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Hilton Parking Fee

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  • Hilton Parking Fee

    Has Popasmoke made any arrangments to ask the Hilton if they would waiver the $23.00 per day self parking fee for the reunion members. This is costing a bundle. I was planning on driving to the reunion and found out I have to pay almost $100 extra to park my car in the hotel parking garage.

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    I thought 2000 reuinin was expensive ,it can't compare to this maybe I will just skip DC. SF


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      The room rate for DC is the same as the Gulf Side rate we had in 2002 in Pensacola - do you remember that???

      As far as parking, we are getting over $100 off the room each night, I really can't complain about parking during tourist season in DC. We are picking up the tab for 8th & I and busses are available for everything else. With the price of gas - why drive????

      Walt - the Tigers really want to see you and I hope you will reconsider.

      LZ out


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        What about bikes and bike trailers?? They EACH cost extra?
        Semper Fidelis

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          Cost of reunion


          I received a pm today telling me that I just did not get it. Was told people can't afford to come to DC because the costs of the room, parking, etc. Well, I do get it. I am a Real Estate Appraiser and I know full well the state of the country as it relates to work. I have none and I have been doing this for 16 years. When choosing a reunion site, the membership is always at the top of our concerns. We have been told that we want everyone in the same hotel. We want to go here, we want to go there. And we listen. We are looking at places for 2010 and one of them is San Diego. The room rate in San Diego is more expensive than DC - so please tell me what we are to do???????? We have not been back to DC since I believe 1992. In that time our membership has grown - by a lot. We are absolutely trying our best - because we are brothers - and you take care of your brothers. If you have suggestions, I welcome them. If you just want to b**tch - well go ahead, that's what Marines do - or they are not happy. I can handle it.



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            Costs for events for a couple make it difficult for me to pay to go. Besides DC in mid August especially the Sunset Parade is too Darn Hot. I aint goin either.


            K.D. Logue


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              reunion 2010

              Larry, many years ago I rode PRCA, the national finals were held in Oklahoma City. I think maybe someone could look into that fine city for a possible site. The national finals are now held in LV. Nevada. Charlie
              charlie baker


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                Reunion 2008

                My question is...why are the reunions held in the high heat of summer??
                I believe that the hotel room rates, etc, are higher in the summer than
                the spring or fall.

                Does anybody remember the 100 degree days in Ft Worth?

                I think that having reunions in spring or fall would be better for the marjority of the organization.

                The 1st MAW Association - Vietnam Service reunion next year will be in Beaufort, SC in October. This is also the weekend the Blue Angels will be at the MCAS Beaufort Airshow.


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                  Summer heat

                  That makes sense to me. We are all older and most have no school aged kids to consider, why not spring or fall or even winter someplace when rates are down? We were just in Reno then Ft. Worth....Both WAY West for us easterners...Can we do a "Middle" of the country?? For old fat people, like many of us (myself at the top of that list) Summer in D.C. is going to be tough...
                  Please don't do another West coast until we do a "mid" country-Nashville-Memphis-Little Rock...Please
                  Thanks for listening..Larry, YOU said we could bitch if we wanted...
                  Semper Fidelis

                  Phu Bai tower:
                  YW-11 for Phu Bai DASC-
                  Remember, These are "A" models!
                  YW-11 BuNo-151939
                  '65 Model CH-46A


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                    OK, we will bring it up

                    at the next BOD meeting in DC. There have been no contracts signed for 2010 for anywhere. We will see if we can accomodate your request.

                    Parking - possible get around. Long term parking at Regan National Airport is $10/day. Come to the hotel, check in, drive to Regan, park and hop the Metro to the Dupont Circle station and it's a short walk to the Hotel and you save $13/day!!!! How's that???? Oh, BTW - Motel 6 in DC, double occupancy is $91/day+tax so it's over $100/day.


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                      Need not mention all the % of cost hikes, etc.
                      Thought Laughlin, NV was a good deal historically.
                      Pensacola and the beach hootches was always the best time.
                      I've observed that as we gain more members, the tastes and priorities get more expensive. Henceforth, will probably have to skip DC and maybe hope to pay the "lifer" tab, and just read about the reunions in "Pop-a-Smoke."



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                        I did not see the Physical Fitness Test on the event list.

                        Did I miss it?

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                          Let's get real

                          It seems that before every reunion these pages are filled with beefs of one kid or another about some aspect of reunion costs. This year it’s the parking fee, last time the hotel room rate, the time before that it was the cost of beer. And so on back to year one.

                          Marines, it’s about time that some of you got your head out of your ass and faced reality. Everything is more expensive than it was twenty-four years ago when the first reunion was held. For example, the DC hotel room you paid $75 for in 1984 now costs a minimum of $130 thanks to inflation.

                          The fact that you’re paying only $100 instead of $130 can be attributed to the great pains taken by Pop A Smoke leadership to keep things as affordable as possible. Concern about how much the average member can afford is always in play. Keeping costs down is the guidance every President gives every reunion coordinator. I know because I was the guy who coordinated the Reno reunion.

                          So, how about cutting Bruce, J D, Larry, and the reunion team a little slack. Better yet, how about giving them credit for the immense amount of work that goes into putting on a reunion by knocking off the bitching about the cost of this or that. As always, Pop A Smoke management has negotiated them as low as they can.

                          To my mind, the opportunity to be with my old squadron mates is worth a $23 parking fee or whatever it costs, especially since it won’t be too long until there will be fewer and fewer of us, and no reunions.

                          Semper Fi,

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                            hilton parking fees

                            well said tom!! I'm disabled, on a fixed income, and wished costs were less-however, realize that inflation is here!! I plan to attend and saving up by having a couple less beers at the american legion and vfw, having chicken instead of steak--if you really want to attend, muster up and make some sacrifices--kudos to the reunion committe!!


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                              Well said, Larry Zok, Tom Hewes and D. Weathers. The leadership in Popasmoke does everything it can to make it easy for members to attend the reunions, and there are many obstacles to overcome. I was intimantly involved in the 06 reunion in Fort Worth. You can't satisfy everyone all the time with all the many factors involved, but our leaders do the best they can. It boils down to a basic factor: if it is worth it, people will attend and pay whatever it takes. It is easy to find an excuse if you want to find one.
                              I hope to see all of you in DC in August.