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    Check your spam filter. Sent two.



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      Squadron hospitality room and HMM-365 reunion info

      For the Reunion Coordinator -

      Is there a fee for the Squadron Hospitality Room at the Hilton?

      Also, what has been decided about the Marine Barracks dress rehearsal on Friday?

      Notice to all HMM-365 Squadron members -

      HMM-365 Vietnam has scheduled a squadron luncheon and visitation to the Marine Memorial (Iwo Jima statue) on Friday. Squadron members and guests will be transported by charter bus to the restaurant and Marine Memorial and back to the Hilton in time to board the reunion buses for the Marine Barracks. For more details, HMM-365 squadron members should go to our own forum at

      del Rosario


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        Marine Barracks evening parade

        Is the original Friday evening parade still on the reunion schedule?

        Is transportation still going to be provided for those attending the originally scheduled evening parade?

        HMM-365 has scheduled our squadron Friday activities based on the USMCCHA published schedule, i.e., that we will be attending the evening parade in the evening as prescribed by the original schedule, and that the association will provide transportation for our squadron (and all other association members) wishing to go to the evening parade. We understand that the transportation cost to and from the parade is included in the reunion registration package fee.

        del Rosario
        HMM-365, Vietnam '64-'65


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          Frag Order - Change 1

          No, we now have our own private parade on Friday morning @ 0900 and will be done NLT 10:30 (as per the CO of 8th & I). Squadrons are now free to either do a lunch or dinner. We have had to adapt, improvise and overcome a few obstacles to make this happen.


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            Change in Friday, August 15, schedule

            Popasmoke has changed their mind on the Friday, August 15 schedule.

            Instead of the originally posted schedule to allot squadrons luncheon time from 1100-1400 hrs, then the Marine Barracks Evening Parade from 1800-2300 hrs with transportation from and to the Hilton and the Barracks, they have changed the plan to a morning "private parade" at 8th & I, which is only a practice for the official evening parade.

            HMM-365 Vietnam still have our own 50 seats reserved for the Evening Parade. Apparently popasmoke could not obtain enough seats to accomodate the large number of conventioneers expected to attend. The Evening Parade is the official parade and is a spectacular time-honored event that has no rival in military formations in the United States. The Evening Parade is the parade that our Squadron will attend.

            Due to that major change in planned activities scheduled for Friday, August 15 by the reunion coordinators of popasmoke HMM-365 Vietnam will have to reschedule squadron activities for that date. That change, which has not yet been changed on their website as of 0850 EST 5/6/08, will result in an increase in the price of the individual contribution for the Squadron reunion program and activities.

            Tentatively, our new Squadron activity schedule will be as follows:

            1300 hrs - HMM-365 chartered bus loads and departs Hilton Hotel for squadron tour of Washington, D.C.; refreshments and comfort stops on request
            1500 hrs - Squadron photo session at the Marine War Memorial
            1630 hrs - no host bar opens
            1700 hrs - Squadron dinner and ceremony
            1900 hrs - board chartered bus for Marine Barracks Evening Parade
            -- HMM-365 has 50 reserved seats obtained on the first day of availability. Please send your request to reserve seating (2 max per squadron member and guest) --
            2200 hrs - Parade ends. Board chartered bus for the Hilton Hotel.

            Adjusted price for participation in HMM-365 activities will be published by 5/15/08 on the Squadron forum

            del Rosario
            HMM-365, Vietnam '64-'65
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              Changes in the Friday, August 15 schedule

              Nothing has appeared in the official Popasmoke schedule of activities for 8/15/08. I have been informed that the reunion attendees will have a private parade in the morning. What will happen to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center tour?

              As for HMM-365, our schedule for that day has been previously posted. In addition, we are trying to find a time to host workshops on Agent Orange, PTSD, and retirement. Dates and time for these workshops will be posted on this forum and on the HMM-365 Vietnam Forum Any reunion attendees interested in those subjects may attend but please ask for our invitation first by sending your request to

              del Rosario
              Vietnam, 1964-65


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                All tours will leave 8th & I after the morning parade and will be extended by 1-1-1/2 hours. As far as the official schedule goes Popasmoke sent out a postcard to all members whose dues were current about the changes to the schedule. Did you not receive yours - or did you just not read it.


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                  HMM164-PHIL Rodgers

                  Phil , are there any specific arrangments being made for the Hmm164 unit for the August reunion in Washington


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                    I sent you a pm with your coordinator's e-mail address.


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                      HMM 161 Coordinator

                      Col. Joe Snyder informed me that he will not be able to remain as coordinator for 2008Reunion. Pls. send me any pertinent information and Mike McElwee and I will wrap things up for HMM 161.

                      pls send to

                      Chuck Songer


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                        Airport - hotel shuttle

                        HMM-365 has solved its transportation problem so please disregard any previous posts of mine concerning sharing squadron transportation.

                        del Rosario