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Reunion Announcement: The Best Medal Is A Live Man's Smile

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  • Reunion Announcement: The Best Medal Is A Live Man's Smile

    [B]REUNION ANNOUNCEMENT: Major E. Rex Schunn Horror Picture Show.The Best Medal is a Live Man's Smile -- The best Combat Helo Pilot and Aircrew movie ever made !!![/CENTER]

    The digital independent movie about Marine Combat Helicopter Pilots is reviewing the possible showing of a private premiere at the Reunion in August for Friday Night at about 21:00 hours. Wear a flight suit with white shirt and black bow tie and tennis shoes is suggested -- also, cammo tux; blue jeans and black tap dancing shoes okay. Only those who can handle Volcanic laughter, Niagara tears and Heart Attack Anger may attend. Because of seating limits of City fire code numbers, unless we are donated a large room, there may evolve to be only limited seats available. Thanks for making your committment in advance to help with projections. Working on it! Be advised it may be changed to Saturday afternoon for attendendance preferences.

    Contact to get your place in line. No final decisions have been made.

    Start practicing your NAM tap dance and remember how to say hello to the Air Force Major: "Hello ASS HOLE!"
    See: thx
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    Movie showing

    Invitation Only, at a Reunion?? What's up with that? I'm sure we'd all like to see it, Brook.
    Semper Fidelis

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      Re: Confused

      [SIZE=3][FONT=Verdana]Joe and all other members:

      For more information you should contact Harvey Bell He can answer all your questions. I believe there are two main reasons for the way it was originally posted and they are; first it is very possible it will be a "Pre-Release" at that time and second to know how many people that planned to attend so that he can find an appropriate site to house the viewers.[/FONT][/SIZE]

      Brook Stevenson
      9/'67 - 10/'68


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        Additional Information:

        [SIZE=3]"Question: You do realize that the Squadrons are having their get togethers/dinners on Friday evening."

        "Answer: The answer is Yes. And we will only take a survey for an after dinner affair. Also, some of the squadron members may have their own show at the squadron ... that is their decision. But from my pulse taking, it would be a shame not to let as many as want come share in the laughter, tears and emotions.

        Friday night is not a fixed event yet! -- I have started a program to solicit those who want a 11:00 p.m. (or so showing) so the dinners can be over and only those who come will be volunteers. If the numbers grow, I will have to adjust. The Board has an opportunity to evaluate if it wants on National T.V.

        Kindly observe nothing is in cement. If you have some better ideas advise. My vote was to try to keep it more inhouse and Marine. Once the theatre group get it, they will want their 2 Cents and this is more a gift for the spirit of the Group. The will consider a full blown premiere format with lights and class: Which would be neat for all the guys to parade into a real theatre and get a special show with the world watching what we did, who we are, and The Best Medal. I have about 25 cammo tux worn by the actors. Dress cammo and tennis shoes for dancing to the Waltz: The Best Medal is a Live Man's Smile played by an orchestra.

        Kindly advise if you have a better idea. I am open to many suggestions and can stay flexible till about June 15th. However, this is not a lets wait and see event--it takes much planning (like the reunion -- I did the one in Pensacola). I know the amount of work; so too is this presentation.

        Thanks for your concerns as they are my concerns too. However, I can not and will not schedule multiple showings to the extent the costs and time become excessive. And this is not a camel made by a Committee. And right now, we are formulating a beginning shoot on a second movie in August or September so several other folks may handle it.

        I have one Marine who took a round thru the eye who is in the movie and may be encouraged to come. He knows who pulled him out up in the DMZ.

        Thanks, Help me find a method that may work. If there is no other date, perphaps we can telephone each of the squadrons and see what their wishes are and maybe even a mid night Rocky Horror Comedy/Dromedy show.

        Thanks for your concern. You are the first email back and I have emailed the Board several times trying to get a response -- thus far, none. Also, I am completely aware that lots of the members are waiting to see this effort -- I hope to please them with both quality and laughter and ... as it says on 1369, this may be a health hazard caused by volcanic laughter, Niagara tears, and Heart Attack Anger, attend this fairy tale at your own risk.

