Subject: Grave Marker

Hello Marine McNair, I am writing in hopes you may help me with a member of Squadron HMM-161 that was K.I.A. 22Apr.69 helicopter crash Quang Tri. The Marine was L/Cpl William (Bill) Bazemore.Bill was a close friend of mine in High School and I visit his grave several times a year here in Norfolk,Va.I have entered several posts' on Pop a Smoke website about him.This past year on Veterans Day I couldn't help but notice there was another stone marker at Bill's grave.In front of his family stone was another stone with Squadron info and date of K.I.A.and Quang Tri.This stone is less than a year old and not something his remaining family members would have erected I don't believe.Can you tell me if this was a tribute done by the Pop A Smoke guy's or squadron possibly? I was in country from 66-67 at Chu Lai and wasn't aware he was in Nam and so shocked to see after only 6 country Bill had been killed in that crash. I hope you can shed some light on my inquiry, but if not try an point me to anyone that may help me. Respectfully, Capt.Jack Smith Semper Fidelis