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D.C. Silent Auction is ON!

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  • D.C. Silent Auction is ON!

    Hey Everybody,

    Good News! The POPASMOKE Reunion Silent Auction is back!

    With only 106 days until the reunion, we've got to get crankin' on donations for the silent auction. For those of you that attended the Ft. Worth Reunion, you might agree that the silent auction was quite a large event and frequent gathering place for hours of browsing and chicken-scratching.

    Here's where you come in: We need DONATED ITEMS!

    To donate an item for the silent auction in D.C., even if you are not attending, please fill out this online form, once for EACH item being donated.

    Typical items of interest include: USMC collectibles or just about anything USMC oriented, In-Country items from all conflicts, helicopter related items, uniforms or flight gear, jackets, flags, hand-crafted items, artwork, jewelry, manuals, maps, MPC, photos, patches, magazines, knives, weapons, time shares, memberships, gift certificates, HUMMERs (OK, not likely ), crafts, or anything else for reunion attendees or spouses.

    Again, all donors will be recognized.

    You may qualify for a tax deduction for your donation. Consult your tax adviser for specific details.

    Thanks in advance for your generosity, and we'll see you in D.C.!

    (Responses to this thread are disabled. If you have a question, please contact me directly at

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    Tell It To The Marines!

    Come on, donate those silent auction items! We have two individuals that have filled out the form with donated items. We can do better than that.

    Gettin' short, only 94 days, 23 hours, 22 minutes and 46 seconds until Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 8:00:00 AM

    Let's get going!


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      We have only receive about six items for the silent auction. Unless we start receiving donations, the silent auction will be canceled.


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        Donated Items

        Here's a list of donated items for the silent auction as of July 24, 2008.

        UPDATED: 07/30/2008

        • set of (5) marine recruiting posters
        • Vietnam era flight helmet, 2 visor type w/2 short cords
        • 1 green nomex flight suit
        • coveralls, flying, man's cotton twill, sage green type k-2b
        • green nomex flight suit size medium, regular
        • italeri 1/72 plastic kit of hh-53c
        • italeri 1/72 plastic kit of ch-46e/f with markings for hmm-262 & 268
        • italeri 1/72 plastic kit of uh-34 with markings for hmm-362
        • hanging light fixture in the shape of a helo
        • h34 model kit with etched brass detail kit plus pilot and crew chief kit
        • h 34 model kit|20|||2008-05-12|09:25:02|
        • handmade leather bag with handmade appliqué.
        • sterling silver USMC ring
        • uh-1e model/plaque
        • ch-46d model/plaque
        • wood burned assoc. plaque
        • blade section,with tip cap from a h-34
        • 5,000 printed envelopes of any size (to your specs)
        • book "scarface 42" signed by author
        • full sheet of the 37 cent distinguished marines stamps
        • antique shotgun shell reloader
        • shoe (cobblers) metal work stand
        • USMC Computer Bag with USMC Logo
        • U.S. Marines Cycling Jersey size Large
        • southwest pottery piece
        • Viet Nam key chain
        • Original Hardcover "Masters of the Art"
        • Vial of Khe Sahn Red Clay dirt
        • HELIPLAQUE made from portion of H-34 rotor
        • OGIO Large Travel or Gear Bag
        • Deck - Playing Cards "IRAQI Most Wanted"

        To donate an item, fill out this form ONCE for each item:

        Thank you!


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          Silent Auction

          Wally, I don't have anything to offer for the auction but--If you put a donation jar on the table I will put in the first $100.00.

          Semper Fi

          charlie baker