    Griffin James HMM-163 & HMM-262
    Gruber Dorothy HMM-263
    Gruenewald John HMM-364
    Gustafson Dennis
    Gustafson Dennis VMO-3 / HML-367
    Guyer Martin HMM-362
    Haines Richard VMO-6
    Hall Lin HMM-163
    Halliday Fred HMM-163, HMM363
    Halseth Al HMM-165
    halvorsen william HMM-163
    Hanner Norman HMM-262
    Hanson Stephanie HMM-364
    Harr Michael HMM-262
    HARRIS CE HMM-165 White Knights
    Harris Carl HML-367
    Harvey Dick HMM-163
    Hatch William M. HMM-262
    Hatcher Garret HMM-363
    Hatton Ronald HMM-361
    Haugh Thomas HMM-263
    Hawes George HML-367
    Hayes Bart VMO-2
    Hays James HMM-165
    Healy Joe VMO-2
    Heffernan John B. HMH 462; C/1/3; A 3rd Tanks
    Heilman John VMO-2
    Helm Kurt HMM-265
    Helton Billie P. VMO-6
    Hemming Phillip R. HMM-364
    Hendrickson Stanley HMR-163 & MAG-16
    Hendrie Richard VMO-2
    Hengels Virginia HMM-263
    Henning Stuart HMM-165
    Herrera Ernest HMM-363, HMM-362
    Hewes Tom HMM-362
    Higgins Michael HMM-161
    Hill John HMM-363
    Hille Klaus VMO-6
    Hinton Allyn HML-167
    Hintz Jim HMM-364
    Hodge Edmund HMM-163 HML 167
    Hoffman Bruce VMO-2
    Hogoboom Robert HML-167 and VMO2
    Hogue John HMM-262
    Hollis Jim HMM 164-165
    Horne Edward HML-367
    Horne Edward HML-367
    Houghton Richard HMM-362
    Houglum Daniel HMM-262
    Howe Joseph H & MS16, HMM165, HMM164
    Hruska Barry HML-167
    Hubbard George R (Dick) HMM-263
    Huber Robert HMM-164
    Hudson Philip HMM-163
    Hughes Bob VMO-6
    Hughes Greg HMM-361 & H&MS-16
    Hunt James HML-167
    Isham Lawrence HMM-361
    Jack Rex HMM-164
    Jacobs John HMM-365
    Jamison Chuck HC-1
    Jastrzembski Frank HMM-163
    Jeep Edward HMM-268
    Jeffries John HML-167
    Jensen Duane HMM-265/364
    Jeske Mark HMM-364
    Johnson Benjy HMM-365
    Johnson Thomas HMM-363
    Jones Walter HMM-262
    Jones David HMM-362/HMM - 463
    Kanaley Thomas F HMM-361
    Kanaley Thomas F HMM-361
    Katz Slick HML-167
    Keane James HML-367
    Keller William F. HMM-362, HMM-263
    Kelly Michael HMM-263
    Kemmerer Stephen W. HMM-163
    Kennedy Suzanne HMM-262
    Kenny John P HMM-364
    Kenyon Douglas M. Hmm-161, HMM-263
    Kenyon Thomas VMO-3
    Ketchum John VMO-3
    Kidder Arthur VMO-2
    Kirwan Steve VMO-6
    Kline Joseph HML-367
    Kmiec Walt VMO-6
    Kniffen Jerry HMM-364
    Knowles Tom HMM-161/VMO 2/MACV SOG
    Koan Norman VMO-2
    Kohler Edward B HMM-161
    Kolb Dan HMM-163
    kolbenstetter gary hmh-462
    Kosinski John L Hmm-262
    Kottkamp Jerry HMM-362
    Kronenberg Joe HMM-361
    Kufeldt Edward VMO-6
    Kufferath Bruce B. HML-167
    Lake Bruce HMM-265
    Lambert Roy HMM-363
    Lane Jack HMH-463
    Lange Donald K. MABS-16, HMM-364
    Lanier Stephen HMM-164
    Larsen Arthur VMO-3
    Lattimer Jim VMO-2
    Laux Peter
    Laux Peter VMO-3, HML-367
    Lazenby Gary M HMA-369
    Ledford Jim HMM-364
    LeFevre Les HMM-163/ VMO - 6
    Leighton John H. HMM-364 & HMM-165
    Levin Alan HMM-265
    Linebaugh William 362
    Low Keith HML-167
    Maddox Harold H&MS-16
    Manton Will HAMS
    Martin Dennis HMM-363
    Martin William HMM-364
    Martindale Thomas HMM-161
    martinson robert m HMH-463
    Massie Malcolm HML-367, HMM-164, HMM-165
    Matucheski Frank HMM-362
    Maziar Jaroslaw VMO-2
    McAmis Ronald HMM-262
    McCabe Marvin HMM-263
    McCluskey Bill HMM-362
    McCreary Brice HMM-164
    McCubbins Roger HML-167
    McDonough Leland HMM-361
    McElwee Michael HMM-161
    McGlothlin Donald HMM-262
    McGlynchey John HML-167
    McGovern Terry HML-367 & HMH-463
    McKinnie Edgar L. HMM-261, H& MS 36, HMM 263
    McKnight Thomas HMM-362
    McMahon Timothy HMM-262
    McNair Billl HMM-362