        And to be real, there may be little interest; however, that is not what I hear from the grapevine. In fact, I have a group of helo pilots and crews now who want me to give them a "sneak" preview. This is a most special group, ... as you well know. In truth, we ought to make a show of it and tell the whole world what it is like "to save the life of a brother, brings great riches to the soul" -- as my Artist performer sings loudly like Streisand.

        To me, the best answer is to ask the members if they want to see the best movie ever about combat helicopter pilots. --One that Hollywood would not make (I know about the history of Chickenhawk) ... thanks,"

        "Question: what about Saturday afternoon?"

        "Answer: Lets see what evolves with the request.
        Lots of the guys will have golf fees paid for Saturday p.m. but your idea certainly has merit if they don't want a Friday night 10/11:00 p.m. show. (about 100 minutes).
        I will contact some of the squadrons (I am in Japan and may get help in the states) to check the pulse.
        I want it to work but Saturday afternoon would be a second choice because of the other conflicts unless you have a room to hold all the folks who will come given by the Convention Center or Hotel.
        One can eat and be thru before 10 if one wants to go get a late show. (And one can go to the show (5 to 8) and eat late) who knows?
        Thanks, lets run the ad and feel the pulse. If the guys vote for Saturday, then Satuday it will be; but if they vote Friday, then Friday night it will be. As you can see, sometimes it is hard to please everyone. So, lets see what the guys want.

        Also, note: If the guys decide to adjust Saturday afternoon in order to go to a "theatre" premiere event, that has merit worthy of exploration.
        There is enough time to figure out a solution over the next few weeks.

        Obviously, It will conflict with Thur nite and Sat Nite.

        Hope this helps.
        Again, thanks, Harvey

        Lets see what the survey accomplishes. Lets get a vote. And if you are concerned, post a vote notice on popasmoke separate from my list and get your own survey so you are comfortable.

        I will get the names of those who want to attend from my notice and may be able to limit the size of the room or the way it is done unless the Convention Center or one of the hotels wants to donate a room (they usually do those things). [Note, I am not selling tickets; this is to be a gift to the guys -- and if they want to go to the theatre, you know the price of tickets the theatre group will charge.]"

        "Question: I believe that those that play Golf have their outing on Friday along with the Motorcycle riders and their ride.... Saturday afternoon in the past was pretty much open... that was my reason for the suggestion

        I was wondering though if we shouldn't post this in another place on the NOTAM in addition to where you posted it the first time."

        "Answer: You may be right.
        Post it in whatever manner you believe will get attention and a response so we can do what is best for the guys who want to attend.

        I am open to Saturday afternoon if your vibes/and schedule is correct. We might pull off a 4 to 6 p.m. Movie adventure if we have the facilities available. Today, you can get/rent an Epson digital projecter with a very large screen cheap. Perhaps a big room with and bring your on beer.

        Regardless, use your best judgment. Lets get the word out and see. I am prepared to get vibes that only a small few are interested; however, that has not been the pulse so far, in fact, the few pilots who have seen the trailers (and signed contracts to keep confidential) laughed, and laughed and said it was the best fairy tale.

        Use your judgment to get an accurate survey and roll on, pull pitch and lets get some air in motion. Where you post it is your decision -- I hope we get it where it can be seen and those who want to can respond. Also see,"[/SIZE]

        Brook Stevenson
        9/'67 - 10/'68


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          Additional Information (Continued)

          [SIZE=3]"Question: I just had another thought. What kind of availability will the movie have as DVD or VHS at that time so that if they are unable to fit it into their schedules, that they/we may purchase a copy and then view at our leisure?"

          "Answer: There will be several thousand dvds made; however, right now I am in the legal side of identifying the who, what, when, where and why of the distribution. There are some who are advising to convert it to film and go for the theatre release market. So you appreciate it, I don't know the answer but Frenchy may sell DVD's at his stand as a vendor if I get approval from the distribution chain. In addition, I am confident there will be some private room showings. By August, there will be dvd/s.

          I will try to make it work and believe it will. The truth is to me that my heart and soul went into this project with the belief I could show how combat helo pilots, crews and corpsmen really are airborne brothers.
          Whether my artistry shines or not is to be seen. I'm sure there will be different views but that does not matter, what matters is if the crew thinks it is worthy in their eyes. Fuck the rest of them. We did what Hollywood did not or could not do, we made a completed movie about the hearts and souls of pilots, crewmen and corpsmen (and thru in a few disable vets who were actually rescued in combat by one of us).