    McVay Don VMO-2
    MD John E. Hanna, HMM-164 and HMH-463
    Mead Anthony HMM-364
    Meidell Larry HMM-165
    Meyer John HMM-163
    Miller Philip L. HMM 263
    Miller Robert L. HMH-463
    Miller Glen HMM-265
    Miller Russell N. HMM-265
    Mincey James HML-167
    Mitchell James E. 5th & 7th Marines 1st Marine Div. RAS
    Moffett John HML-367
    Molgard Roy HMM-365
    Mollers Richard HMM-263
    Monroe James HML-167
    Moore Frank HMM 363/ HML 167
    Moore John HMM-163
    Morgan James HMM-163
    Morhardt Jeffrey HMM-364/HMM-263
    Morin Joe HMM-165
    Morin Ron HMM-363
    Moritz Randolph St. VMO-3/HML-367
    Morosky Ronald HMM-161 & HMM-262
    Moser Gary HMM-161 & HMM-265
    Moskun Richard VMO-3
    Mott Ken HMM-361
    Moyer Thomas C. HMM-263 & HMM163
    Munoz Juan R. Hmm-164/HMM-263
    Musante Richard VMO-3
    Myszka Jerome S HMM-362
    NANCE H T HMM-162, VMO-2, HMM164
    Nelson Ellis HML-167
    NeSmith Joseph HMM-165
    Newcomb Cecil E. HMM-262
    Newcomer Ellsworth HMM-263/ VMO-3
    Nick Paul M HMM-165 (HMM-265)
    Nickens Robert HMM-362
    Norton Raymond HMM-161
    Oakey Jim VMO-3
    OConnor Edward HMM-261 & HMM-363
    OConnor Thomas HMM-164
    O'Connor Dennis HML-367
    Odgers Gerald HMM-263
    Olin George HMM-265
    Opocensky Jarod VMO-2
    Orcutt Allen HMM-164
    Orey Ralph HMM-262
    Otto Robert W HMM-364 and HMM-263
    Otto George HMM-165/262/265
    Paetznick James HMM-362
    Paskevich Anthony VMO-2
    Pasquale Alfred HMR(L)-161/MAG-13
    Patterson Fred HMM-361
    patton carey hmm-262
    Paul Robert VMO-6
    Perry Robert VMO-3 & HML-367
    Perryman James HMM-362; VMO-6; HMM-262
    Peterson Richard E.
    Peterson Richard E. HMM-164
    Phillips Bill HMM-163, HMM-161 & HMM-163
    Phillips Lyman HMM-362
    Pitts Ken HMM-262
    Powell David HMM-262
    Price William HMM-263
    Purcell Robert D. Marine Observation Squadron Six (VMO-6)
    Purcell Robert D. Marine Observation Squadron Six (VMO-6)
    purcell mike HMM-362
    Putman Paul
    Radliff Gary HMM-364
    Rainville Gene HMM-365
    Ramsburg H. Ray HMM-263
    Rast Arthur T HMH-163
    Reinbolt David HMM-365
    Repko William HMM-165
    Restivo Johnny D. HMM-265/3RDMARDIV
    Richmond James M. HMM-362
    Rinehardt James C. HMM-262, HMM362, HMM163
    Ritorto Robert VMO-6
    Roberts Howard HMM-364
    Robillard John HML-367
    Robinson Bob HML-367
    Robitaille Patrick HMM-364
    Robson Jon VMO-2
    Rodriguez John HMM-164
    Rodriguez Tom HMM-363
    Rodriquez John HMM-262
    Romeo Dante HMM-161 & HMM165
    Rook Ronald HMM-263
    Roots Joshua J. HML/A-167
    Roots John HMM -64
    Rosario Enrique del HMM-365
    Rothweiler Hugh HMM-362
    Roy Robert A. HMM-362
    Ruane John VMO-2
    Sack Stephen 2BN, 4MAR
    Salyers Larry G. HMM-263
    Samol Joseph
    Sandbulte Wayne HMM-364
    Sandvoss Bert HMM-163
    Saunders Dale HMM-365 HMH462
    Scanlan Jim HMM-163
    Schecter Lawrence HMM-163 & HML-167
    Scheffler William HMM-164
    Schreiner Dennis HMM-164, HMM-265 & HMM-165
    Schrupp Richard HMM-163
    Schwanda Bruce VMO-3
    Schweitzer Kenneth VMO-2
    Scott David VMO-3 & HML-367
    Scott Harold HMH-463
    Sessinger Louis J VMO-6
    Setzer Royce HMM-164
    Shambaugh John VMO-2
    shannon chester hmm-161
    Sheehan Paul HMM-363
    Sheehan Robert HMM-66 & HMM-67
    Shirk Bruce HMM-163
    Short Dempsey HML-367
    Shoub Joe HMM-163
    Shupp Steve HMM-364/HMM-265/HMM-161
    Shutt Thomas J. HMM-163
    Sifuentes Raul A. HMM-163/HMM-164/HMH 463
    Sigman Berle J. HMM-362/H&MS-16/HMH-463
    Sikorski Stephen VMO-3 & HML-367
    Silas Franz VMO-2
    Simmons Carlyle L. HML-367 (Scarface)
    Simmons William HMM-161/HMM-265
    Simons Gary F HMM-363