          Don't underestimate the music, soundtrack and score. Right now, it is powerful and getting better. There will be a CD as well as a DVD...
          The Song, The Best Medal is a Live Man's Smile is powerful. It is written and scored a cappella, in harmony with violins, as a Waltz for the Birthday Ball right before going back to war, and a full orchestra sheet music is being written for a classic presentation.--don't know yet where it will fit.

          The goal is to have the audience singing the song as they leave.

          They tell us of Medals of Honor,
          and show us silver stars too
          But the best medal dear mother
          is a live son's smile at you

          just so you see the first verse of 5.

          If I had my way, the Association would all put on cammo tux and let my folks do a P.R. for all the local media. The way the public learns the sacrifices all us kids made and are making is to feel it in a real heart movie that shows we laughed, we cried and we died. I have such a movie. It is powerful, it is funny in part, it is sad, and it shows the truth, we died for our brothers. It would be nice to have a big premiere with the P.R. and let the Board tell the world what it is like to be Marine aircrew. This would be my vote. That might become a Saturday afternoon event. This is may way of supporting the troops today. No one wants to die but there are those who still go do the job -- and they are all great kids. That is the heart of TBM. I regret the Board does not yet see this opportunity to shine -- and I don't want or need to be seen. They speak silently for all Marine helo aircrew and like Harry Truman said, the Marines are the second best P.R. firm in America right behind national news. We will see if there are those who can pick up the ball.

          I will have the DVD's available but realize my reluctance to speak now is legal advice to keep everything under wraps until all the copyrights are filed (the second time) and all the contracts are inked. After that, no big deal and it will get done.

          I can give board members who sign a confidentiality agreement a sneak preview in late June. This may satisfy anyone who wants to see it first. The target completion date is June 20 and i believe that will be accomplished.

          Thanks for understanding part of this is out of my control. And to be real, there are those who will say this is a glorified wedding movie of amateurs trying to act .... smile, it will all work, sf, Harvey"

          (After Posting in this Thread)

          "Thanks, it would be neat if the Board explored getting the discovery chanel or one of the t.v. productions to do the reunion and to me, a whole show can be made about how the audience reacts to scenes in the movie.

          There is: "Anyone who can't tap dance is a queer."

          There is: "A letter of reprimand is better than no mail at all."

          There is: Why can't we be dying for something important, like oil.

          There is: "The Best Medal is a Live Man's Smile"

          And there are many bar prank scenes with rumored fairy tail rumors ...

          And the shortest pilot in the Marine Corps gets hit atop the head so he can get a bumb and pass the annual flight physical.

          The Board could turn it into a giant plus for the association but more so, for allMarines who are paying the price of service to their country. Hopefully, it will say the kids who do these things are good kids who sacrifice.

          enough, thanks, lets see what happens. Harvey"


          "Be advised I am one ahead of you.

          I have contacted some local Producers to see if they want to film/High Def the Ft. Worth premiere showing. They will show the audience reaction and inteview. Every single person will have to sign a release.

          No. 2: I have between 30 and 40 flight suits worn by actors in the movie.
          You have the standard name tags: Heywood JaBlowme, Craven Moorehead, Major E. Rex Schunn, Imma MileHigher, Mooana Moore and 10 to 15 more. We also have about 25 tuxedo coats worn by actors in the movie. It could become one hoot of a time. --smile, and most of the gear is for old farts who have larger flightsuits, larger coats -- but some are for younger. And there may be "lover" medals.
          We have hats also.
          All the folks will want solid black T shirts because the movie is about a mythical unit, SOG ;7 69, that operates in Laos and P.O.W. rescue and they get shot down and go on R&R to get new birds. Black goes behind the black special ops flight suits. They fall into the family of Gunny Tick who owns the DMZ bar ([real, I swear it is there and Tick took a round thru the eye on the dmz and we pulled him out]. A few more of the actors are thinking of making an appearance.

          It will become one hoot of a show.

          OBVIOUSLY: NONE OF THE FLIGHTSSUITS, TUX, OR STUFF IS FOR SALE. THEY ARE ALL COLLECTOR'S ITEMS FOR THIS SHOULD EVOLVE TO BE A CULT MOVIE LIKE ANIMAL HOUSE, MASH AND CATCH 22. And the tux coat (camm) is worn with blue jeans, White shirt, black bow, and converse black tennis shoes. It is for Waltzing.

          I DO INTEND TO DONATE TO THE SILENT AUCTION BUT I YET DO NOT KNOW HOW OR WHAT. There is a death salute scene with shot glasses ar;ound the punch bowl comode juice ... maybe.


          Again, thanks for taking time to understand. Sf, HLeeBell

          Lastly, I am working on a street kids project for A.C. the Philippines and perhaps a follow thru or help on the projects in Vietnam for the schools. So there will be donations accepted for those who want to help "our" children."


          "Be advised that there are already responses flowing.
          The issue becomes if I am limited to seating, I will only allow those who are first in line. Kindly analyze and shop talk. I don't want to offend anyone but if we only have 200 seats, that is it.

          It will work, we just have to work our way thru the maze.

          No may days, please, just ole standard wispers: "We haven't taken fire in 30 minutes." , H"


          "Be advised the responses are starting and Fri at 11:00 pm seems to be acceptable idea; however, if the Board decides on a full show with all the trimmings (flight suits and cammo tux), it might also work for Saturday p.m. -- and it is possible we might do two shows allowing a smaller group for Fri nite.

          I have not contacted the Convention center yet to arrange a room or use the hotels. Normally, they will allow use for fee to a reunion. There is some time to focus on this issue but needs closure in early June.

          Just keeping you up to date. Harvey"

          Brook Stevenson
          9/'67 - 10/'68


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            More from Harvey Bell

            [FONT=Verdana] [SIZE=3]Question: I have posted all your replies to me after forwarding to the board.... I think that you may have a problem cutting it down to only 200... you do realize the last reunion we had over 2000 live bodies there.... I can appreciate first come first serve, but you might end up having a bunch of unhappy Marines on your hands if you plan (only have 200 seats) and more than twice that or more show up....just a personal opinion and observation

            Answer: No, I had no idea that you had 2,000 -- remember in Pensacola I think we had 800 and that was then huge. wow!
            Who is on the ground there? Maybe I can find a theatre nearby that old and vacant or plan B is bring in the digital sound/projector and the 300 inch screen. Let me know as this evolves.


            I understand.
            I will work on it.
            Lets see what the Board wants to do. They can get
            a large room donated or one already assigned if they want.
            If not, I am still conferring with a Dallas group who
            rents theatres -- issue becomes travel/distance.
            I also am having some luck with the new Epson
            digital projector -- which can go anywhere -- and
            we will have to add sound speakers which are rentable
            or can be brought in. Thus, we have our own mini-theatre.
            Your observations are savy but there is no choice but a
            wait and see ...on a lot of factors. As it is said in the movie, "Marines Can do!"
            thanks for your efforts and thoughts. I still have a month and half of studio work, edit, music, copyright, travel, and fear of schedules.
            If I get this think sealed and at the copyright office, getting a room
            will be solvable-- the harder problem is getting a portable projector, sound system, and large enough screen to accomodate. Maybe we have a tech among the crew.
            later, sf, h