    Skinder Robert HMM-362, HML-367
    Smith Herbert HMM-163
    Smith Jim HMM-364
    Smith Harold HMM-161
    Snider Neil A. HMM 161/163
    Snyder Joseph HMM-161
    Sonnier Jerry HMM -163
    Soukup Jerry HMM-364
    sowell tom vmo-2/hml-367
    Sparks Garry HML-167
    Spellman Michael T. HMM-363
    Sproole William HMR-161 HMM - 362
    Sramek James HMM-165
    Stanton Mark HMM-362
    Steckbauer Jim HMM-161 & HMM-263
    Stefan Louis HMM-362
    Steinberg Bob HMM-364
    Steward Robert HMM-364
    Stewart Dewey HMM-364
    Stewart James A. HMM-365
    Stone Robert VMO-2
    Straw Dennis HML-367
    Strawr Ken HMM-263
    Street Jim HMM-362
    Street John HMA-369
    Sturkey Marion HMM-265
    Swaim Stephen HMM-165
    Tatman Ed HMM-362
    Teele John HMM-263
    Tennent Mike HMM-364/263
    Tetreault Bertrand HMH-463
    Thomas Allan HMM-361 & HMM-362
    Thomas Paul HMM-365
    Thundercloud Andrew MAG-16
    Thurner Art HML-367
    Timm Peter HMM-163 & HMM-164
    Tomlinson Joseph VMO-2/HML-167
    Travis Charles M. HMM-362; HMM-262
    Trivette M.C. VMO-6
    Tunmire David VMO-6
    Turano Jim HMH-462
    Turley Glenn H. HMM-365/HMH-463
    Turner Jimmy HMM-361
    Tygart Darrell HMM-362
    Unger Jane HMM-262
    Upthegrove John H. HML-367/HML-167
    Van Liew Dennis HMM-362
    Van Nortwick John HMM-363, HMH-463 & HMM-263
    Vinson Dennis HMM-163
    Wade Ken HMM-364
    Wagner Richard J. HMM-361
    Wagoner Donald HMM-361
    Walters Francis M. HMM-362,HMM-163
    Ward Patrick J. Hmm-164
    Ward George HMM 364
    Warne RIchard HML-367/HMM - 363
    Warning Tom HMM-361
    Waters William L. HMM-163, HMM-362, HMM-364
    Watson James HMH-361 & HMH-463
    Wayand Frederick E. Hmm-165
    Weathers Dennis HML-167
    Weaver Bobby HMM-164
    Webster Richard HMM-165
    Weeks Harry E HMM-163
    Weiss Alan J. HMH-361
    Wemheuer Robert HMH-463
    Westin Larry HMM-162
    Westlin Dennis L. HMM-362 Ugly Angels
    Wharton George HMM-364
    Whitehurst Neil HML-367
    Williams Peter HMM-262
    Williams Dwight R. HML-167
    Williams Janise T HML-167
    Williams Joseph HMM-362
    Williams Robert HMM-361
    Williams Gerald HMM-263
    wilson wendall d vmo-3/hml-367
    wilson wayne l HMM-263 HMM-161
    wilson wayne l HMM-263 HMM-161
    Wimmler Charles HMM-362, HMM-361 & MABS-36
    Winkle Benny Van HML-167
    Wise Walter HMM-364
    Wolter Mike HMM-165
    Wooten Reames HMH-463
    Wright Donald VMO-6
    Yancey Jack VMO-3
    Yaskovic Robert HML-367
    Yoakam Rodney HMM-364
    Yocom Donald HMM-263
    York Delman HMM-362
    Young William HMM-161 & HMM-164
    Young Mike HMM-263
    Yung Carl HMM-362
    Zacker Mike HMM-362 & HMH-463
    Zaczek Ronald VMO-3
    Zeller Don HMM-263
    Zygowicz Alan HMM-165

  • #2

    pls. check to see that my registration was rec'd (HMM161)

    Chhuck Songer


    • #3
      also plan to attend

      also attending
      Walradth, Wally HMM 362


      • #4
        Also Planning To Attend

        JJ & DI HALL HMM 262 have receipt from armed forces reunions ,maybe
        mandy hadn't pass things on . just praying things will work out for us,at least we are trying to be there .


        • #5

          You are good to go.


          • #6
            Larry Zok

            Realizing the reunion is only 9 days away, I'm sure you're overwhelmed with work that still needs to be done, BUT, I'm concerned that I don't see my name on the attendees list as I sent my registration and monies to you the end of June and DO plan to attend the Reunion. Would you please double check and see if you've received my reservation and monies ?? Thank you.
            John V. Kickham, Jr. HMM-364 MAG-16


            • #7

              You are good to go.