            I am in Japan which is in your tomorrow. I was up most of the nite here (yesterday to you) so I could make calls and do timely communications.
            Marines Can do!
            Right now Plan B can work. I am searching for a new portable digital Epson theatre/conference room large Projector with large screen and independent sound system [The whole smear is a $15,000 + expense]. Right now, there is not a close rental. We can turn any room into a theatre as long as the doors can be shut and the lights turned down, and we don't need a movie theatre. (need beer and peanuts).
            The problem is there are many hotels so one hotel needs isolated, confirmed and scheduled so that a donated large room is identified. The convention center and one of the rooms there also might get adjusted for the showing.
            I have spoken with Frenchy and he will vendor the dvd only after the Movie has been shown.
            We also have lots of volunteer workers who assemble and break down the equipment for the showing. We will find parking for the trailer if we go the Plan B route. So it won't bother others.
            I can not give away nor loose the memorabilia of the tuxedo coats or the Black Rip stop flight suits (or name tags) (nor any others) but I can loan them for the evening with hand receipts to those who participate. I may give priority to those who work and help get this done. Each person will get their own white shirt and black bow tie and blue jeans and black tennis shoes for the "dance." Black T under flight suit.
            There are a couple scenes of the "thunder mug" ... the suppy system sometimes ships comode bottoms and not aircraft parts (computer error). It is the squadron mascot and they made it into a punch bowl for happy hour, hitched it to stretcher poles, adapted a piece of crashed helo carcass as the back of the comode and had a flush list. It will be there, I think.
            Hope this all helps you appreciate that in April plannning is being done for the project and no one has to help except find the room with adequate preparation lead time and shut down time.
            I realize J.D. has his hands bull and hope there are those around him picking up chores to give him what relief can be given.
            All the Board has to do is find a donated large room or advise how it wants to fit. And Plan B and C can also be put in place. So far, 11:00 pm or earlier, maybe 10:00 seems to suit folks if Friday night is the agenda.
            Obviously, Saturday is another issue. It will get cone, either way.
            Hope this helps keep you infomed.
            Thanks for your wisdom and for helping make this event a non-burden on an already taxed atmosphere.
            P.S. ----- We intend to film the event from beginning to end with cameras in the room. We will get signed releases from all attendees because we will do aclip for the t.v. networks and for other uses.
            If the Board gets involved, they may want to wear the coats and be interviewed about Popasmoke, the reunion and Marine Combat Helicopter Pilots and Crews. Need some medial corpsmen - we lost a good one - he could tap dance like no other.
            Thanks, I want to shorten these messages while at the same time I feel a need to keep you informed.
            Keep it Simple Stupid -- that is the target if it can be done.
            Harvey Bell


            Be advised I have located LCD digital projector and screen. I have audio/stero sound system that matches. We are a go. It is not fancy, it is Marine can do. This is not a Hollywood spend a fortune production. Laughter is not high priced. We now simply have to find a room. The screen will not be 300" but I am working on that option too. We have ample time. Sole issue is room and date or dates including Fri nite and Sat if need be for stragglers; however, DVD sales will need to open on Sat a.m. if that is suitable. Frenchy will handle all that. Do we have any single decision maker available?
            Thanks, Can do is happening. Harvey


            Kindly Post to make it clear:
            First in Line means I have only 30 or so flight suits (varying sizes - including a few 44/46's) and about 22 cammo tux coats (sizes 36 to 44/46). Those who get in line first and are going to help with making it all work should be first in line. I am looking for helper volunteers to wear SOG 7 69 flights suits and cammo coats as worn by the actors in the movie. This is a one nite loaner. When the Major yells, "Anyone who can't tap dance is a queer," I bet about 100 folks at least stand and "tap dance" with the music. And when the Marines say hello the the Air Force Major Bland, I bet the whole room yells, "Hello Ass Hole." Hope this helps -- and all this is contingent on finding out just how many folks want to attend. Once the guys get the flavor, they all will want to attend. I don't know yet how to make it work but I know two magic Marine Corps words from the movie: "Can Do!"
            Sf, Harvey Bell
            And Post Script: We intend to film it all.

            Brook Stevenson
            9/'67 - 10/'68


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              There are two AMC theaters in downtown cowtown, both walking distance from the convention center. They do rent their screens.

              Bass Hall has a rehearsal hall even closer with three different sizes of rooms.

              Us Uglies are having our squadron dinner at the Stagecoach Ballroom. The owner is Marine friendly.

     ask for Jean

              Bill Bob's has a private room OR! Billy Bob's also has an indoor bull-riding arena. They don't have bull-riding going on all the time and what better place to spread the bullsh*t than a rodeo arena. Good seating and an absorbent dirt floor. That's be my pic. I got 4 extra pair of size 11 Tony Llamas I can loan out. Well... maybe not my dress boots. The director may want to note the location of the emergency exits in case someone suggests, "Git a rope."


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                Addendum to original post!

                [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=3]From Harvey Bell 20 May 2006:

                Free Comedy Horror Picture Show -- Get Your Ticket Now

                Note by Popasmoke: This is an event/activity that is not on the Popasmoke Reunion Agenda[/SIZE][/FONT]

                Brook Stevenson
                9/'67 - 10/'68